It’s lovely when you get a chance to collaborate with others.

This past week, I had the opportunity to feature my first boutique on my Instagram [and Blog] [YAY!]

I fell in love with the jewelry of FableBay on etsy.

One day it scrolled across my Insta newsfeed , and I was like ” Hey. ”

And the pretty wire-wrapped gemstones necklace was like “hey”.

It was like ..Love at first sight.

I like the idea of supporting a handmade product and supporting small businesses. Products are made in the USA, and you are helping business owners, artists & creatives. By supporting small businesses, these businesses can thrive and, in turn, support their family.

Amber, who runs FableBay Jewelry, was so sweet. She was open to collaboration and willing to make time for my little newbie blog. She personalized my stone, got to work that day, and shipped it the next day. Professional & super efficient. The idea that two creatives could collaborate on a first-name basis across the country is fun and inspiring. Girl Bosses unite.
Go check out her jewelry. It’s beautiful work. Http://

Photo shoot: Downtown Asheville, NC

[Plus, no stone is the same. Wire-wrapped. Totally fit my boho rocker style …Unique pieces, what up?!.. I got your number now]

*[And if you follow my Instagram Feed, you’ll see a present discount code, if you make a $50 purchase by the end of the day. ] *I’m just saying.

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I post too many cute dog photos. [oh, & there’s the photographer, my husband ♥️]

Quirky, creative , and happy to collaborate,