“Prompts come in many different forms.
Sometimes, a single word is all you need to get your mind’s wheels turning. ”

Six words we’re on a word prompt list, and I chose love… Or did it choose me?
[Settle In. This is a long post guys]

Depending on what you believe, some things are chosen for us in life.
Some things are placed in our life, and we have the choice to incorporate that in our life.
I mean, if a donut is sitting on the counter, we have a choice to eat it. We can take it.. Leave it …or just take the whole box!
But with that being said it is still a choice. I mean, One donut or twelve, it’s all relative. Right? (Excuse me, I need to wipe this glaze off ma face)

I remember seeing the adorably cute movie, ” Serendipity”, [a la Romantic Comedy John Cusack & Kate Beckinsale]and thinking hmm “what if that happened to me?!”

Granted , I’ve never been to NYC , and I’m terrible at ice skating, and I’ve never been known to lose mittens… But I have lost my marbles every now & then …
But the belief and the hope of one-true destined love. Yes. I know. It’s very Jane Austen.

I’ve always secretly been a hopeless-romantic.
[YES. I do love “The Notebook”. Hush yourself]
I went thru a phase of :
” I don’t need anyone”
” I’ll never marry”
“Train wreck Phase” [literally]
And had always been convinced the zombie apocalypse would occur, before I would find the love for me.

So I tell the story. Of me & Lee. The man that [almost]wasn’t in my life.

We both grew up all over the country randomly moving (which all by itself is odd).
[Something like 5 elementary schools, 6 middle schools, 4 high school’s kinda vibe]
We both we’re used to being the new kid, being adaptable, and never having a “home town”.
It is very unique we both had that upbringing, and definitely has molded us in adulthood.
Sometime during my elementary school years , between a playground & a field trip, there is a chance we we’re in the same area in the Carolina’s.

In our late teens, Lee was living in Jacksonville, Fl …just minutes away from my mom’s house. That same year , I moved to Jacksonville , Fl and he moved to Orlando, Fl . For a brief period, two strangers, lived in the same city…

Seasonally [several summers later]

I got a job as an improv actor at Universal Studios Orlando .

It was a seasonal summer show .
My coordinator was my future husband.
But I had never met him.
Apparently, he had been in the same room as me, passed me backstage, and had probably let me a voice mail at some point regarding a shift or a schedule change.
Granted , we we’re both taken, but yet again ,we had unknowingly crossed paths.
Love was there. And neither one of us knew.

Fast forward: [Five Years Later]

I am living & working in Orlando as an actor.
I’m being cross-trained into a show at Universal (other than my home venue)

Oh hi! I'm Kelli. & I'm an Actor.

Oh hi! I’m Kelli. & I’m an Actor.

It’s my week of training in, and I look across the room.

There is this guy.
Really cute. [Ok]
Laughing [Ok]
Drinking Coffee [Ok]
Really cute [did I already say that?]
Saying really smart, sarcastic , and witty statements. [Im in trouble]

I’m not going to say the room stopped.
But he damn sure got my attention.
Like all my attention.
Not only is he cute & smart. He makes me laugh. I’m in big trouble…

Few days had passed, I had small-talk with him in the break room, he left sticky-notes around the stage.

It almost made me laugh a few times. This guy is interesting & smart.
As the venue was closing down for the evening, he said it was his last night.
He was being moved across the park to a new stage. I thought “Hmm. Well he’s really cool. I’ll add him on Facebook.”

He added me , and we talked everyday [for hours] , for over a month
Finally, I asked him to grab a coffee. I love coffee. He loves coffee. Destiny?
Our first date was at a Starbucks at Universal.
It was awesome. We kept talking everyday . Taking long walks together. Going on Dates.
This went on for a few weeks. I liked him a lot. And then it scared me.

We had a date one Saturday night after work.
I thought: ” Um. This is too good to be true. This can’t be real. I gotta get out of this”….

Because all of those thoughts are reasonable & rational. [and completely ludicrous]
Over a pizza pie and a soda this speech’ sounded something like

“I’m not ready for this. I like you , I think maybe we should just be friends”.

He smiled and said “Ok, I’m just going to have to woo you”.
I laughed , ” Ok yea. Um. I’m not ready to see any fireworks.”

As we walk out of the pizzeria , fireworks erupt , in the background.
Because this is a movie right?
[Actually just part of Universal’s summer concert series]
I start to turn & look at them…
“Well don’t look now, there’s fireworks” Lee retorted with a smile.

That night, as he dropped me off, he kissed me. Our first kiss.

As sappy as it sounds, the kiss was everything. It was awesome. Like movie-worthy guys.
…As I ran off towards my apartment [yes I ran off]…
I somehow knew. That was it.
Love Actually.

What do you do love? Whom do you love? Do you love eating chocolate and watching “The Notebook”?

Thanks for going back in time to our story.
Maybe this shall be a series: our move to the mountains, his proposal, and discuss our big move to Seattle. A love series? Aw cue Kleenex. We’re one take away from a hallmark movie.
We we’re like destined to live in Seattle. Together.
I mean, coffee . Starbucks. first date.
It is Serendipity?

Our first vacation to St. Augustine [when we we're dating] and first official FB picture together! [ooo. Their together?!]

Our first vacation to St. Augustine [when we we’re dating] and first official FB picture together! [ooo. Their together?!]

Celebrating our 2nd Anniversary at Starbucks. It feels so right.

Celebrating our 2nd Anniversary at Starbucks. It feels so right.

Mr. & Mrs. Rascoe [6/19/14] Stephanie Christine Photography

Mr. & Mrs. Rascoe [6/19/14]
Stephanie Christine Photography

Quirky and now married in Love,