“On days when you feel stuck and aren’t sure how to write a post, it might well be that your topic and content are solid, but your approach needs tweaking. Have you tried experimenting with word count?”

I haven’t.

The only time I’ve ever experimented with word count was in college making sure my papers we’re the right amount of words.
I need too.
My posts tend to be a bit long & wordy [averaging 600-800 words] so I thought I’d try for no words. All those words to no words?

Hmm [Challenge Accepted]

So this Idea all started with me ‘commenting’ on a post on Instagram.
This might get crazy.
I responded with an all emoji sentence.

A literal lightbulb went off when I wrote it.

You know …When you get a great idea, and literally see a lightbulb!
…That happens right? .. I mean.. It feels like it should happen.

But seriously [ I wish my husband would have been home to see this.
I got a literal OMG stare, jumped up, & almost fell over the coffee table. The collies we’re terrified and my Husband would have thought I was crazy.]

Ok. I came up with a concept for a small coffee table book.
[Based off an emoji sentence.] Yes.

So here you go. A little sneak peak.

Hmm. Well. I’m a little nervous to put it out there.

.. 😁….

Just look at that emoji. So many ideas right? [yea, that was a poor substitute]

But ,I did realize ,emoji’s helped inspire my secret project , increase my word count, and motivate me to jump on a great idea.

Feel free to put all your positive energy & mojo’ out there.

I sent an email to a publishing company this afternoon. [yes, the secret idea I just came up with]

Because sometimes the risk is worth getting a letter saying “Hello, thanks for this. We like it.
Or a stranger happened to see it. And they smiled.
You ever get a crazy random idea?
You follow thru? You still working on a project?
You submit it for something?? Did a something Random or weird inspire your writing?

Clearly I’m full of questions & would love to hear your comments below.

I think mom wrote more than 300 words. Sorry guys. -Salvatore the Border Collie

I think mom wrote more than 300 words. Sorry guys.
-Salvatore the Border Collie

Quirky & wanting to read a lot of coffee table books
[while dreaming of all the coffee] ,