Getting a cup of coffee always sounds like a good idea.
Yes.. [Hold on. Let me go grab mine.]

That almost ended bad. Real Bad. That coffee almost landed on the floor.
[Woof] ok. I’m back.

For many of us, Coffee, has a way to jumpstart our day.
But what if it could do more? What if it has done more?

Join me on my busy week, and 4 times ‘that cup of joe’ , was really awesome.

This past weekend :

I was involved with a new staged reading of an Incubator Series for Asheville Creative Arts    “Journeying Jack” by playwrights David & Jack Novak. “Journeying Jack” is a story of a father & son and the bedtime stories the father tells the son. It is a journey inside a relationship and we get to adventure with Jack as he meets all these characters. I got the opportunity to perform/read the role of Jack. It was fun to portray a 7 year old boy. Even though I’m an actor for a living, I don’t always get to “make-believe”. I got to stop playing adult for a few days during rehearsal, [and the day of our staged reading] and dive into the mind of a 7 year old.

This photo is brought to you by Kelli playing a 7 year-old. And she's backstage. And found an IPad.

This photo is brought to you by Kelli playing a 7 year-old. And she’s backstage. And found an IPad.

As a 7 year old, there are no filters. There is hope. Imagination. Wonder. Creativity. Adventure. Questions. A lot of Questions [because they have no answers] Exploration. Confusion. Honesty. Real Emotion. And Energy. Lots & Lots of Energy. Which required quite a bit of coffee that day of show. All those qualities are wonderful. As an adult, we forget. I forget. We get so busy “Adulting” that we forget to Wonder. Adventure. Explore.

Set piece. One Bed . ✔️ A nostalgic memory from my childhood [

Set piece. One Bed . ✔️
A nostalgic memory from my childhood [“it’s in a book.. It’s Reading Rainbow”] ✔️
Moment of Joy ✔️

As the reading ended, the audience had a wonderful response. We had a talk-back after the show. [which doesn’t always involve a lot of talking, sometimes just awkward smiling & staring]. Refreshments we’re provided [coffee & tea included]

Kudos & praise we’re given to all production team on their execution of a staged reading, which sparked a slew of discussion & commentary on bringing this piece to life. As the discussion continued among the audience members , it was inspiring to see Adults be inspired by the piece. Adults. Not kids. They wanted to see more. They were happy & brought suggestions of various mediums of puppetry, film, and set design. For about 30 minutes, it was great to see adults , show passion , be inspired, & use their imagination. Active & Involved. It was almost like for a brief time, they remembered how to imagine just like a kid.

[Thank you coffee: for bringing art to life, and life being inspired by art.]

I also was the lead in a music video for band ” RipHaven”
It was a period piece set in the 1940’s that involved heavy emotional outbursts, light stunts, and being near fire. [so clearly, coffee, was needed]
I don’t want to give to many details , but it was an awesome shoot, EPIC footage, & had a wonderful crew & production team.

“Come at me bro. Try. I just drank a Venti Coffee”
RipHaven Music Video Dir:Nick Iway DP: Aaron Putnam

[Thank you coffee: for a cool project, collaborating with new creatives, and keeping me awake for 15 hours. Especially for keeping me awake & functioning for 15 hours. Coffee, why you so good to me?]
This week:

I needed a pick-me-up yesterday [cuz ya know, Hump Day]
I was on a break & wandered into the local Whole Foods.
Oh hi coffee. 25 cents. Oh hey.


What’s even better [than the price] is what it benefits.

Whole Foods is wonderful about raising $$ for various charities & non-profits.

This 25 cent coffee would benefit the animals of Asheville Humane Society.
Throughout the month of September each coffee that is bought , 100% of proceeds , will go to the humane society.

You're cool Whole Foods. Thanks for helping our friends! -Salvatore the Border Collie

You’re cool Whole Foods. Thanks for helping our friends!
-Salvatore the Border Collie

[Thank you coffee :for helping the animals, showing compassion for our furry friends, and giving back to our BFF four-legged friends. This made my week.]

The past 3 years:

It started with one cup of coffee . Just a lil date. And ended in Marriage.
I spoke of our 1st coffee date [Back in “Love Actually” post]

Coffee has always played a strong part in our relationship.
We treat ourselves to coffee dates, have celebrated anniversaries, spilled secrets & told stories, made big decisions, had bad days and sometimes just need a pick-me-up.

Venti skinny 'We Just Got Married' Latte no sugar , extra whip 6/19/14

Venti skinny ‘We Just Got Married’ Latte no sugar , extra whip

[Thank you coffee: for my husband.]

Sometimes ‘that cup of Joe’ is more than it seems.

has it for you?

Quirky and Caffeinated,