It’s sunday night.

You’re looking for a way to end your (too-short) weekend with a bang?

There is your answer. Why hello there ! You’re so pristine. Loyal. Organized. You come with a guide and are always ready to accompany my demands. How sweet of you. Some might call you square. Boxy even.  I know you only as my television.

Since I was a little girl , I’ve loved diving into my favorite television shows every week. TV  has always been an awesome source of joy, laughter, escapism, and a literal example of what I wanted to do when I grow up. I longed for that big orange couch while watching SNICK on Nickelodeon. I wished to sing & dance on MMC on the Disney Channel. Oh hey, Ryan Gosling, hey. And I wanted it to be Friday. Just so I could watch TGIF ,while eating far too much pizza ,at a slumber party.

And, you know, watching those shows your parents would never let you watch … While you we’re at a slumber party … Beverly Hills 90210, Melrose Place, basically any music video on MTV and The X-Files. I guess they thought the X-Files was too scary when it first came out. I watched it openly in later seasons, but had to sneak away at first.

So while your Bop ‘n down memory lane —

5 Killer reasons to re-watch “The X-Files”

1. It’s Gillian Anderson’s birthday today.

Birthday Candles. Via Giphy.

Yes. Today. She looks ridiculous right? I love watching her on Hannibal & The Fall. (She stars on those current shows, which are currently streaming on Netflix. you should be watching those shows too. Are you not? ) Happy Birthday Gillian! Enjoy your cake , & we will be over here enjoying your serious Scully sarcasm.

2. Scully & Mulder.

One of the greatest couples of TV history. (Mulder is played by the cool David Duchovney) Their banter, intellectual flirtation, the ‘we’re not going to acknowledge we’re attracted to each other’ thing …is out of this world awesome. I mean, they work together. So they want to keep things cool. But after so many years of encountering paranormal activity & alien bizness.. I guess maybe eventually they’ll get real. We think. We hope? Maybe. (Photo via GIPHY)

3. The Truth is Out There.

They keep telling us the truth is out there. There are signs & symbols & codes and all the smart words. The writer’s make you work your brain while watching this show. As soon as you know it : You start looking for paranormal activity on your vacations and plan date night’s around UFO sightings. You’re so trendy. You check your machine. Someone called & didn’t leave a message. Woah.

4. Best theme song EVER.

I don’t know what it is about this theme song. But it’s so catchy. Way ahead of its time. Try jamming out to it while getting ready for work. It will change you. Or you’ll just skip to the next track. Yay for Walkman’s! Or Apple Music. Whatev’s. where’s the link you say? Go watch the first episode. 🙂


5. Power Suits.

If you’ve got a case of the 90’s …. Make a pit stop here. Big bangs. Power-suits. Wearing a power suit for every occasion. You’ll witness people ,not only using a landline phone, but actually leaving a message. (On an answering machine) People attending the workplace from 9-5 with briefcases. Styling in Cadillac cars. The use of type-writers and dabbling in the information highway. DIAL-UP Modem. All the …YASSS

6. REUNION show.

This shouldn’t be news, but in case you didn’t know … A reunion “X-Files” mini-series has been confirmed with original cast & creative team to return to Fox in January. A confirmed 6 episodes , and we’re hoping for more. I mean, we waited this long, I’m sure they could tag on a never-ending run. It could save humanity. (Link via YouTube Fox Trailer)

So go. Enjoy your Sunday night. Pop open a Zima. Trust no one, But Mulder & Scully, for a good 45 minutes. The best show is out there.

(Currently streaming on my Netflix & currently trying to understand embedding computer codes)

Quirk & UFO’s 👽,