Whole Foods “You Complete Me” [And My Grocery Bill]
#3 Potato , Potata, Either way we call it [Comfort Food]

It’s something we all look forward to.
After a long day , of work [or play] , there’s nothing like crowding around that dinner table.
Granted our dinner table is smaller, and our everyday party guests , [are two fur babies] ..

We look forward to the smell of that pasta dish.
[I’m sure the collie’s look forward to anything in the kitchen]
The taste of the cake.
The comfort of that meal.
The Comfort.
Comfort is an inspiration, a luxury, and an inspiration for this dish.

*[My husband is a self taught cook and an awesome baker.
I dunno how he does it, but he whips up some amazing breakfast , dessert, and appetizer dishes.
And I swear , every meal he makes, is nothing short of awesome.] *

Thus our little potato appetizer is born

Sounds like the opening of the Godfather Trilogy

Guys. This appetizer is so rad, it could be an entree, [I swear]..

It could also be as Epic as “The Godfather” [ok. I might be biased. ]

Here you go!


+2-3 Genesis Organic Farms Potatoes
[we usually jump between various organic potatoes that are on sale. We prefer the small yellow potatoes, but these are great, and get the job done as well]
+Earth Balance Butter
+Frontier Co-op Oregano
+Frontier Co-op Garlic
+Frontier Co-op Mexican Seasoning
+Olive Oil
+Fresh Mozzarella


Prep: 20 min
+Pre-spray tray with cooking spray
+Cut potatoes in triangle wedges
+Put wedges in bowl
+Melt earth balance butter [1/2 cup]
+Few dashes of Oregano , Garlic, and Mexican Seasoning
+Pour in 1/2 cup Olive Oil [full circle drizzle]
+Mix in bowl [well]
+Place potatoes on tray [Due to trial & error , don’t dump bowl, hand place on tray . If you dump, will result an excess oil & butter on tray and potatoes will not cook properly ]
+Slice mozzarella
+Place mozzarella on top of each cut potato
+Dash of Salt
+Oven temp : 375 , 18 minutes







Enjoy your little snack of comfort!
We sure will.
man. That was good…
And our Netflix date tonight.
[We’ll enjoy that too]

[All products we’re organic , & purchased at my local whole foods.
Check their weekly sales people. Whole Foods is awesome. Great products & Friendly Staff.]



What are your comfort foods?
What’s your favorite appetizer to serve at dinner , function , or a party?
Look forward to hearing your favorite comfort foods. [And maybe trying them out!]

Quirky and loving all the comfort food [pass the Potatoes please ],