This past week has been such a great week for … Outfit Inspirations!
[And also for Netflix binge watching]
I’m going to blame the amazing crispy weather and all the fall leaves.
[Yay everything Fall!]

I thought I’d kick it up a notch and like to inspire my outfits via Movies & Television Show.
I know it’s random, but thought some good styles , might come out of it.
It’s interesting and sparks my creativity.

Keep the spark alive.

As previously mentioned, I’m in the process of downsizing my wardrobe. A la Minimalist .
So by mixing and matching my pieces everyday, I’m able to see what I’m actually wearing [and what I’d like to pretend I’m wearing] most of my pieces are from old seasons mixing with something fresher.

Starting this blog has definitely peaked my interest in fashion & styling.
[Which is cool]
It’s like Cher Horowitz from Clueless . She had that really cool computer that picked her clothes for her!

[Hmm] there’s probably an app for that.

Time to update the old rotary phone!

4 Outfits Inspired By Film & Television

  1. Norma Rae. [Academy Award Winner Sally Field in this 70’s drama]

Forget it! I’m stayin’ right where I am. It’s gonna take you and the police department and the fire department and the National Guard to get me outta here!” 

[Until you bring me Coffee]

This Look:

– Blue Vintage [Target ]V-Neck T-Shirt [ I have like 30 of these t-shirts in every color]
-Practically 1970’s  Brown Belt [I’ve had it forever]
-High-Waisted [Gap Factory Outlet] Flare Jeans

*Norma Rae image courtesy of Pinterest*

2. Home Improvement.  

[90’s TV sitcom starring Tim Allen & Tiger Beat’s favorite cover model Jonathan Taylor Thomas]

Does Everyone Know What Time It is? It’s TOOL TIME!”

channeling my best Al Borland [Because Flannel.]


This look: [Any Flannel will do]

-Flannel [American Eagle Outfitters]
– Yes. I’m totally wearing pants. [ Their just not in the photo.]

3. Psycho. [Alfred Hitchcock classic horror film, & one of my favorite movies]

Do you have any Vacancies?”


This Look:

-Red Flannel [Wet Seal ]
-Vintage Psycho T-Shirt [Old Navy]
-Blue Asphalt Skinny Jeans [Wet Seal]
-Shoes , not pictured, [Converse]
-Plaid Glasses [Claire’s Accessories]

-Curtain [Urban Outfitters]

4. Center Stage   [20-something  romantic dramedy set at the American Ballet Theatre, circa early 200’s. Soundtrack courtesy of Mandy Moore & Zoe Saldana rocking sass & a tutu ]. 

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Image courtesy of Pinterest

It’s your dream… and it means more to you than it ever did to me.”


I shall call this piece

I shall call this piece “Kinda Ballet surrounded by Dog fur”

[on a side note: But being surrounded by puppies in Paris.. Now we’re talking]

This Look: 

-Basic Denim Button-Down [Old Navy]
-Practically vintage brown Belt [Yes, it’s old , and I have mentioned it]
-Patterned Blue Jeans [Minx Boutique]
-Ballet Flats [Target]

Maybe I’ll try to wear one of those blankets around next fashion blogpost.

Everyone is doing that now , right?
[but of course, not the one on my couch]
I totally promise.

I can’t guarantee the dogs won’t try wearing it out though.



What inspires your daily outfits? Daily recipes ? Life?
How do you keep things fresh, fun, & inventive?

What should inspire my wardrobe this week?

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