The Liebster Award


My gal pal , Gouchis Girl, from Indulge your Inner Foodie,  has nominated me for a Liebster Award.
Wee! Thank you so much! It’s really sweet . [and Cheyenne did too. Cheyenne I’m saving yours for a rainy day! 🙂 ]

Seriously , Guys, Do yourself a favor. Gouchis Girl.
Her [posts]& [pictures of food as posts ]are divine.
Go check out her blog.

The Liebster Award is a get to know the bloggers a little more [of some Blogs you like/follow]

Here are the rules:

+Mention/Link/Thank the blog that nominated you
+Answer the nominee’s 11 questions
+Nominate 11 small bloggers and link them below
+Create 11 questions of your own [for your nominated blogs to answer]
+Notify your names via social media

Gouchis Girl Questions /My Answers

What is your favorite food? Pizza. Hands down. Hold on. Let me finish eating this slice. Ok, next question?

If you could vacation anywhere in the world , where would it be, & why? Traveling Europe with my husband! It would be amazing to see all the art & museums in Paris, wonderful theatre in London, food & sights in Italy. So much beauty in the country & city . We love history , art, & good food [and wine] . Would make for some wonderful blog posts too! 🙂 hopefully one day.

Is there anyone past /present you’d want to spend an hour with? So many inspiring people to choose from. Oh boy. How do I pick just one? Ok. I pick Angelina Jolie. She is a [mother. Wife. actress. Director. UN Goodwill Ambassador.] I really respect her career choices, her endeavors with the UN , and her passion for her family.

4. What question would you ask them? how do you do so much with all the roles you take on. [would love to hear her perspective.]

5. How long have you had your current blog? About a month or so! wrote two random posts, about six months back, but was not under my current theme /brand/unaffiliated. I’m so green. I have a lot to learn, but I’m enjoying it.

6. What character trait bothers you most about people? Ignorance. Hate.

7. What is one dream you’ve had as child, that you’ve had come true? I get to make people laugh & smile. That’s all I’ve ever wanted, was to entertain. But as I grow older, there is a stronger sense to help others & to connect [thus my passion for animals & writing ]

8. What is your favorite holiday food? Cake. All the cake. There’s a cake for every holiday right? Because I could eat cake everyday. Gluten-Free of course.
A cupcake a day…keeps the Actress/Wifey/DogMom..totally sane.

9. What is your favorite movie of all time? Another one that I have a million Answers too. Haha. Do I have to pick one? It’s so hard. Jurassic Park, A Beautiful Mind, Amelie, Crash, Traffic, The Departed, Wall-E, This is Forty, UP, Transformers, Knocked Up, Back to the Future, Oceans 11 Trilogy, ET. …There’s more, so many more, but I’ll just go with .. Jurassic Park. I know all the lines. Life.. finds a ..way.

10. Where do you want to be in 5 years? Full-time blogger, published [collaborating with my husband on a an awesome children’s book series, also screenwriter for various tv/film projects ], still acting, a happy & healthy growing family [more rescue pups & a little human]

11. Was there a blog that inspired you to create yours? Not really. I knew very little about blogging. Happy I’ve taken the plunge! .
Here are my 11 nominees for The Liebster Award:

Here are [the nominees] questions:

Are you a coffee or tea drinker?
2. What’s your favorite thing to do on a day off?
3. What inspires or influences your writing?
4. Is the glass half-full or half-empty?
5. If it’s raining: Umbrella , Rain-boots, or Dance ?
6. Your favorite song .
7. If you could take a road trip , where would you stop, & why?
8. If you won the lotto , what would you do? Why?
9. A surprise getaway vacation pops up. Mountains or Beach?
10. If you had a super-power ..what would it be & why?
11. If you could tell your past self , advice in one sentence, it would be ..

Thank you for reading , thanks to Gouchis Girl, and congrats to my Liebster nominees.
Have fun !

Yay Awesome Blogs! You humans are cool. ❤️ Ruff ❤️, Spencer The Mini- Aussie

Yay Awesome Blogs!
You humans are cool.
❤️ Ruff ❤️,
Spencer The Mini- Aussie

Quirky & liking this Blogger Lifestyle,