# 1 Columbus Day and the Taco- Dillas

Well. Let’s see. I love eating food. Such a foodie. I love cooking food for my family.

[Yes. This includes my Dogs!]
Well. Ok. [Let’s back track. ]I wasn’t always this way.

I use to be a “let’s go eat out person”!
But ….
When I started dating, [my now husband] , I learned to love cooking. I knew we both loved a good meal, and I really wanted to learn
.. So …
I kinda taught myself. Cooking shows, Pinterest, and a little going on a whim.
And a lot of learning.
Like that “ingredient does not work”.
And “that meal was horrible , you want pizza?” [Pizza is always a good idea] 

And “This is so burnt, I think this could be thrown up against the wall. Let me try. Yup. That is a correct assumption. ” 

Lil About Me : [As a Foodie]

*vegetarian for almost six years
*Gluten-Free, for health purposes [allergy]
*Adventurous cook, will try anything, at least once, [Cooking or Eating]
*Love Sweets . I love Sweets. [Omg I smell cupcakes.]
Now, since I’ve started cooking for my husband , it’s been [awesome!!!!]
It’s a great way to save money & budget. We’re just now starting to clip coupons and meal plan.
It’s like date night , when we cook food. It’s romantic , fun , and exciting.

[and Wine can be your friend]
Since , I’ve taken on the chef hat, so has my husband.

Which is crazy.

[Guys. he used to be all about the hungry man dinner]

His speciality : breakfast, appetizers, and desserts.
Her speciality: lunches , dinners

So there’s a little info on my ‘ foodie inspiration ‘

Which brings us to today .

Columbus Day.

We decided to pickup a few ingredients at our local Whole Foods. Thus inspiring this new series.
I love Whole Foods.
*Fresh & Local Ingredients.
*Great selection & Prices.
*Friendly & Knowledgable Staff

Columbus sailed the ocean blue. In 1492. And then he ate Taco-Dillas.
[i swear.] I mean. He couldn’t decide between tacos & quesadillas. So win.
[They both win.] Right?

+1/2 pound 85/15 local organic grass-fed ground beef
+Hennings Mammoth Cheddar
[.75 LB, only cut a few slices off. Should last us 2 weeks]
+Fresh Mozzarella
+Fresh Kale
+Fresh Oregano /Garlic/ Mexican seasoning
+Organic Baby Bella Mushrooms
+Organic Romaine Lettuce = $14

Dude. Mammoth Cheese.

Dude. Mammoth Cheese.

[ I cook all Ingredients in coconut oil & sauté with olive oil & a little of earth balance organic buttery spread ]

I brown the ground beef , sprinkle fresh [garlic , oregano, salt , Mexican ] seasonings, stir accordingly [about 20 min on med temp ]
Sauté Kale & Mushrooms, sprinkle fresh seasonings [ garlic , oregano ] stir accordingly
[about 10 min on med temp]
Slice Lettuce and Duce small pieces of cheeses
Heat Tortillas on med-high heat , flipping after about 7 seconds.
Fill tortillas with Ingredients
[His: Beef & Cheese]
[Hers: Kale , Cheese, & Mushrooms]
Place back on pan , with Spatula , flatten
Flip tortillas with Ingredients
Serve with a smile.





{25 Min Cook-Time. 3 Taco-Dillas Each .}

Did I mention dessert??

Because the Husband made cookies.

That might have to wait for the next one!f

Hi Cookie. I'm Kelli. And I think I like you.

Hi Cookie. I’m Kelli. And I think I like you.

Quirky And Ready for Cookies,