You wake up. Not by an Alarm clock.
You feel the morning rays on your lids. The air is crisp. You roll over and cuddle your significant other.
[Am I dreaming?] my _____ (insert your said person) is here?!
In this case, [since it’s my story] my husband! [Yes!]

Usually we have such opposite schedules. [My husband & I]
He’s always already up , taking care of the house, or already at work.
Yes. He takes care of the house. I’m very lucky.
So , I guess I’ll pinch myself . That will wake me up.
[Ow. That hurt.] Why did I just pinch myself?

The collies are curled up around us. The blankets are soft and warm. And it dawns on me.
It’s our day off. [its our day off!! ]
I know you think , “why are you so excited? It’s just a day off?”

But we rarely have days off, let alone days off together, and with nothing “scheduled”.
It feels as though in the hustle bustle world of 2015, something is always on the schedule.
But today. Nothing. And it felt nice.

Morning coffee. Today show. And then my favorite thing.

The collies absolutely love taking us on a walk.
It’s always for a few hours, and you’d think it was Christmas.
I know. [look at me already referencing Christmas, when it’s not even Halloween]
Yes. [Yes. I totally am]
They light up.[ The collies.] Not to be confused with Christmas trees.
It is the most beautiful thing to see them smile and become so happy over a walk.
Just a little walk.

Room with a view.

Room with a view.

Beautiful views today.
Great conversation.
A good walk.
We get home and made a tasty lunch.

OH hi Lunch. You tasty.

OH hi Lunch. You tasty.

His: Cajun’ Steak [drizzled with oregano & olive oil. Fresh Cut on Sale $5.99]

Hers: Garlic roasted broccoli & kale [sautéed with Olive oil & Oregano, .99 cent Kale bundle]
Ours: Rosemary Garlic Parmesan hand-cut fries [Genesis organic bag, usually lasts a few weeks, $6.99]
= $12.00

All products we’re bought at our local Whole Foods

Finished the day off with some more [coffee], visit to the local animal shelter [Brother Wolf Animal Rescue ] , our favorite pizza, and some Grey’s Anatomy [we just started on Netflix]

I have so many things to say about Grey’s, I really just need to blog about it. But not right now.
[Another time, it might even inspire its own blog series write-up]
Back to the McBlog. I mean. [Blog.]

Today is what makes me feel better.
Days like today are what revives me.
Keeps me peaceful . Sane . Intact.
Motivates me. Inspires me.

I have a roof over my head.
A loving , supportive, family [puppies included!]
Wonderful food on my plate.
Beautiful scenery and the ability to see it.
Laughter in my life.
Pizza. Netflix. Coffee too.
I am a blessed woman.

image image image image

Take the time to tell your loved ones you love them.

Spend time with them.
Take the time to eat that pizza. Or hug that puppy.
Not only [might it make you feel better] but just imagine what it could do for them?

[Not the pizza] but totally your loved one or puppy.

What makes you feel better [always] ?
Quirky, happy, & being cuddled by Collies,