I was looking for inspiration on this blog ( yes. I know I’m only 2 posts in)

Longing  to write something that would hopefully encourage positivity, happiness, & perseverance.

As I lay sprawled on the couch, Netflix episode # on repeat, I looked down to see our Mini Aussie-Collie curled in my lap. & so I tell Spencer’s story.

Spencer Hastings Rascoe came to be part of our family just 9 months ago.

I was scrolling thru my facebook newsfeed when I saw a post of dogs in jeopardy. The posting was a photo album of dogs being euthanized the following day. The page is a high-kill facility, run by volunteers, to help get the animals out.  I stopped at a collie-mix photo. She looked so incredibly sweet & loving. Her eyes. We had to help her & get her out .I showed my husband her photo. His response was , “What do we need to do”. Numerous emails & phone calls we’re made. After hours, a nice woman, finally got back to me telling whoever the first person there to claim the dog (the morning of euthanization) would get to have her. I placed a hold on her hoping for the best.

My husband and I woke early the next day. We were eager to meet the beautiful collie that had captured our hearts through a mere photo. The facility was just a few hours away.  We pulled up. No one was there. Moments later, cars started to pull up to the heavy gates.We immediately got out of the car and started a line. (So we would be the first to pass thru the gates)

6-8 adults, crammed into a small office.. I could smell my own nerves. They called her number. We immediately raised our hand. And then we waited. It felt like 10 hours waiting for someone to raise their hand. The attendant said “She’s yours. Step aside to fill out your paperwork, and then you can meet her. But you’ll have to come back tomorrow to pick her up.”


A little fur ball came running around the corner. We both smiled, as she ran into our arms. We walked her around a park next door for hours. The next day I was shooting a commercial close to where she was located. My husband went to go pick her up and had to take her to a clinic local to that county. After a long day, as we we’re making our drive home, my husband explained how the vet said she was sick. I immediately made an appointment at our vet.

The vet confirmed our worse fears. She was sick. We we’re told at the facility where we got her, that she was healthy. The vet told us she was HeartWorm Positive. If the illness goes untreated she would die. They have treatments & medications, expensive, and it is a long process. We we’re told for her to get injections (which is the most successful) it can cost $1,000 or more. That night we made the decision to start a GoFund Me Page. My husband & I are both private and felt strange about asking for help.. But we don’t have that kind of money. We we’re overwhelmed with the response. Friends, family, & strangers chipped in to help Spencer start her treatment. She started her treatment the week we got her. It included antibiotics , injections, and strict bed rest. Her re-test was this past Friday. We we’re happy to announce she is HeartWorm Negative. It was a long 9 months, but we are ov#erjoyed with her recovery.

Spencer is always there for us. She always there what I wake up, go to bed, she’s literally always by my side with a smile & big kiss. She’s brave and was ready to fight whatever the world brought her. I’m amazed at her strength and loyalty. From the moment , she came into our lives , we felt such a kindness and her love. It’s real . True. No judgements. Thank you Spencer. We technically saved you, but you saved us. You show us the good in the world. I’m blessed to know you.

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