What if you we’re able to go back in time? What if you jumped in the Ol Deloreon with Doc Brown?Would you want to change anything? Would you want to keep it as is? The cinema has a powerful way of showing us an image and taking us on a journey. A single image can invoke joy, happiness, fear, or anger. [Let’s take a peak, shall we?]

[This post was inspired by my previous blog post “You Outta Be In Pictures” [Stories in a Single Image] https://aquirkysomething.wordpress.com/2015/09/11/you-oughtta-be-in-pictures-stories-in-a-single-image/
Exterior-Buncombe County Courthouse(Asheville, NC)-June 2014 AM
It is early morning. Nobody is in sight. Few cars slowly pass by, just out of ear shot.

Interior-Buncombe County Courthouse (Asheville, NC)
We lean in one door reading Entrance. Camera continues inside door. We see POLICE OFFICER checking several PEOPLE thru security and bag check. Camera POV continues down hallway. We see an Elevator just beginning to open. Camera POV enter. Door closes. A hand pushes a button, and a DING is heard. Door opens. Sign reads Chapel with an arrow pointing to left. Benches line chapel doors. Hand opens door.
By the authority vested in me by the state of North Carolina, I now pronounce you, husband and wife.
We angle in on a CLOCK reading 8:45 am, we then pan & focus on young COUPLE. They smile at one another and kiss.

The light behind them brightens. Fade into White.
Insert Title: “A Near Miss Almost Leads To A Disaster”

ill just be over here saying Awww.

ill just be over here saying Awww.

I’m a little partial to this moment. [I mean. I can’t imagine why.. 🙂 ]

If your life was a movie, which scene would you write?
After reading this scene…
Do you feel anything? [Cause It makes me smile]

Do you want to know what happens next?
Has a movie ever made you feel a certain way? An emotion?
Why did you connect with that picture /movie? What’s your favorite movie? [I have like 20 favorite movies]

I could seriously watch movies everyday. [like oh Hi Netflix.Hey. Let’s hang-out]

And it’s my favorite season coming up! [Oscar Season]

Quirky and Watching All The Movies on Netflix,