This morning I saw a news article (MTV News) trending via the Brief Me App that Anna Kendrick live-tweeted cleaned out her closet. Anna Kendrick Twitter Handle

As I read the tweets, “I was like girl , I feel you. hmm. I think I shall do that too!”
Well. Not live-tweet my wardrobe.

That’s too much work, plus let’s be real..
No one is going to retweet… that “I have 3 black pleated skirts.”
I’ve been wanting to downsize my wardrobe, change my style (a blend of boho /rocker/grunge look), and purge for the move to the glorious Pacific Northwest.

I’m already realizing I have a lot of stuff. Granted I am an actor , and have a versatile wardrobe , but some of this…

1.Ok. We need to talk about this.

Why. Just Why.

Why. Just Why.

Why must there be so many things on one hanger? I know I’m trying to consolidate , but seriously.

Am I trying to DIY a kite or something?

2. Guys. This is a Spiderman dress.

'Slinging posts 'on the web seen in no-headline ever. Yup. I'll be here all night.

‘Slinging posts ‘on the web seen in no-headline ever.
Yup. I’ll be here all night.

I can’t justify purging this.

I could rock this with leggings & boots right?

Denim vest & high-top converse?
…Plus, I do play younger than my age.
I’ll have the perfect dress to play Mary-Jane in “The (Unauthorized version) ‘Spiderman the real-story”.

Not that .. That show is a thing…. But it could be ! Oh yes. It could.

3. And then there is this.

“Sound Of Music ” called. They want their curtains back. Thanks!

This is one of those dresses I “had to have in the store” , (shopping for my elopement/stay-cation honeymoon) and then never wore. Like ever.
I think it’s awful.

But then I was like hmm.. It’s kinda cute.
Maybe with a brown leather jacket & brown boots?
Someone please talk me out of this life choice.

4. I wore this dress for an audition.

I might as well be wearing a bathing suit. Or birthday suit. Could you even imagine this khaki in an actual suit? Yikes.

I might as well be wearing a bathing suit.
Or birthday suit.
Could you even imagine this khaki in an actual suit? Yikes.

Pro: It’s comfortable & is a great neutral color.

But umm it’s a little short. Like wow. I don’t ever it remember being this short.
Con: you can practically see the bizz-ness.
(Come to think of it) I did book the job. Well. Well. Well.

5. Pace yourself. Take a break. Mine was complete with cupcakes , jamming to “Style” by Taylor Swift, and listening to the collies snore.

6. I’m pretty sure this was worn during a Neil Simon theatre production.

Oh my stars!

Oh my stars!

Otherwise I don’t understand.

7. How many pairs of suspender pants & overalls qualifies as normal? Because I’m pretty sure I could wardrobe the cast of Newsies.

8. If you think you have too many Vintage v-neck target t-shirts.. You can never have enough…


9. I wore this (only once) for a photo-shoot.

Who you gonna call?

Short Denim Buster!

Short Denim Buster!

10. “My favorite-run me into the ground -converse that I wear with Everything”

Vs. “What the Hell Are these?”


So …4 hours later … And I’ve moved on to listening to the LOST TV series soundtrack, contemplating why polo shirts we’re invented, and eyeing that Merlot bottle across the room. Sup?

I realized:
I have enough black dresses to start my own ” little black dress collection ”
(which sounds like a great idea).
I definitely own enough pop-culture graphic T’s to give me street cred in any book-store or video store.
At some point, I really liked polka dots. I think I had a polka-dot love affair.
And ..I feel this tutorial might turn into a trilogy

i shall carry one.

In the words of the genius “Devil Wears Prada”

Miranda Priestly: …You have no sense of fashion…
Andy Sachs: I think that depends on…
Miranda Priestly: No, no, that wasn’t a question.

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Quirky & Cleaning Out My Closet,