Woke up this morning to cooler weather & puppy kisses.

Me = Grateful

Puppy Kisses > Boring Old Alarm Clock
It always makes me smile and is quite a humorous way to start my morning.

Seriously. Try it. (Well assuming you have a dog in your household.)

I wouldn’t advise licking your significant other or roommate’s face.
It might not end well.

You can’t really start your day {angry} when your surrounded by goofy smiles & wet noses. It literally makes me giggle. I think the border collie (Salvatore) knows this. He doesn’t stop licking me, till I actually laugh out loud.
Then he lays down next to me, & waits for me to get up.

Mom. Mom. Mom. You awake? Mom. Mom. Mommy. Mom.

Mom. Mom. Mom. You awake? Mom. Mom. Mommy. Mom.

We had already planned on taking the collies on a nice morning walk.
Over this summer, they’ve been on an exercise regime, for a happy & healthy lifestyle.

(Started by my awesome husband)

This man right here.

This man right here.

Since their working (herding dogs) taking them on long extended walks through various terrain and environments seems to be helping them physically , emotionally , & mentally. It is helping curb Sal’s anxiety, it socializes the dogs into encountering loud noises , cars, other dogs etc etc, and keeps them physically fit. Salvatore has gone from 95 pounds to 83. Spencer is still the same weight, but she wasn’t overweight.

I was delighted when I heard it was National Dog Day. Yippee!
An excuse to post more dog photos. Yea.. No excuse needed. All the Puppies.

Today it was a nice . Clear Skies. Breeze in the Air. 40% less mosquitoes than usual.

Here you go.

Here you go.

Soooo … Get out with your dogs. It’s good for you too. Your getting exercise too. Yea know , burning the calories, endorphins , and stuff.

Drink lots of water on your walk. You don’t want you /the puppies getting heat stroke. Nobody has time for that.

De-plug on this walk. Don’t take your phone. You’ll be tempted to check your email. Or Tweet. Or text your mom back. And then you might have a broken I-Phone. That might happen. I’m just saying.

Also, the husband and I , have some great talks while walking the pups. Yes, that means actual conversation. It’s my favorite time of day. And is a cheap family date. (Yup. No dollars must be spent) Woof!

Our humans sure do like to be walked. Thanks for letting us walk you mom & dad.

Our humans sure do like to be walked.
Thanks for letting us walk you mom & dad.

If you don’t have a dog of your own ; (I hope one day you get the opportunity too)
Many rescue facilities have programs & walking clubs so you can get out and interact with dogs.

A wonderful no-kill local rescue (here in Asheville) “Brother Wolf Animal Rescue” has a walking club weekly.

Brother Wolf Animal Rescue

If you are unable to walk due to ailments or restrictions , just stop by, and visit a rescue shelter.
It will make the animals day to see a smiling face and receive a treat !

I found this story via , The Today Show, about a woman that goes and reads to animals in shelters. So inspiring.

The Today Show
So : Have you spent time with a dog today?

Go run. Walk. Sit.

I mean just hanging out is pretty awesome.

Happy National Dog Day!!
(I mean , it is their day … And seeing just your smiling face … It Will make their day 🙂 )

Quirky & Puppy Kisses,