Just as the one-word prompt, inspired 1,000 words , in my last post…

A single image was able to inspire a creative spark as well. [in a much different tone than my usual Quirky blog post],

i absolutely love film & television.

I enjoy watching movies.

reading screenplays.

acting for the screen.

and learning the art of film-making

and being entertained by the art of Cinema.

So Imagine this:

You are sitting home one night. It’s your night off. You have no chores, duties, or work to attend to.

You push menu – [Netflix]- Β is ready to instant-stream its new releases. You push play.


Fade In:
EXT – Downtown Los Angeles, CA – Late Night (ESTABLISHING 2016)

Open to a sea of flickering street lights. The HUM of dull streetlights fill the air.
Cars race down numerous crossing highways. SIRENS wail. Car HORNS scream. Club MUSIC Pulses. The night is alive & living through the city of ANGELS.

In the distance, a power line, abruptly falls. We hear SNAP. SNAP. SNAP. Suddenly, another power line falls, and cars begin to swerve. We see a FLOOD of RED brake lights. Cars brake, sharply turn, to avoid chaos. Traffic begins to slam into one another. Cars pulse brakes. SCREECHES fill the stale air.

…The downed power lines begin to SPARK … A BOOM is heard… And a BLAZE of fire erupts on the highway. Dark SMOKE starts to billow…

The haze of SMOKE grows. A FIGURE starts to rise in the foreground.
A MAN stands cloaked. A hoodie has covered his face. He lunges and GROANS out in pain.

What day is it? GROANS.
It must be time.
It’s time to take my city back.

SMOKE completely fills the sky. Everywhere. Gradual fade to black.

Insert Title: The Task Master.

My first instinct upon seeing this image , was OK. This is Definitely a TV or Movie.

What is happening?

I was inspired & intruiged.

The start of me writing this opening scene …

Made me want to continue to write it.

Would you continue to watch? Read? Are you inspired by the Cinema?

What are some of your favorite shows & movies?

Feel free to like, comment, emoji below!

Quirky and Eating Popcorn,