I’m currently in the process of cutting down my closet.
[See blog post “A Tutorial on how to have a minimalistic closet”]

I want to have a more streamlined+ simple+minimalistic type of wardrobe .
[Same goes for our house goods & the general vibe of our space.]

It also just so happens we’re moving cross-country next year.
And we have far too much “crap /junk/stuff/where did that come from?”
So yeah.. time to get rid of the clutter.. And keep only what is needed.

I recently read someone saying , ” I want experiences, not stuff” , and that’s cool. I like that.
And we’ll get there eventually. Just not yet. I’m sure that’s a Blogpost waiting to happen.
Actually. Yes. You can count on it.

So back to the wardrobe and cutting down my closet.
Even though, I’m only halfway thru cutting down my wardrobe, I’m starting to pull things I didn’t realize I had! Oh look. Free Awesome clothes.

This selection is:
+ Target Purchases
+On-Sale /Clearance items
+Past Season

Basic black Xhilaration Leggings. [with square metallic stud siding]

Leggings are great.
You can pair with long shirts, sweaters , layer, skirts, dresses, baby doll dresses.
Pretty sure they cost me $2. All season you can find different leggings like this.
They typically run from $2-$8.
I like the studs on the side. [re-inventing my style to look kinda rocker /boho/grunge ]
Black is always a good idea. Always in style.
I love the different shoes I can wear with them.
Shoe Choice: Motorcycle boots / Booties / Converse / Birkenstocks ~ today’s choice
Just make sure you cover , all your parts. You’re Welcome. You don’t want to be “that girl”.

All the Leggings!

All the Leggings!

2. Converse-All Star- Plaid Shirt Dress with cap sleeve

I’m a big fan of the converse collection.
But then again .. Converse are my favorite shoes… So I’m a tad biased
This little dress I had completely forgotten I wore to an audition.
Complete with thin wrap around brown belt [which would go great with other shirt dresses]
It’s comfortable, and the ruffle /plaid combo is cute.
It is a nice mix of feminine menswear.
Plus shirt dresses are all the rage right now. [thank you 90’s]
I’m not a “dress-up” kinda girl. It’s a shirt. And a dress.
If I recall this was around $7. So yes, we’re up to $9 . [for 2 awesome interchangeable pieces]

3. Black thin cami
A must staple item in any wardrobe
“Remember that time your button-down popped open?
Yes. So do we.”
Can literally be worn under anything
Thin & breathes well
Was like $2

Beautiful Dog Model: Spencer our Mini-Aussie !

Beautiful Dog Model:
Spencer our Mini-Aussie !

What I’ve realized:

+You probably have really cute fashion finds in your closet already. SCORE.
+Pieces that are interchangeable for day/night/a completely different season
+It’s FREE . Didn’t cost you anything to pull from your own wardrobe
[and yes, you already bought them. But it was like $11]
+Re-inventing from your own wardrobe makes you feel like your very own fashion designer & I already feel cool.

“Well kinda cool. Hey. I put this together!”
+Plus it’s practical , reasonable styles, that you’ll ACTUALLY wear.

+ target is so good to me. (Duh. I already knew that)

+Spencer the Mini-Aussie really wanted to wear the shirt dress.

Next time your shopping :
– check out the clearance.
-current ‘trends’ are probably very similar to last seasons picks
-you can mix & match for all seasons
[which makes for a very organized & streamlined closet]

– double check your closet first!
What are some of your favorite fashion finds?

When in doubt : Selfie with your dog. [Doing my best Spencer impression.]

When in doubt :
Selfie with your dog.
[Doing my best Spencer impression.]

Thank you for joining me.

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Quirky and Discount Shopping in my own closet,