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Days off ‘ are meant to explore, wander, and de-stress. We must allow ourselves time to decompress from work and daily life stressors. I know . We feel like we have so much to do. That we don’t have time. But .. It’s important. 

(You know , that whole work-life balance thing. ) 

It can work in your favor. It already is. You’re taking time to read this post. Treat yo self. 

Also  .. you’ll have more energy. You might not lose your cool, as easily. You might even be happy , like smiling. Voluntarily. 

Sounds fun, right? 

The husband and are getting back into the routine of work-life balance , dating each other , and truly enjoying our free time together. 

Join us – as we escape to – BainBridge Island. 

We’d heard wonderful things about Bainbridge . Bainbridge Island is one of the neighboring islands near Seattle. It’s about a 30 minute ferry ride. So happy we jumped on the Seattle Ferry & headed over. (It’s only $8.20 for walk on pedestrians. And free on the way back.) You can either pre-load your Orca card (at various locations) or purchase tickets at the Seattle ferry terminal. 

There are some wonderful boutique shops , equisite restaurants , beautiful green spaces and lovely events on Bainbridge. This is our first trip , so I’ll be unveiling cool spots to check out on this feature series. 

Dining – 

1) Harbour Public House 

[ 231 Parfitt Way SW . www.harbourpub.com ] 

Get thee to the pub house! Fantastic selection of local micro-brews, wines, eats in a historical lil out house. They have a versatile menu for GlutenFree too. Unbelievable seafood with an unbelievable view. (21 & up only) 

His :  Bainbridge Island Kommuter Kolsch with Bo Burger with Bacon and side of hand-cut Washington fries. 

Hers: flash fried (GF) calamari with the Eagle Harbor Pubordeaux ( a 50/50 mix of merlot & cab. Blended on island) 

2.) Wander about the <Walking Trail> in cute downtown Winslow . Nature for the win. 

3.) Sweet Treat : Moira’s Iced Creamery 

[139 Madrone Lane N. 

www.moraicecream.com ] 

Best ice-cream ever. It ’twas Fresh , flavorful , and light. Local ice cream shop. hand-crafted (48) different ice creams , sorbets , milkshakes & desserts. Almost all flavors are gluten-free. Also, they deliver. Yup. You read that right. 

Hers: mint chocolate chip 

His: orange (he ate it before I could snag a photo ! ) 

4.) Fun StuffBainBridge Island Museum of Art (BIMA) 

[550 Winslow Way East. www.biartmuseum.org ] 

Contemporary art museum filled with interesting world-renown collections. Rotating collections often feature prominent local artists. The art museum is free & open daily, which is amazing. (Woop) .What is more amazing is the additional programs they feature on a daily basis. They offer workshops & art classes for students of every age. They also have lectures / readings , book arts programs , and a podcast series. 

We happened to catch the opening night of the SMARTfilm series , comemorating the age of the classic movie musicals. 

You guys know.. “I’m all about film”..

So,  I was excited to see this was an ongoing series that they use to educate and spark conversations in the community. 

Opening Night – Sept 20- Animal Crackers 

Animal crackers : the Marx brothers comedy caper . Loved all the physical comedy. And the audience interactive response between musical numbers. A talk-back was featured with Frank Ferrante (award-winning professional Groucho Marx impersonator) 

Sept 27: Gold Digger’s of 1933 

Oct 4: Top Hat 

Oct 11: Stormy Weather 

Oct 18: On the Town 

Oct 25: West Side Story 

Tix can be purchased through a link on their website & Facebook event . (Only $10 each) 

We loved our first visit to BainBridge. 

can’t wait to show you more next on the next feature of “Escape to BainBridge Island” II. 

Where is your favorite escape spot? 

Quirky and wanting another Island Day, 



Getting a cup of coffee always sounds like a good idea.
Yes.. [Hold on. Let me go grab mine.]

That almost ended bad. Real Bad. That coffee almost landed on the floor.
[Woof] ok. I’m back.

For many of us, Coffee, has a way to jumpstart our day.
But what if it could do more? What if it has done more?

Join me on my busy week, and 4 times ‘that cup of joe’ , was really awesome.

This past weekend :

I was involved with a new staged reading of an Incubator Series for Asheville Creative Arts         http://ashevillecreativearts.org    “Journeying Jack” by playwrights David & Jack Novak. “Journeying Jack” is a story of a father & son and the bedtime stories the father tells the son. It is a journey inside a relationship and we get to adventure with Jack as he meets all these characters. I got the opportunity to perform/read the role of Jack. It was fun to portray a 7 year old boy. Even though I’m an actor for a living, I don’t always get to “make-believe”. I got to stop playing adult for a few days during rehearsal, [and the day of our staged reading] and dive into the mind of a 7 year old.

This photo is brought to you by Kelli playing a 7 year-old. And she's backstage. And found an IPad.

This photo is brought to you by Kelli playing a 7 year-old. And she’s backstage. And found an IPad.

As a 7 year old, there are no filters. There is hope. Imagination. Wonder. Creativity. Adventure. Questions. A lot of Questions [because they have no answers] Exploration. Confusion. Honesty. Real Emotion. And Energy. Lots & Lots of Energy. Which required quite a bit of coffee that day of show. All those qualities are wonderful. As an adult, we forget. I forget. We get so busy “Adulting” that we forget to Wonder. Adventure. Explore.

Set piece. One Bed . ✔️ A nostalgic memory from my childhood [

Set piece. One Bed . ✔️
A nostalgic memory from my childhood [“it’s in a book.. It’s Reading Rainbow”] ✔️
Moment of Joy ✔️

As the reading ended, the audience had a wonderful response. We had a talk-back after the show. [which doesn’t always involve a lot of talking, sometimes just awkward smiling & staring]. Refreshments we’re provided [coffee & tea included]

Kudos & praise we’re given to all production team on their execution of a staged reading, which sparked a slew of discussion & commentary on bringing this piece to life. As the discussion continued among the audience members , it was inspiring to see Adults be inspired by the piece. Adults. Not kids. They wanted to see more. They were happy & brought suggestions of various mediums of puppetry, film, and set design. For about 30 minutes, it was great to see adults , show passion , be inspired, & use their imagination. Active & Involved. It was almost like for a brief time, they remembered how to imagine just like a kid.

[Thank you coffee: for bringing art to life, and life being inspired by art.]

I also was the lead in a music video for band ” RipHaven”
It was a period piece set in the 1940’s that involved heavy emotional outbursts, light stunts, and being near fire. [so clearly, coffee, was needed]
I don’t want to give to many details , but it was an awesome shoot, EPIC footage, & had a wonderful crew & production team.

“Come at me bro. Try. I just drank a Venti Coffee”
RipHaven Music Video Dir:Nick Iway DP: Aaron Putnam

[Thank you coffee: for a cool project, collaborating with new creatives, and keeping me awake for 15 hours. Especially for keeping me awake & functioning for 15 hours. Coffee, why you so good to me?]
This week:

I needed a pick-me-up yesterday [cuz ya know, Hump Day]
I was on a break & wandered into the local Whole Foods.
Oh hi coffee. 25 cents. Oh hey.


What’s even better [than the price] is what it benefits.

Whole Foods is wonderful about raising $$ for various charities & non-profits.

This 25 cent coffee would benefit the animals of Asheville Humane Society.
Throughout the month of September each coffee that is bought , 100% of proceeds , will go to the humane society.

You're cool Whole Foods. Thanks for helping our friends! -Salvatore the Border Collie

You’re cool Whole Foods. Thanks for helping our friends!
-Salvatore the Border Collie

[Thank you coffee :for helping the animals, showing compassion for our furry friends, and giving back to our BFF four-legged friends. This made my week.]

The past 3 years:

It started with one cup of coffee . Just a lil date. And ended in Marriage.
I spoke of our 1st coffee date [Back in “Love Actually” post]

Coffee has always played a strong part in our relationship.
We treat ourselves to coffee dates, have celebrated anniversaries, spilled secrets & told stories, made big decisions, had bad days and sometimes just need a pick-me-up.

Venti skinny 'We Just Got Married' Latte no sugar , extra whip 6/19/14

Venti skinny ‘We Just Got Married’ Latte no sugar , extra whip

[Thank you coffee: for my husband.]

Sometimes ‘that cup of Joe’ is more than it seems.

has it for you?

Quirky and Caffeinated,


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