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4 Essential Reasons to Escape to Bainbridge Island 

Days off ‘ are meant to explore, wander, and de-stress. We must allow ourselves time to decompress from work and daily life stressors. I know. We feel like we have so much to do. That we don’t have time. But… It’s important. 

It can work in your favor. It already is. You’re taking the time to read this post. Treat yo self. 

(You know, that whole work-life balance thing.

Also  .. you’ll have more energy. You might not lose your cool as quickly. You might even be happy, like smiling. Voluntarily. 

Sounds fun, right? 

The husband and I are getting back into the work-life balance routine, dating each other, and enjoying our free time together. So check out our must-try list as we escape to Bainbridge Island.

Escape to Bainbridge Island: an essential getaway

Enjoy the Washington State Ferry as you escape to Bainbridge Island.

We’d heard fantastic things about Bainbridge. Bainbridge Island is one of the neighboring islands near Seattle. It’s about a 30-minute ferry ride. So happy, we jumped on the Washington State Ferry & headed over. (It’s only $8.20 for walk-on pedestrians. And free on the way back.) You can either pre-load your Orca card (at various locations) or purchase tickets at the Seattle ferry terminal. 

There are some wonderful boutique shops, exquisite restaurants, beautiful green spaces, and lovely events on Bainbridge. This is our first trip, so I’ll unveil cool spots on this feature series. 

Escape to Bainbridge Island: unique dining

Escape to Bainbridge Island: a must-try unique dining experience - The Harbour Public House.
Harbour Public House

1) Harbour Public House 

[ 231 Parfitt Way SW. ]

Get thee to the pub house! Fantastic selection of local microbrews, wines, and eats in a historical lil outhouse. Also, they have a versatile menu for Gluten Free too. Further, unbelievable seafood with an unbelievable view. (21 & up only) 

His:  Bainbridge Island Kommuter Kolsch with Bo Burger with Bacon and a side of hand-cut Washington fries. 

Hers: flash fried (GF) calamari with the Eagle Harbor Pubordeaux ( a 50/50 mix of merlot & cab. Blended on the island) 

Escape to Bainbridge Island - local brews and wines at the Harbour Public house.

Escape to Bainbridge Island: adventure in nature

2.) Wander about the walking trail in cute downtown Winslow

Escape to Bainbridge Island: sweet treats

3.) Sweet Treat: Mora’s Iced Creamery 

[139 Madrone Lane N. ]

Best ice cream ever. It certainly ’twas fresh, flavorful, and light. Local ice cream shop. hand-crafted (48) different ice creams, sorbets, milkshakes & desserts. Almost all flavors are gluten-free. Also, they deliver. Yup. You read that right. 

Hers: mint chocolate chip 

His: orange (he ate it before I could snag a photo ! ) 

If your looking for a sweet treat on the your escape to Bainbridge Island getaway - hit up Mora's

Escape to Bainbridge Island: fun stuff

4.) Fun StuffBainbridge Island Museum of Art (BIMA) 

[550 Winslow Way East. ] 

Contemporary art museum filled with interesting world-renown collections. Rotating collections often feature prominent local artists. In addition, the art museum is free & open daily, which is terrific. (Woop) Further, what’s impressive is the additional programs they feature daily. They offer workshops & art classes for students of every age. They also have lectures/readings, book arts programs, and a podcast series. 

We happened to catch the opening night of the SMARTfilm series, commemorating the age of the classic movie musicals. 

You guys know… “I’m all about film”..

So,  I was excited to see this was an ongoing series that they use to educate and spark conversations in the community. 

  • Opening Night – Sept 20- Animal Crackers 
  • Animal crackers: the Marx brother’s comedy caper. Loved all the physical comedy. And the audience’s interactive response between musical numbers. A talk-back was featured with Frank Ferrante (award-winning professional Groucho Marx impersonator) 
  • Sept 27: Gold Digger’s of 1933 
  • Oct 4: Top Hat 
  • Oct 11: Stormy Weather 
  • Oct 18: On the Town 
  • Oct 25: West Side Story 

Tix can be purchased through a link on their website & Facebook event . (Only $10 each) 

Enjoying the Movie Musicals feature series at BIMA on our escape to Bainbridge Island.

Escape to Bainbridge Island: essential weekend getaway

We loved our first visit to Bainbridge Island. We can’t wait to show you more next on the next feature of “Escape to Bainbridge Island” II. 

Where is your favorite escape spot? 

Quirky and wanting another Island Day, 



Cafe Nordo Review : Five Riveting Reasons to Check-In to “Hotel Nordo”

Cafe Nordo Review: Five Reasons to Check-in to Hotel Nordo

It’s the time of day when the sun fades away. A breeze swings from the west, and you’re hungry. (Of course, you’re hungry.) You’re always hungry.

You long for multiple courses of food. A feast, perhaps.

Small delicate plates with ‘artistically & aesthetically’ pleasing food. The idea is that it not only ‘looks gorgeous, but tastes gorgeous.’

Can such a place exist?

You’re tripped out of your ‘day-dreamed food haze’ by the cobblestone road. ( Like literally) . The husband grabs your hand and laughs. This cobblestone road is rich in history. So many stories have walked this path every day. You walk this path every day.

You look up and see a door. (Hmm) I don’t remember this.


A face appears thru the glass, and the door creaks open.

“Will you be joining us this evening?”, the concierge says.

YES.” (we say in unison)

We enter Nordo’s Culinarium. Approach the lobby. Check-in with grace. The place certainly has a vintage style. An Old-Hollywood feel. The concierge hands us an envelope. “Please open this at your table. Your table is right this way,”

I pause to check out the chic floor. Design goals. Just saying. (snaps photo)


Our table is mixed within the hotel lobby. 

Imagine if you will– a little moonlighting, happy & delighted guests, and wine flights galore.

(Lan  <The concierge >happily informs us we have a VIP wine flight with our 5-course dinner.)

Yes. You heard that correctly. A  (4) course Wine Flight. A (5)Course Dinner. We open our envelope. Our room key awaits.

 Do I have your attention yet?

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Lettuce inform you.

(Sorry, guys. I love cheesy puns.)

Sophie (the Bellhop) swung on by the table…I asked how her shift was… 

“Things are not as they seem,”

The first wine flight arrives. (Flama d’Or Cava-Spain) . The husband selects local (Two Beers) – Immersion Amber Ale.

The music starts up. 

Lights go out. We hear a faint calling with beautiful synthesized orchestration. The faint bellow lent to a screeching halt. It’s as though the room can speak. The walls practically move with bellowing wails. 

And it begins. 

Café Nordo Review: Welcome to Hotel Nordo

This live immersive theatrical & food experience ..is one of the best live immersive experiences .. I’ve ever had the pleasure to attend. 
In addition, the food & beverages are heavenly. Further, if you want a 5-star dining experience that includes: incredible service, a varietal menu, personalization, and bubbly beverages…

I like this check-in service. Attention to detail is on point. 

Café Nordo Review: the food

What I loved most about the colorful menu is the flexibility if you have dietary & allergy restrictions. They are more than happy to accommodate your needs. I have a food allergy, and often it is hard to dine out. (Gluten Free & Vegetarian options available)

Executive chef (Erin Brindley) had beautifully themed dishes that catered to every palatable need. Essentially, it was beautiful to see and beautiful to eat.

** ( Warning- of upcoming food selfies ) **

Don’t spoil your appetite. These are just a splash of edibles that grace your plate. 

I don’t want to give away any theatrical elements or arches of this experience, but you are 100% immersed in the Hotel Nordo environment. 

Café Nordo Review: the actors

The ensemble actors (Ronnie Hill, Alyssa Keene, Corinne Magin, Evan Mosher, Heather Refvam, and Ray Tagavilla) portray multiple roles. They transition effortlessly, practically jumping through time and space. Their performances were so effective I often forgot ..”oh yea, they were just here”… 

Café Nordo Review: Two standouts performances (for me)

Opal Peachey & Richard Slaniker

From the beginning of their 1st appearance, I was taken by their energy. This nervous un-easiness of ‘Everything is fine’ unraveled with crumbling care till it practically burst. 
Further, at one point, Peachey’s bellhop, ..looked upon guests .. quietly rageful. And it was brilliant. 

The musical interludes are breathtaking.  I absolutely loved the blend of modern pop-rock tunes mixed with (Anastasia Workman) original music tunes (“Baby, Why are you so cold” and “The Big Break”). I’m really hoping they’ll release a cast recording. (iTunes- please?) 

Café Nordo review: the artistic team

The artistic team is brought to you by Terry Padgotski and Erin Brindley. Their electrifying story will have you on the edge of your seat. And it’s in the best way possible.  

Also, for my fans of pop culture & cinema  – I’d possibly liken it to -if “American Horror Story ” married Alfred Hitcock and they stayed at the Overlook from “The Shining.” 

This is the season opener for Cafe Nordo’s Mainstage performances. 

Needless to say,  I can’t wait to bite into the following show selection. 

If your looking for a dynamic and exceptional dining and theatrical experience – look no further – check in to Hotel Nordo . 

..Before they have no vacancy..

And you are lucky enough to be blessed as one of its guests. 

For at least one more night. 

You won’t want to check out. 

Quirky and craving a hotel’ stay, 

Café Nordo Review: Local tidbit /Info for your “stay” : 

  • “Hotel Nordo” runs from September 22- November 20 at Cafe Nordo. 
  • ~Happy Hour Bar opens at 5 pm 
  • ~Seating & Drinks service begins at 7 pm. 
  • ~ Dress to impress 
  • [Shows run Thursday – Sunday 
  • Thurs – Sat  8 pm showtime 
  • Sunday 7:30 pm showtime ] 

109 South Main Street Pioneer Square, Seattle, 98104 

Twitter @CafeNordo 


Instagram @CafeNordo 

Special performances

  • {Special Halloween performance 10/31 ,Monday , 8 pm} 
  • + Vegan Weekend 10/20-10/24 
  • + Adults Only ‘ Special Tuesday 11/15 

Beautifully Recycled.

It’s Monday. You wake up last minute.

Coffee spills on your outfit. You just throw on whatever. Some manufactured over-worn t-shirts. It works. It doesn’t matter. Or so you think.

You go about your day. Meetings. Office small talk. More coffee. You get home .. Just to realize… You’ve had a massive hole in your shirt. (Along with a sizable rip) “I’m cool. So cool.”

As you start to hurl the worn t-shirt into the trash… You stop to think…What if this wasn’t trash? What if this could be more? What if this simple and basic fabric could stand for something.

This stance resonates with the ladies (Janelle Abbott & Martha Lucas) of This Then That Studio. This Then That Studio is an Eco and Ethical Fashion line based in Tacoma. I enjoyed catching up with them at Urban Craft Uprising in downtown Seattle.

Over 13.1 million pounds of textiles end up in landfills annually.

Abbott and Lucas are moving to re-purpose such a fabric as a “worn t-shirt.” Their on a mission to salvage waste and transform it into zero-waste hand-made fast fashion.

First, their process begins with the idea of a white worn t-shirt. They cut out the seams and assemble them into various geometric shapes. Shapes are placed on various fabrics, and a new creation is born. Once the garments have exceeded their use, they can be deconstructed and turned into a t-shirt again.

The beauty of the “This Then That Studio” is magical. Giving a purpose to possibly a piece of discarded ‘trash and turned into a working piece of ‘art. Their movement is renewable, sustainable, hand-made, and a zero-waste piece of clothing.

Sounds like a win-win if you ask me.

Helping the environment.(Check)

Helping local small businesses. (Check)

Helping and supporting gifted artisans. (Check)

Helping attribute to a beautiful movement. (Check)

It’s inspiring. I’m inspired.

Check them out. You won’t be disappointed.



Facebook & Instagram  : ThisThenThatStudio

( I had to snag a piece from Janelle’s prior singular season)


Quirky, Happy, and feeling fashionable,


My Favorite [14 ] Moments of The Golden Globes

My Favorite [14] Moments of The Golden Globes

So,[of course], I watched The Golden Globes.

It’s my Happy Place.

I’m pretty sure you already know my passion for film.

And you know , the whole Hi Guys.. I’m an Actor  !

So here is a rundown of my favorite 14 moments from watching The Golden Globes.

[And a link to the Oscar nominations via The Oscar Website. ]

  1. Jonah Hill starred as, The Bear in The Revenant. Who knew how well the Bear could rock a suit?

2. Rachel Bloom “Crazy, Amazing Award Speech Winner.” Her speech makes me want to get my crap together. She created a hit show that almost didn’t get picked up and was noticed by a CD on YouTube. [Her YouTube is awesome, guys] go watch it.

3. The lead girl from ” The Blindspot” [Jaime Alexander] had teleprompter issues. Or the TelePrompTer was drunk on champagne. [Either way, they’re just like us!]


4. The moment when Jaime Fox pulled a Steve Harvey.

5. ” J-Law, Amy, and all the Hemsworths”


6. MadMen meets Chumbawamba. Can you even imagine?

7. For the win: Gosling & Pitt (as the best comic duo)


8. Stallone’s Win.

9. Tom Hanks’s spot-on impersonation of Denzel Washington (and he had a cold)

10. Denzel’s [Humble / Down-To-Earth / Humorous “I don’t have my glasses” ] Cecil B. Demille Acceptance Speech


11. When the Teleprompter said, ” Please Wrap..” About 20 seconds after Taraji P Henson got to the podium. Her response “I waited 20 years for it, your gonna wait”. Priceless. Be prepared for people to pull this in the Monday meeting.

12. The Martian was nominated for best comedy/musical film. And won for best comedy/musical film. Well, to be fair, the genre is Sci-Fi, not drama?

13. LEO wins the Golden Globe for Best Actor in The Revenant. YES. Please give him the Oscar. I loved his acceptance speech, speaking of indigenous communities. PREACH


14. The Revenant wins best Picture. Featuring our beautiful world, in all its lush, spectacle, natural amazingness. Yay Earth!

So, there are my thoughts / my favorite moments of this year’s “Golden Globes.”  Thank you, GIPHS via GIPHY.
And the Oscar Nominations are out! Woot. Woot!

Keep your eyes peeled for my thoughts /reviews of best Actor and Picture nominations.

What movies and performances are you excited to see?
What did you like about The Golden Globes?
Are some of your favorites nominated?

Quirky and ready to go to the movies,

The Force Awakened: Dawn and Copper

The world is full of opportunities.
Every minute of every day, the possibility of “something” is upon us.
We take a path. The path twists and turns. We then make a quick judgment.
Do we take the path in front of us?
Do we take the off-beaten path? The road less traveled?
Do we create our own path? Hoping it collides with a highway to the unknown?
Do we take that main highway? [The one we’ve been on a million times]

But as we see it .. That road ‘ less traveled’… Is unknown to us.
Others [might] know it. But we do not.
It is a new horizon.
And that is when inspiration can strike.

Inspiration comes in many forms.
A dog’s kiss when you arrive home.
Seeing a beloved family member after many years.
A hot meal. A smile. A laugh. A movie.
[Yes. A Movie. Three words.]
A road less traveled.
An unknown destination.
A handmade product.
Made with care.
Made with Love.
Made just for you.

My world got the pleasure to collide with Alicia Waltz [Etsy Boutique ~ Dawn and Copper]


The designs are refreshing. Such creativity.
Her decor and handmade jewelry capture the beauty and spirit of the breathtaking Pacific Northwest. The rebel’s heart. The adventurer’s eye. The wanderlust spirit.

Ethical Fashion that fits you. Eco Fashion that fuels you. And your Lifestyle.

A land that ‘my pack ‘ will soon call home.
It was a pleasure to feature Dawn and Copper on my Instagram and Blog.
I look forward to our future collaborations together next year.

Thank you Alicia for your work.
It’s beautiful.
A small piece of inspiration.
A small piece of Art … That I can take on my small unknown trek.. Called life.

Go take a trek through these Instagram shots.
[And see how The Force inspired this photo series]

-Dawn and Copper Brass Necklace | White & Pink Beaded Hoop Earrings

Location: Blue Ridge Parkway Asheville, NC

” Chewie, We’re Home” – Han Solo


Processed with MOLDIV

“Hope is not lost today, it is found.” -Leia 

“Rey, May the Force Be With You.” – Leia


Processed with MOLDIV

“The force is strong in my family. My father has it. I have it. My sister has it. You have that power, too. ” – Luke Skywalker. 

“Every generation has a story.” – The TagLine to a Great Film


“Same thing I always do, talk my way out of it.” – Han Solo


Processed with MOLDIV

“Escape now, Hug Later.” – Han Solo. 

“It’s True. All of it. The Dark Side, The Jedi. They’re real.” – Han Solo


“Alicia, you rock.” – US


Quirky and inspired by collaborating & lifting others up,

My Weekend with my Sunglasses 

Last weekend… I got to adventure around a cabin nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains…
[Yay! Cabin in the woods! Cue: horror music interlude]

I had family in town that I hadn’t seen in a long time.

[It was a blast to run around and act all ” touristy” in the neighboring town of Chimney Rock, NC]

So, let’s see.

Where do we start?
We got lost trying to find the cabin.

I got several bouts of motion sickness. [blargh]

But we had beautiful weather.

Great company.

And I had my trusty Pink Westie Sunglasses.

When you’re in a pinch and feeling woozy from car sickness, it’s incredible how a good pair of sunglasses and a lot of ginger [can be your friend] 
I stumbled upon Ramsey Supply Co. [Ramsey Supply on Instagram]

What a wonderful organization!
They are a family-run – business. [woop! ]

Each pair of sunglasses are hand-made, hand-crafted, and unique.

No two pairs of sunglasses are the same.

[yes. That means no one will have your exact pair]

Each piece of wood is different, and they have a great selection.
They’re affordable and come with a lifetime guarantee.
And here’s the best part about the company.

Their kind and compassionate, and a portion of each pair of Sunglasses …

It is donated to charity!

[I absolutely Love this]

Each customer can suggest a charity to donate to.

This month’s Charitable Donation : One More Wave Surf Co 

[1mwave on Instagram]


One More Wave Surf Co. is a 301C Non-Profit organization that provides wounded and injured veterans with surfboards [customized for their needs]
Soooo [let’s sum this up]

You’re saying

*My sunglasses we’re hand-crafted and hand-made?

*They’re ethically made, family-run, and made in the USA?

*The bamboo wood is renewable and sustainable?

*Ramsey gives back to those in need?

Just knowing that by getting a pair of sunglasses, you’re helping multiple people? …

That’s amazing.

I’m inspired.

They say , ” She saw the world full of rose-colored glasses”. I mean, they are pink. [Yes. Kind of like a baby/ rose pink]

And my weekend family vacation? 

My mom & stepdad came to visit.

My stepdad has suffered close to 9 strokes this year.

He has gone from complete paralysis, losing his speech and motor functions, and through months of physical therapy.

I hadn’t seen them for over 8 months…

I saw my stepdad walk for the first time.

He is up and walking around. He is talking. He is laughing.

And my “Pink Westie” sunglasses were with me.

Sometimes …something as small [as Sunglasses] ….can be so much more.

Thank you, Ramsey Supply Co.

We need more good.

We need more good companies like you.


I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

How would you Frame Your World?

Quirky [sitting in the sun and inspired],


Indecisions and Sweaters 

It’s our day off.

What’s any good day off involve?

Well, let’s see…

It might involve that whole ” Adulting ” thing.

[Ya know] Like paying bills, running errands, and grabbing groceries.

Closely followed by a fantastic Enchilada lunch [I’ll blog later] and a good cup of coffee.

And puppies.

I almost forgot about the puppies.
…Somewhere in between that Enchilada Queso sauce and a Venti Vanilla Latte…

We stopped for puppies.

[Not literally.]

We just happened to be driving past Brother Wolfe Animal Rescue.

[Brother Wolf Animal Rescue is a wonderful no-kill rescue facility located in Asheville, NC ]


Me: “Let’s stop by. We can visit the puppies . We can give them treats. And show them some Love”.

The husband [so brilliant]: “You’re going to get attached. You’re going to want to adopt all the dogs. And we can’t right now”.

Me: yea. No. I’m totally fine. I just want to say hi [he’s totally right]

[Have you ever had a vision of running in a field filled with Puppies? Doesn’t that sound like the best dream ever?!]

So. There we’re at Brother Wolf.

Just walking thru. Visiting & handing out treats.

And then we saw her.

A little smiling face. Wagging tail.

The cutest little furball in the world.

She looked like some kind of mini-Aussie & Lab mix

Body and mannerisms of a mini-Aussie. The fur of a lab.

Beautiful smile.

She had this twinkle in her eye.

We’d continue looking around, look over, and there she was, smiling at us.

My husband couldn’t stop smiling.

As we were leaving, we discussed how she would be an excellent addition to our family.

We named her Lexi. “Little Gray.” And talking about picking up an adoption application.

I want to rescue all the puppies.

Sometimes, you must know when to give up, throw in the towel, or get a new sweater.

This brings us to sweaters.

Do you realize how many sweaters are out there?

Specifically dog sweaters.

[There are a lot of dog sweaters out there in the world]
In the wake of wanting to adopt all the dogs and a Venti coffee…

We ended up at Petsmart. Surrounded by dog sweaters.

We sat and debated all the different sweaters for our dogs.

Salvatore needs a rain slicker. The border collie doesn’t like getting his fur wet. Spencer [our mini Aussie] loves wearing sweaters. Plus, she gets cold. And the one she has now is a little worn. So she is due for an upgrade.
You’re that ‘Dog Parent’ when you spend 30 minutes debating over dog sweaters. Literally.

Pink doesn’t fit her’. The Velcro could be uncomfortable. The argyle square print. The argyle square is perfect.

We leave with one sweater. But want five sweaters. Sound familiar?
***[Luckily till tomorrow, Petsmart , is having a 40% sale ,on coats & sweaters. plus an additional 15% for PetPerks Members YES. So we got a $20 sweater for $10] ***
Some things are unresolved. Timing is everything. We’d love little Grey. But right now, we have two dog sweaters. We don’t want to overstuff the closet. But we’d love a bigger family. Maybe sometime soon. I’m grateful for the beautiful family I do have.

Quirky and in love with adorable dog sweaters,


Things I Learn From TV

Sometimes the TV can teach you stuff.
Thanks to watching Ellen a few days ago
I learned all kinds of cool stuff.

Like new words that people are using.
[I can’t believe I didn’t know what they meant]

I’d see words scroll across my Instagram… And feel like, “um. What does that mean?”
Do you know how it feels incredible when Bae does something cool?

[Whose Bae? When did you meet someone named Bae?]
Bae: Baby / Sweetheart
Like, Bae surprises you with pancakes.
Or brewing the coffee.
Or taking the dogs out while you sleep.
Or pizza when you work late.
So sweet.
[and it’s going to take me a while to get used to that word]

All those things are on point.
Or as the cool kids would say…
On Fleek: on point / perfect
That late night Pizza dinner is ‘on fleek’.
That Netflix Binge [sweatpant ensemble] was  ‘on fleek’
This mid-week Uber- Puppy party is ‘on fleek’.
Yes. I just said that.

Also, in currently trending Fashion news… [According to Ellen]
People are glittering their hair and their beards.
I’m with Ellen on this.
Just say no.
Keep the glitter in the craft box.
I do not understand this.
The glitter will be stuck in your hair for like 5 years.
It’s just like dog fur. It will pop up everywhere. [Everywhere]
Could you imagine if people glittered their dogs?!


And last but not least, my favorite part of Ellen.
She is incredibly giving.
She is always reaching out to help those in need.
It’s inspiring how big her heart is.
Thanks, Ellen.
Thanks for showing a little humor, heart, love, and dancing [can go a long way]
I wanna be like you when I grow up.


Happy Wednesday


Quirky and wanting to have a random dance party,

[giphs provided by giphy]

Ellen: http://www.ellentvshow.com

12 Movies [I can’t wait to see!] 

So movies. 

If you haven’t figured it out yet..

I have a crush on Movies. 

I totally am in ” big-like “with the silver screen. 

Like writing my name “in cursive with hearts ” on my notebook. 
And of course this just so happens to be  my favorite season for Movies 

You know.. 

Some cool holiday parties are coming up. 

[Wish I had an invite, sigh] 
You’ve got the upcoming Golden Globes, SAG awards, and 

[oh-hi Man -Crush- Monday] everyone’s favorite Golden Boy 

my favorites of favorites , ‘The Oscars’ 
[yay! ] Yes. The Oscars are my Super Bowl
Any who, [enough gushing] 
**Spoiler Alert: year of the awesome ensemble- driven drama & so many good “Based on a True Story” Contenders **
here’s a run-down : 12 Movies [I can’t wait to see!] 

[in no particular order] 
1. Spotlight 

[Dream team cast alert]

Mark Ruffalo , Michael Keaton , Rachel McAdams, Liev Schreiber , John Slattery, Brian D’Arcy James, Stanley Tucci 

  High-stakes ensemble drama based upon a true story of the Boston Globe uncovering the scandal of the Catholic Church 

Man, I want to play a reporter in a movie. 


2. Bridge of Spies

[Favorite Director Alert] 

A steven Spielberg movie . starring Tom Hanks. 

No intro /bio/ tag line needed 


3. Truth 

Another newsroom drama involving 20/20 Dan Rather and the Bush Administration ..  

[with another great ensemble] 

I’m a fan of newsroom ensemble dramas & Cate Blanchett always rocks. 

Cate Blanchett, Robert Redford, Elisabeth Moss, Dennis quad, Stacy Keach, Topher Grace 

4. Steve Job

Yes, this movie has been out for awhile, and yes .. I still haven’t seen it. I need to. 

Written by Aaron Sorkin [Favorite screenwriter Alert] 

Directed by Danny Boyle [Slumdog Millionaire] 

A bio-pic [yet again] ,another stellar ensemble driven cast , including: Michael Fassbender, Kate Winslet, Seth Rogen, Jeff Daniels about [that Apple cool guy , Steve Jobs ] 


5. By The Sea 

[Favorite Dream Collaboration / Couple / Bad-Ass Female Writer /Director ] 

Angelina Jolie- Pitt [Writer /Director ] 

Brad Pitt 


6. The Big Short 

Based on a true story with a great ensemble 

[you would think I’d be sick of saying that phrase, nope] 

Trailer Vibe has a very dramatic Oceans 11 feel 

Pitt / Bale/ Gosling/ Carell / Tomei / Gillan 

[yup. You know you’re cool, if you list only the last name] 

7. The Good Dinosaur 

Pixar movie about Dinosaurs . 

[Consider me there] 

Directed by Peter Sohn , force behind Ratatouille & Monsters University


8. In the Heart of the Sea 

[Favorite Director Alert] 

Ron Howard at the helm of a true story. Sailors stranded at sea. In the face of a whale 


9. The Revenant 

[Favorite Actor Alert] 


Can we please give him an Oscar already. 

He’s earned like 5 by now [not really] but he has in my book. 


10. Joy 

[ aka : Silver Lining’s Playbook Reunion] 

David O’Russell Directed. family drama . starring Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro. 


11. Concussion 

[ Favorite Sports Movie Alert] 

Will Smith [another Oscar contender] playing a doctor discovering brain damage in repeated concussion offenders playing in America’s favorite pastime . Sure to be a hit. 


12. Star Wars

[Favorite Director Alert / Everything Award] 

Because J.J. Abrams & Star Wars  

One day, I will work with you J.J. One day. [in a distant far away casting] 

So there you have it guys 

12 movies [ I can’t wait to see! ] 

Movies inspire life . Reflect Life. Imitate Life. 

And sometimes.. just make our Life better 

What movies are you excited to see? 

[Thank you YouTube for providing all the trailers] 

Quirky and ready to buy’ all the tickets’ on the fandango, 



Whole Foods “You Complete Me” [And my Grocery Bill] # 5 The SnickerDoodle [Gluten-Free] Cake 

Celebrations are a time to celebrate.

Sometimes these celebrations will result in cake.

I mean, they should involve cake.


[In fact] I think everyday is a great day for cake.

I mean .. Why not? …

Bad day? Cake. Monday? Cake.

An already awesome day , like , Your husband’s birthday? A super large Cake. [duh]

I’ve made cookies, but would consider myself , a new baker.

I’m the cook of the house , my husband, is the baker.

Like. A fantastic baker.

I swear he secretly takes lessons.

He’s that awesome.

Considering he’s an esteemed “Hungry Man Dinner Alumni”.
So I had to step up my game for his birthday.

Snicker doodle Cookies + Husband= favorite cookie.

And considering ,I’ve never made him a cake, SnickerDoodle Cake it is.

We tend to not keep to many treats in the house.

[I have a bit of a sweet tooth] Meaning, I’ll probably eat it all.

So here you go:
Whole Foods “You Complete Me” [And My Grocery Bill]

#5 The SnickerDoodle [Gluten-Free] Cake

+King Arthur Gluten-Free Yellow Cake Mix

+[3] Whole Foods Large Brown Cage-Free Eggs

+[3/4 cup ]Almond Breeze Vanilla Almond Milk

+[5 Tablespoons] Frontier Co-Op Ground Cinnamon

+[2 Teaspoons] Frontier Organic Vanilla Extract

+[8 Tablespoons] Earth Balance Organic Butter Spread

+Topsee Tulip Cream Cheese Frosting [Icing]


-Preheat oven to 350 degrees

-Mix cake mix, cinnamon, milk, butter, eggs, vanilla

-[I started to use an electric mixer, and it started to fling all over the kitchen [yup], so I hand-mixed

-Transfer to pan, Sprinkle a little extra cinnamon, on top

-My bake time: 42 minutes [varies , use your best judgement ]

-For example, If the cake is still jiggling, it’s not done. Put back in the oven. 

-Allow to cool , icing

Enjoy! [Try not to eat the entire cake in one sitting] 

*Organic *Gluten-Free *Non-GMO *No white Sugar included

All my ingredients we’re purchased at my friendly neighborhood Whole Foods Market.


Fresh local ingredients – Always have a pleasant shopping Trip- Thank you ! 
What’s your favorite baked good?

What are some of your favorite celebration sweets?

This cake would be an awesome addition to your next holiday family event , party, or just because , CAKE

Excuse us, we’re gonna go eat cake [for dinner]

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

Quirky and ready to bake more ,

[I mean… I don’t want the milk to spoil]


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