We are blessed to have our two rescue puppies. They truly complete our family.

Salvatore is a border-collie/golden-retriever mix and Spencer is a Mini-Aussie/collie mix. Their both herding dogs , which means they have a lot of energy, & we’re constantly trying to find ways to expel their energy source. Also keeping them interested & not bored.

Salvatore has developed Anxiety in the past year & a half. He is still relatively young, (3 years in January), but wasn’t socialized properly when we first got him. He has no social & spacial awareness.

He’s like that guy that stands really awkwardly close to you. ..You know the guy.

Breathing on your neck, squirming to move forward , while in-line at Target (back off bro) or …the party guest that talks really loud for hours on end….He means well, he’s super sweet & friendly, (thrilled to be invited!) but can just come across the wrong way in a public setting.

He’s ..so. overly .excited .

(When a 95 pound dog is pulling in the street at full-force to meet your 5 pound terrier…)

Via Giphy
But then he meets you. He’s just a big , silly, friendly , loving goofball.
.Not a mean bone in his body. Just wants to say hi. It’s just his approach.

He also barks like a mad-men when anyone comes near our house.

(Especially if he can’t see the dog, or mailman, or leaf that falls from the tree in the yard) .It’s not that he barks. He’s a dog. He’s just saying Hi. It’s that thirty – forty-five minutes later he’s still barking/crying and sends himself to his room. He literally throws a tantrum and punishes himself (sending himself to the guest bedroom or goes & sits in the corner). Yes. He’s that smart.

So to help combat the anxiety & excessive amount of energy:
We’ve started to take the collies on these long neighborhood walks. Short leash at first , up hill, short sprints, down hill, & then extended leash at various points in the walk.
Hoping to challenge them, set barriers, but keep them happy & healthy.
Unfortunately , we don’t have a yard , yet for the collies.
Otherwise , we totally , would have built them a “double-dare / Legends Of The Hidden Temple” inspired dog agility obstacle course.

Sal & Spence eat organic dog food & we don’t feed them junk food.

On this week’s “family date” outing in Asheville, NC :

+2 hour walk through beautiful & historic KenilWorth Neighborhood
+Downtown Asheville Walk
+Fun in the fountain
+Spencer had words with Turkey & Pig Statues
+Peanut Butter Ice Cream, Wheat-Free Pupcake, & Complimentary Cookies (Three Dogs Bakery) Their favorite place ! Staff is incredibly friendly & helpful. Sal didn’t pull when he saw dogs today!
+Window Shopping at The Dog Door (Great Educational Toys, Wonderful Leashes, & according to word of mouth a great behavioral , training , & therapy dog program). Literally stood & stared at window. Collies couldn’t look away.
+ Visited Public School (new local very dog-friendly bar in the South Slope)

Adorable Puppies.

Love my family. So many puppy photos.

Love my family. So many puppy photos.

I know, Salvatore is basically going thru the “terrible two’s” right now, but it doesn’t seem to be going away…
We will beat this anxiety, we would do anything to help them, but any ideas, would be much appreciated!

Feel free to leave comment below!

Weekend Tip with your Puppies:
Get outside.
Dress Comfy. (Yes : Yoga Pants)
Grab a Treat.

There’s nothing like having rescues. They give Unconditional love & forgiveness.

They have hang-ups, quirks, insecurities, just like us humans. Their not perfect.

So hug them. Tell them you love them. So they went on a tangent (barking) for 10 minutes? They would immediately forgive you. Try Forgiving them. Maybe their just having a ruff’ day.
Quirky & Puppy Kisses,