So I had mentioned, in my second to last post, that I had submitted a query letter to a publishing house.
… If you didn’t read the second last post [I submitted a letter to a publishing house.] …

It was a random idea, that I had come up with the day prior [and I didn’t want to sit on it]

Now, I also have a book that I’m working on with my husband. [but that’s a whole other can of worms] , and several screenplays/teleplays/stage shows , I’m working on ..
But this is totally something else.

So back to the matter at hand.

I got my first publishing house rejection letter.

And I’m sure it won’t be my last. [Cue triumphant cinematic score]

But here’s the thing.

[I’m not upset]

That’s right.

now, [granted] , I am a professional actor, I’m kinda used to rejection .. But here’s

4 Reasons I love my rejection Letter

  1. I put no expectations out there. I was proud of myself for sending the letter. Like… I was proud of myself for not procrastinating , for taking an idea, and putting it into action. I pushed send on that email. Instead I’m talking about, ” Having an Idea” , I decided to put it into the universe.

2. It inspired me. Yes. The rejection inspired me. It made me want to try harder. It made me want to work , create,      show up, and keep submitting. CREATE . WORK. DO.

3. There will be more . More Rejection letters. Oh yes. There will be more. No one ‘who ever did anything awesome’ , just woke up and got to do all the awesome things they wanted. I mean. They did. But, they probably got rejected. [And maybe more then once]

You’ve heard the stories… ” Fred Astaire was told he’d never make it as a dancer. Walt Disney was rejected by 302 bankers to back DisneyLand. J.K. Rowling was rejected by 12 Publishing Houses. “

J.K. Rowling is one of my favorite writers. Imaginative , Spirited , Exciting .
She wasn’t published till later in her life.
Which leads me to number four.

4. All the Houses. Here’s the kicker. [Ready?] There isn’t just one publishing house. If one house doesn’t choose me, it’s ok. There’s a million out there. [or a good amount]

Just imagine if there was only one house at Hogwarts.
What if Voldemort and Harry Potter were both from the house of Slytherin.

What if there was no Gryffindor , Hufflepuff, or Ravenclaw?
Can you imagine?

[ I mean]

The sorting hat would be out of a job.
Who would the students root for during quiddich?
Without the houses it would be so weird…
all those iconic, enduring , and inquisitive students that represented each house ..
It would all blend to be one big uniformed group.
No specificity. No Individualism. No uniqueness. [That’s crazy.]

Harry Potter. Would practically cease to exist.
[I mean]
What If Harry Potter wasn’t even a wizard . What if he was a ‘Muggle’.

[Mind Blown]

So just imagine if we were all the same.
Imagine if there was no uniqueness, or individualism or character.

[Now blink.]

You’re back.

Your an individual. Believe in yourself. Work hard. Create. Get up. do it again. Let rejection fuel you. Inspire you . Ignite you . Don’t let others tell you no. Be your own cheerleader. Your own sunshine. Embrace your differences .

Because there isn’t just one Answer for anything.
There isn’t just ‘House’.

Be you. The rest will come. [Just be patient ]

Catching a ride on the Hogwarts Express at Universal Studios Orlando.

Catching a ride on the Hogwarts Express at Universal Studios Orlando.

Expecto Pa-ButterBeer-us! [At Universal Studios Orlando]

Expecto Pa-ButterBeer-us!
[At Universal Studios Orlando]

Has a letter inspired you?

Quirky and Really craving butter beer,