We came up to Asheville, NC (on vacation) a few times to visit family, & adopt our first dog Salvatore. It was on our trip back (to Orlando) from adopting our dog, we decided we would take the leap, & move.

My husband (boyfriend at the time haha) had said he had always wanted to live in the Carolinas. He said we can live there when we’re old. Maybe one day..
I said, ” Why not now? ” … He was like hmm… True.

So we decided : if at least one of us gets a job, finds a place to live , we could move.
Well, I got a job (via 2 phone interviews) , and found a place to live all within a month & a half.
And that was it . we moved from Orlando, Fl to Asheville, NC. It was a quick turnaround.

It was a big deal. My husband had been in Orlando about 14 years, & me about 7 years. Just uprooting our careers in a big bustling city for small mountain life. It can’t possibly be that big of a shift right? We both had moved a lot as kids, so we we’re excited to make this move together.

At first…we we’re just so excited to be in a new place. The mountains are incredibly beautiful & peaceful. We both wanted a change of pace. A place a little slower. Less Traffic and better weather. My parents we’re here. (Since then, they’ve had to move back to Florida)

But unfortunately , the gorgeous mountains , don’t pay the bills. The film incentives we’re just starting to dry up as I arrived . I acquired a new agent and was booking and freelancing to the best of my ability, (not doing bad), but this area is very expensive and the salaries don’t match the cost of living. But we kept … Trucking along… We’re both very strong resilient individuals. I’ve been a big believer in creating your own work & I’ve been given the opportunity to create a lot of great work while I’ve been here.

When we first got here , I would often hear jokes , about “how over-qualified your waitstaff is” or how “Your bellhop has three degrees”. That’s the thing about Asheville. I’ve met so many qualified professionals making less than ten dollars an hour. (Yes, they have degrees and 15+ years work experience) . It blows my mind. They want you to work for next to nothing, it also doesn’t help when we moved here, we took drastic pay cuts… Thinking the cost of living would be much lower than Orlando. But yeah , it wasn’t . Like No Cash Monies. Hi $200+ power bill with No A.C. …

With that being said.. We’ve made a family decision… For the wellness of our family & sanity of our bank accounts … In exactly one year from today ….

We will be calling our new home Seattle, WA.

We’re very excited for this new adventure for our family. Seattle has wonderful weather, vibrant city life, (which has great options for both our careers), and a very dog-friendly environment.
(And we really are big coffee drinkers). I guess we kinda missed city life.

Much of my blog posts this year will be focused on the move, so that should be exciting. We will take the next year to continue to save money and simplify our lives. We will be departing with a lot of “stuff” and will be getting down to what we really need, continue to budget, curb Salvatore’s anxiety, & prepare for our big cross-country move. I’ll categorize this blogposts as “Sleeping in Seattle (Or Bust) ”
We are grateful for Asheville. We met some great people. I Collaborated with some wonderful Organizations. We married here. Saw Mountains Everyday. And rescued our little Aussie Spencer. We learned so much about our first year of Marriage, by being tested, (especially financially) & we’ve come out stronger.
Asheville, Thank you for your hospitality . we will come back on a vacation , one day.

But We can’t wait to call Seattle, WA home.
Sleeping in Seattle (Or Bust)

Quirky & Moving Boxes,

Coffee for Days.

Coffee for Days.

Love Actually. (Yup!) Stephanie Christine Photography

Love Actually. (Yup!)
Stephanie Christine Photography

Puppies walking their humans.

Puppies walking their humans.