My Favorite [14] Moments of The Golden Globes

So ,[of course] ,I watched The Golden Globes.

It’s my Happy Place.

I’m pretty sure you already know my passion for film.

And you know , the whole Hi Guys.. I’m an Actor  !

So here is a rundown of my favorite 14 moments from watching The Golden Globes.

[And a link to the Oscar nominations via The Oscar Website. ]

  1. Jonah Hill starring as , The Bear, in The Revenant . Who knew how well the Bear could rock a suit?

2. Rachel Bloom “Crazy , Amazing Award Speech Winner”. Her speech makes me want to get my crap together. She created a hit show , that almost didn’t get picked up , and was noticed by a CD on YouTube. [Her YouTube is awesome guys] go watch it.

3. The lead girl from ” The Blindspot” [Jaime Alexander] had    TelePrompTer issues. Or the TelePrompTer was drunk on champagne. [Either way , their just like us!]


4. The moment when Jaime Fox pulled a Steve Harvey.

5. ” J-Law , Amy , and all the Hemsworth’s”


6. MadMen meets Chumbawamba. Can you even imagine?

7. For the win: Gosling & Pitt (as best comic duo)


8. Stallone’s Win.


9. Tom Hanks spot-on impersonation of Denzel Washington (and he had a cold)

10. Denzel’s [Humble / Down -To -Earth / Humorous “I don’t have my glasses” ] Cecil B. Demille Acceptance Speech


11. When the TelePrompTer said ” Please Wrap..” About 20 seconds after Taraji P Henson got to the podium. Her response “I waited 20 years for it, your gonna wait”. Priceless. Be prepared for people to pull this in the Monday meeting.

12. The Martian was nominated for best comedy/musical film. And won for best comedy/musical film. Well, to be fair, the genre is Sci-Fi, not drama?

13. LEO wins the Golden Globe for Best Actor in The Revenant. YES. Please give him the Oscar. I loved his acceptance speech , speaking of indigenous communities. PREACH


14. The Revenant wins best Picture. Featuring our beautiful world , in all its lush, spectacle , natural amazingness. Yay Earth!

So , there’s my thoughts / my favorite moments , of this years “Golden Globes”.  Thank you GIPHS via GIPHY .
And the Oscar Nominations are out! Woot. Woot!
Keep your eyes peeled for my thoughts /reviews of best Actor and Picture nominations

What movies and performances are you excited to see?
What did you like about The Golden Globes ?
Are some of your favorites nominated ?

Quirky and ready to go to the movies,