“We we’re there when our friends we’re together one last time. We we’re there when the Soprano family was grabbing dinner in that diner. We we’re there when Oceanic flight 815 survivors finally got off the island. ”

We we’re there with them thru our friend the Television.
I love watching TV shows & movies.
Love is an understatement.

[I know I’m an Actress] , but even if I wasn’t, I’m sure I’d still love TV Shows & Movies.
It’s interesting. Fun. Entertaining. Inspiring. Art. Creative. Educational “And a great escape.”

I always say ‘my favorite season is Oscar season’.
I’m pretty sure I’d love to have that quote on a shirt.
[Hmm] Yes. Yes. I would.
That might have to happen in the next fashion post.

Yes. I know Oscar’s are movies . Emmy’s are TV.
Still, “Oscar & Emmy” , sure know how to show us’ a good time.
I’d party with them any day.
Ooo “Oscar & Emmy” . My spirit Animals. That would look cute on a bag too.
[I’m really getting off-topic here]
My husband loves TV shows & movies too.
Basically he has no ‘set reason. It’s just an escape.
It’s not his everyday 9-5, and he’s not a fan when Kelli leaves her side commentary when watching a show or movie. [The Pause button is hit often. “Yes, sweetheart?” ]
I [mean ] I just get so excited when we’re watching a show , “Did you hear that? What is that actor from? I love this show..”

It’s definitely something we enjoy doing together.
Some couples run marathons together. We binge-watch TV together.
The best romance in the world.

So , deciding to cut our cable ,was a big deal…
But , we’re working on our budget, and we’re really looking to saving money.
[cable has gotten really expensive]
And we’re also planning a cross-country move next year.

We already watch a lot of Netflix.
We’re entertaining’ the idea of getting Amazon or Hulu as well.
So much can be streamed online.
[But right now , we watch these shows on Netflix]
Since we’ve cut the cable , we’ve discovered some shows we’d never watched [which is awesome]
1. Grey’s Anatomy

We are absolutely in love with Grey’s. We started it about 2 months ago, and we’re currently on season Five. Grey’s Anatomy follows a group of Interns as they go thru the medical residency program of Seattle Grace.

This is first hit of Shonda Rhimes [Scandal , How To Get Away With Murder, Private Practice] Which no surprise we’re behind on Scandal & HowTo Get Away With Murder. I would consider Shonda the Queen of the romantic drama. Out of the three tv shows, this one by far, is my absolute favorite. [Yes, I know we’re like 10 years behind on the show]
The characters are interesting , the writing is fantastic , and I think the acting is great. Who’s with who? Who’s sleeping with her? Who cut what in the OR?
This show will probably spawn its own post. The creator might spawn a few posts. I really think she’s awesome. Keep your eyes peeled for more. . But don’t peel too far. . You’ll need Dr.Sloane. [Aka McSteamy] …
My Current Season: 5 [Netflix]
2. Frasier

I can’t believe we have never seen Frasier. We’ve seen cheers , which some of these characters , are a spin -off coming from that show. Dr. Frasier Crane [played by the rad Kelsey Grammar] is a psychiatrist living in Seattle hosting a radio talk show. The supporting characters really round out the sitcom. It’s classic comedic sitcom with love able characters and realistic scenarios. It’s got a nostalgic feel of an era somewhere between Seinfeld & Friends. I love the 90’s Sitcom. [Also check out crime drama “Boss”, a wayyyy different role for Kelsey Grammar]
And now , I have a craving for a nice tall coffee.
MyCurrent Season: 2 [Netflix]

3. Pretty Little Liars

Ok. Just go ahead and get that this is an [ABC Family TV show] out of your head. I never thought I’d watch an ABC Family Show. Guys. It’s so good. I’d heard about it. Saw random articles or tweets about it. And then I watched one episode. Hooked.
It’s about a group of high school girls [all dressed very cool]

*I’m not going to say they created a clothing line at Aeropostale … But I might own Aria’s black leather jacket. *

Anyway, yes. All dressed very cool. All friends. Keeping secrets . A friend dies. And they start getting texts at the friends funeral. [I know!] Don’t you want to know what the text says?

Go watch it. [Because I can’t remember what the text said]
Xoxo. Kisses.
My Current Season: it’s either 4 or 5 . I think 5 [Netflix]

4. House of Cards
We hadn’t started watching this show till the first season streamed. In my opinion, this show is a huge reason to even have Netflix. It is a Netflix Original programming show. [If I recall correctly, I think it was one of the first original shows created for Netflix, based off the BBC series]
Starring : Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright, Kate Mara [love her in this role] , & Introducing the villain Politics. This high stakes drama had me hook-line-and sinker from the opening episode, when Spacey turns directly into the camera, and talks to us. Now, I didn’t tell you what he said or what he did, so stop crying. That wasn’t a spoiler alert. It’s original pilot is directed by one of my favorite directors, David Fincher, and it’s won a bundle of Emmy’s. See there’s my friend the Emmy again. Hi Emmy. Sup. The first three seasons are on Netflix. Season four will stream in the spring. So go catch up.

*I’ll just be over here wearing my Claire Underwood for President 2016 T-Shirt. *
My Current Season: 3 [Anxiously awaiting 4!]

What shows do you love watching?
Any shows you’ve recently discovered?
interested to hear your secret binge watching shows!

What are we watching next?

What are we watching next?

Salvatore, did you see that?!!

Salvatore, did you see that?!!

Quirky and “YES , I’m still watching this show, ‘Netflix’ “,