I’ll never forget it.

Back when we started dating [over 3 years ago] , we’d often go for long walks, In my neighborhood.

It was a unique . Dinner and then a ‘ little walking & talking ‘ .

[Very Romantic.]

We had been dating about a month or so. [Well. Maybe two.]

Lee would tell me about different fun vacations he’d be on.

He said he wanted to take me on a vacation [a few months away]

A fun weekend vacation with the coolest guy I’ve ever met?


So I started to plan our trip , flash forward a month [or two]
And the vacation is here .


We went with another couple and here was our fun little itinerary

We went to beautiful , historical , St.Augustine, Fl [3 Day – 2 Night]

San Sebastian Winery
[We took a tour and did a tasting] Yum.

-Haunted Pub Crawl | St Augustine Ghost Tours. [They give you an EMP device to test for ghosts. Repeat. For ghosts. Not to be tested on your beverages.] Ps. We had a blast.

St. Augustine Lighthouse Ghost Tour | Dark of the Moon Tour
[The tour was at Sunset , and was creepy. You can roam on your own in the dark, and I’m scared of the dark. So I just assumed we we’re surrounded by ghosts. The lighthouse was gorgeous up top. When we we’re walking back down, we stopped, looked over the rail . We heard whispers. Apparently it was just people coming down from above us, but gave us a scare.]

Favorite Historical /Tourist Place: Ponce De Lion’s Fountain of Youth
It’s the fountain of youth. We got little bottle of youth [as a memento]                       Castillo De San Marcos Fort :  it‘s a fort with cannons and cool stuff. 

Favorite Restaurant : GAS
[Made out of an old gas station. Fun. Eclectic. No reservation needed. Immediate Seating. Diverse menu. American Cuisine. Would recommend. Wish I got photos. ]

Favorite Shop: Pepper Palace
[A speciality shop focusing on local seasonings , spices , and sauces. They have a ‘hot sauce tester’ bar. It’s pretty amazing. I’d just started cooking for Lee, during this time period and we picked out some spices to cook with together.]
But to be fair , that hot sauce bar , is no joke. There are even chips to dip.

And so there you have it –
Just a couple of recommendations on a short fun weekend!
Any short trips you loved?
A favorite restaurant , shop, or event that took the cake?
What’s your favorite vacation ?

That vacation will always hold a very special place in my heart.
Our first vacation. Getaway. Our first of a million.
And somehow I knew that. Even in the beginning.
That man. I love him so much.




Quirky and wanting to travel with my sweetheart,