Oh hello. Hey.

I was traveling back from a job in Orlando, Fl  to North Carolina last night .

…It ended up being a 12 hour drive to home…

So needless to say I’m ‘sleepless in Asheville ‘right now.

And I just so happen to have a second assignment for the ol’ blogging course.

And Lookie. here we are.

The assignement is ‘tags & titles ‘of our blogs.

Sounds like a new reality show.

Now. I love my title. I thought about the title for forever. Or like at least a couple months. Or a solid week.

“A Quirky Something”.

It describes me.

I’ve always walked to the beat of my own drum. I’m Quirky.

Plus, I always try to find the humor in any given situation.

(I’m pretty convinced Laughter is the best unillegal medicine.)

Yesss. I’m sold on the title.

But my tagline….. Yea. …As If.

I'll just be over here thinking. Of all the things.

I’ll just be over here thinking. Of all the things.

I know I’m still in the process of solidifying my blog mission/mantra/declaration of awesome

the majority of my posts will be about my life as an actress and all that encompasses , on-off screen. with a humorous perspective

As previously blogged upon, Im a newlywed & dog-mom , (which will have cross-over posts) and also I want posts to promote inspiration, passion, & big belly laughs.

Since I’m a big movie & TV buff , maybe my TagLine could spoof a title ?

(Occasionally writing thoughts/reviews on shows ,movies)

I like Puns.. I just don’t want the TagLine to limit my content matter in posts.

See examples:

“I know what you did last summer” ~ “I know what really happened in that audition room”

“Beauty & The Beast” ~ ” Acting  & The Casting Notice”

“Lars & The Real Girl” ~ ” An actress & her Reel Life”

“Clueless” ~  I’m clueless. Seriously.

You get my 🚗 …… Drift.

Please comment below with your ideas.

[Winner gets an emoji of their choice and the satisfaction of knowing you helped another human being. 👍🏻]

Quirk 💗 & feather pens,


p.s. Current Inspiration: the soundtrack & wardrobe of Clueless .

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