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Celebrations are a time to celebrate.

Sometimes these celebrations will result in cake.

I mean, they should involve cake.


[In fact] I think everyday is a great day for cake.

I mean .. Why not? …

Bad day? Cake. Monday? Cake.

An already awesome day , like , Your husband’s birthday? A super large Cake. [duh]

I’ve made cookies, but would consider myself , a new baker.

I’m the cook of the house , my husband, is the baker.

Like. A fantastic baker.

I swear he secretly takes lessons.

He’s that awesome.

Considering he’s an esteemed “Hungry Man Dinner Alumni”.
So I had to step up my game for his birthday.

Snicker doodle Cookies + Husband= favorite cookie.

And considering ,I’ve never made him a cake, SnickerDoodle Cake it is.

We tend to not keep to many treats in the house.

[I have a bit of a sweet tooth] Meaning, I’ll probably eat it all.

So here you go:
Whole Foods “You Complete Me” [And My Grocery Bill]

#5 The SnickerDoodle [Gluten-Free] Cake

+King Arthur Gluten-Free Yellow Cake Mix

+[3] Whole Foods Large Brown Cage-Free Eggs

+[3/4 cup ]Almond Breeze Vanilla Almond Milk

+[5 Tablespoons] Frontier Co-Op Ground Cinnamon

+[2 Teaspoons] Frontier Organic Vanilla Extract

+[8 Tablespoons] Earth Balance Organic Butter Spread

+Topsee Tulip Cream Cheese Frosting [Icing]


-Preheat oven to 350 degrees

-Mix cake mix, cinnamon, milk, butter, eggs, vanilla

-[I started to use an electric mixer, and it started to fling all over the kitchen [yup], so I hand-mixed

-Transfer to pan, Sprinkle a little extra cinnamon, on top

-My bake time: 42 minutes [varies , use your best judgement ]

-For example, If the cake is still jiggling, it’s not done. Put back in the oven. 

-Allow to cool , icing

Enjoy! [Try not to eat the entire cake in one sitting] 

*Organic *Gluten-Free *Non-GMO *No white Sugar included

All my ingredients we’re purchased at my friendly neighborhood Whole Foods Market.


Fresh local ingredients – Always have a pleasant shopping Trip- Thank you ! 
What’s your favorite baked good?

What are some of your favorite celebration sweets?

This cake would be an awesome addition to your next holiday family event , party, or just because , CAKE

Excuse us, we’re gonna go eat cake [for dinner]

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

Quirky and ready to bake more ,

[I mean… I don’t want the milk to spoil]



Whole Foods “You Complete Me” [And my Grocery Bill] #4

#4 The Peanut Butter Cookie

Sometimes while binging on a ,Grey’s Anatomy marathon, you have a sweet tooth.
Or you think you have a sweet tooth.
Maybe it’s all the drama of the show?

[No] I mean Yes. Yes. I most definitely have a sweet tooth.

My husband suggested ‘cookies. I was like ” umm. That’s awesome!

But we don’t have Ingredients. ”

And he was like ” Yes. We do. Simple. Peanut Butter, Egg , Sugar ”

Yes! He’s Right. totally right! Why is he so smart?

But since we don’t have sugar , I opted for a healthier version , Honey.
Healthy is a simple & healthy alternative to sugar.

[ don’t worry. pinterest has some awesome conversion guides.]

So here you go [the easiest most delicious cookies in the world]


*1 Egg
*1 Cup of Peanut Butter
*1/2 cup Organic Honey
*Dark Chocolate Bits * optional



*Preheat oven to 350

*[ I  might have given the collies a little peanut butter from the jar]

*Mix 1 egg , 1 cup of Peanut Butter , 1/2 cup of Honey in a bowl

*Spoon balls onto greased pan [as small or as big as you like. We opted for bigger cookies]

*I also opted for little dark chocolate pieces to place on top

*Bake for 10-12 minutes

*[We baked for 14 minutes. Crispy outside, gooey inside ]

*Smile . Enjoy. you have cookies .

Nom Nom Nom

Nom Nom Nom

[ all of our organic products we’re purchased at our friendly neighborhood Whole Foods Market Asheville]



I ate some Peanut Butter. And I liked it. [Salvatore The Border Collie]

I ate some Peanut Butter. And I liked it.
[Salvatore The Border Collie]

What’s your favorite sweet treat for holiday parties, family gatherings, and Netflix Marathons?

Quirky and loving Peanut Butter ,

Whole Foods “You Complete Me” [And My Grocery Bill]
#3 Potato , Potata, Either way we call it [Comfort Food]

It’s something we all look forward to.
After a long day , of work [or play] , there’s nothing like crowding around that dinner table.
Granted our dinner table is smaller, and our everyday party guests , [are two fur babies] ..

We look forward to the smell of that pasta dish.
[I’m sure the collie’s look forward to anything in the kitchen]
The taste of the cake.
The comfort of that meal.
The Comfort.
Comfort is an inspiration, a luxury, and an inspiration for this dish.

*[My husband is a self taught cook and an awesome baker.
I dunno how he does it, but he whips up some amazing breakfast , dessert, and appetizer dishes.
And I swear , every meal he makes, is nothing short of awesome.] *

Thus our little potato appetizer is born

Sounds like the opening of the Godfather Trilogy

Guys. This appetizer is so rad, it could be an entree, [I swear]..

It could also be as Epic as “The Godfather” [ok. I might be biased. ]

Here you go!


+2-3 Genesis Organic Farms Potatoes
[we usually jump between various organic potatoes that are on sale. We prefer the small yellow potatoes, but these are great, and get the job done as well]
+Earth Balance Butter
+Frontier Co-op Oregano
+Frontier Co-op Garlic
+Frontier Co-op Mexican Seasoning
+Olive Oil
+Fresh Mozzarella


Prep: 20 min
+Pre-spray tray with cooking spray
+Cut potatoes in triangle wedges
+Put wedges in bowl
+Melt earth balance butter [1/2 cup]
+Few dashes of Oregano , Garlic, and Mexican Seasoning
+Pour in 1/2 cup Olive Oil [full circle drizzle]
+Mix in bowl [well]
+Place potatoes on tray [Due to trial & error , don’t dump bowl, hand place on tray . If you dump, will result an excess oil & butter on tray and potatoes will not cook properly ]
+Slice mozzarella
+Place mozzarella on top of each cut potato
+Dash of Salt
+Oven temp : 375 , 18 minutes







Enjoy your little snack of comfort!
We sure will.
man. That was good…
And our Netflix date tonight.
[We’ll enjoy that too]

[All products we’re organic , & purchased at my local whole foods.
Check their weekly sales people. Whole Foods is awesome. Great products & Friendly Staff.]



What are your comfort foods?
What’s your favorite appetizer to serve at dinner , function , or a party?
Look forward to hearing your favorite comfort foods. [And maybe trying them out!]

Quirky and loving all the comfort food [pass the Potatoes please ],

Whole Foods “You Complete Me” [And my grocery bill]
#2 The Frozen Pizza

In honor of Throwback Thursday …. I’m having my favorite food for lunch…Pizza

Pizza has soft spot in my heart.
[And I needed a mid-day /mid-week Pick-Me-Up]

According to my mother, she ate a lot of Pizza while she was pregnant with me . Apparently it was one of the only things she could eat [without getting sick] It was the first “grown up food” , that I ate as a [baby] , and has continued to be a strong contender of food choices in my adult life. Luckily, my husband , shares the same love for Pizza.

Stressful Day : Pizza Awesome Day : Pizza To tired to cook: Pizza Comfort Food: Pizza

Do you see a trend? When in doubt.. pizza.

“Pizza. Saving a bad day , one slice at a time”.

I’m working on writing projects today , so I thought I’d opt for a frozen favorite , but add my own fresh toppings.

I’m always In search of a good frozen gluten-free pizza. [yes. I have an allergy]
Today’s Pizza of choice : Udi’s Gluten-Free Four Cheese Frozen Pizza

[Granted its great all of its own]
But I thought I’d add :


-2 Organic Baby Bella Mushrooms [Chopped]
-Cup of Fresh Kale
-Mammoth Cheddar [3 slices, chopped]
-Mozzarella [3 slices, chopped]
-Frontier Co-op Organic Garlic
-Splash of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
[I would normally add fresh oregano , basil .. But we’re out]





Recipe: [easy cheesy]

Set Oven to 400 degrees
Select toppings
Cook 12-14 minutes [depending on your oven]


[All products we’re organic , & purchased at my local whole foods.]

Check their weekly sales people. Whole Foods is awesome. Great products & Friendly Staff.



#TBT to me & the husband [back when we we're just the bf & gf] , taking down this entire Pizza . YES. Location: our favorite Italian Restaurant in Epcot at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL

#TBT to me & the husband [back when we we’re just the bf & gf] , taking down this entire Pizza . YES.
Location: our favorite Italian Restaurant in Epcot at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL

Quirky and dreaming of what’s for dinner,


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