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Days off ‘ are meant to explore, wander, and de-stress. We must allow ourselves time to decompress from work and daily life stressors. I know . We feel like we have so much to do. That we don’t have time. But .. It’s important. 

(You know , that whole work-life balance thing. ) 

It can work in your favor. It already is. You’re taking time to read this post. Treat yo self. 

Also  .. you’ll have more energy. You might not lose your cool, as easily. You might even be happy , like smiling. Voluntarily. 

Sounds fun, right? 

The husband and are getting back into the routine of work-life balance , dating each other , and truly enjoying our free time together. 

Join us – as we escape to – BainBridge Island. 

We’d heard wonderful things about Bainbridge . Bainbridge Island is one of the neighboring islands near Seattle. It’s about a 30 minute ferry ride. So happy we jumped on the Seattle Ferry & headed over. (It’s only $8.20 for walk on pedestrians. And free on the way back.) You can either pre-load your Orca card (at various locations) or purchase tickets at the Seattle ferry terminal. 

There are some wonderful boutique shops , equisite restaurants , beautiful green spaces and lovely events on Bainbridge. This is our first trip , so I’ll be unveiling cool spots to check out on this feature series. 

Dining – 

1) Harbour Public House 

[ 231 Parfitt Way SW . www.harbourpub.com ] 

Get thee to the pub house! Fantastic selection of local micro-brews, wines, eats in a historical lil out house. They have a versatile menu for GlutenFree too. Unbelievable seafood with an unbelievable view. (21 & up only) 

His :  Bainbridge Island Kommuter Kolsch with Bo Burger with Bacon and side of hand-cut Washington fries. 

Hers: flash fried (GF) calamari with the Eagle Harbor Pubordeaux ( a 50/50 mix of merlot & cab. Blended on island) 

2.) Wander about the <Walking Trail> in cute downtown Winslow . Nature for the win. 

3.) Sweet Treat : Moira’s Iced Creamery 

[139 Madrone Lane N. 

www.moraicecream.com ] 

Best ice-cream ever. It ’twas Fresh , flavorful , and light. Local ice cream shop. hand-crafted (48) different ice creams , sorbets , milkshakes & desserts. Almost all flavors are gluten-free. Also, they deliver. Yup. You read that right. 

Hers: mint chocolate chip 

His: orange (he ate it before I could snag a photo ! ) 

4.) Fun StuffBainBridge Island Museum of Art (BIMA) 

[550 Winslow Way East. www.biartmuseum.org ] 

Contemporary art museum filled with interesting world-renown collections. Rotating collections often feature prominent local artists. The art museum is free & open daily, which is amazing. (Woop) .What is more amazing is the additional programs they feature on a daily basis. They offer workshops & art classes for students of every age. They also have lectures / readings , book arts programs , and a podcast series. 

We happened to catch the opening night of the SMARTfilm series , comemorating the age of the classic movie musicals. 

You guys know.. “I’m all about film”..

So,  I was excited to see this was an ongoing series that they use to educate and spark conversations in the community. 

Opening Night – Sept 20- Animal Crackers 

Animal crackers : the Marx brothers comedy caper . Loved all the physical comedy. And the audience interactive response between musical numbers. A talk-back was featured with Frank Ferrante (award-winning professional Groucho Marx impersonator) 

Sept 27: Gold Digger’s of 1933 

Oct 4: Top Hat 

Oct 11: Stormy Weather 

Oct 18: On the Town 

Oct 25: West Side Story 

Tix can be purchased through a link on their website & Facebook event . (Only $10 each) 

We loved our first visit to BainBridge. 

can’t wait to show you more next on the next feature of “Escape to BainBridge Island” II. 

Where is your favorite escape spot? 

Quirky and wanting another Island Day, 



It’s the time of day where sun fades away. A breeze swings from the west , and you’re hungry. (Of course you’re hungry.) You’re always hungry.

You long for multiple courses of food. A feast perhaps.

Small delicate plates with ‘artistically & aesthetically’ pleasing  food. The idea that it not only ‘looks gorgeous, but tastes gorgeous.’

Can such a place exist?

You’re tripped out of your ‘day-dreamed food haze’ by the cobblestone road. ( Like literally) . The husband grabs your hand and laughs. This cobblestone road is rich with history. So many stories have walked this path everyday. You walk this path everyday.



You look up and see a door. (Hmm) I don’t remember this.



A face appears thru the glass, and the door creaks open.

“Will you be joining us this evening?”, the concierge says.

YES.” (we say in unison)

We enter Nordo’s Culinarium. Approach the lobby. Check-in with grace. The place has a vintage style. An Old-Hollywood feel. The concierge hands us an envelope. “Please open this at your table. Your table is right this way”.

I pause to check out the chic floor. Design goals. Just saying. (snaps photo)


Our table is mixed within the hotel lobby. 

Imagine if you will– a little moonlighting , happy & delighted guests, wine flights galore.

(Lan  <The concierge >happily informs us we have a VIP wine flight with our 5 course dinner.)

Yes. You heard that correctly. A  (4) course Wine Flight. A (5)Course Dinner. We open our envelope. Our room key awaits.




 Do I have your attention yet?

This is just the tip of the ice-berg. Lettuce inform you.

(Sorry guys. I love cheesy puns.)

Sophie (the Bellhop) swung on by the table ..I asked how her shift was.. 

“Things are not as they seem. ”  

First wine flight arrives. (Flama d’Or Cava-Spain) . The husband selects local (Two Beers) – Immersion Amber Ale.

The music starts up. 

Lights go out. We hear a faint calling with beautiful synthesized orchestration. The faint bellow lending to a screeching halt . It’s as though the room can speak. The walls practically move with bellowing wails. 

And it begins. 
Welcome to Hotel Nordo

This live immersive theatrical & food experience ..is one of the best live immersive experiences .. I’ve ever had the pleasure to attend. 
The food & beverages are heavenly. If you want a 5 star dining experience that includes : incredible service, varietal menu, personalization , and bubbly beverages..

I like this check-in service. Attention to detail is on point. 

What I loved most about the colorful menu is the flexibility if you have dietary & allergy restrictions. They are more than happy to accommodate your needs. I have a food allergy, and often it is hard to dine out. (Gluten Free & Vegetarian options available)

Executive chef (Erin Brindley) had beautifully themed dishes that catered to every palatable need. It was beautiful to see and beautiful to eat.** ( Warning- of upcoming food selfies ) **

Don’t spoil your appetite. These are just a splash of edibles that grace your plate. 

I don’t want to give away any of the theatrical elements or archs of this experience , but you are 100% immersed in the Hotel Nordo environment. 

The ensemble actors (Ronnie Hill, Alyssa Keene, Corinne Magin, Evan Mosher, Heather Refvam, Ray Tagavilla) do an amazing job of portraying multiple roles. They transition effortlessly practically jumping time and space. Their performances we’re so effective, I would often forgot ..”oh yea, they we’re just here”.. 

Two standouts performances (for me): Opal Peachey & Richard Slaniker. 

From the very beginning of their 1st appearance , I was taken with their energy. This nervous un-easiness of ‘Everything is fine’ unraveled with crumbling care till it practically burst. 
At one point , Peachey’s bellhop , ..looked upon guests ..quietfully rageful. And it was brilliant. 

The musical interludes are breathtaking.  I absolutely loved the blend of modern pop-rock tunes mixed with (Anastasia Workman) original music tunes (“Baby, Why are you so cold” and “The Big Break). I’m really hoping they’ll release a cast recording. (iTunes- please?) 

The artistic team is brought to you by Terry Padgotski and Erin Brindley. Their electrifying story will have you on the edge of your seat. And it’s in the best way possible.  

For my fans of pop-culture & cinema  – I’d possibly liken it to -if “American Horror Story ” married Alfred Hitcock and they stayed at the Overlook from “The Shining”. 

This is the season opener for Cafe Nordo’s Mainstage performances . 

Needless to say ,  I can’t wait to bite into the next show selection. 

If your looking for a dynamic and exceptional dining and theatrical experience – look no further – check in to Hotel Nordo . 

..Before they have no vacancy..

And you are lucky enough to be blessed as one of its guests. 

For at least one more night. 

You won’t want to check out. 

Quirky and craving a hotel’ stay, 

Local tid-bit /Info for your “stay” : 

“Hotel Nordo” runs thru September 22- November 20 at Cafe Nordo. 

~Happy Hour Bar opens at 5 pm 

~Seating & Drinks service begins at 7 pm. 

~ Dress to impress 

[Shows run Thursday – Sunday 

Thurs – Sat  8 pm showtime 

Sunday 7:30 pm showtime ] 

109 South Main Street Pioneer Square, Seattle , 98104 


Twitter @CafeNordo 

Instagram @CafeNordo 

Special performances

{Special Halloween performance 10/31 ,Monday , 8 pm} 

+ Vegan Weekend 10/20-10/24 

+ Adults Only ‘ Special Tuesday 11/15 

“Where do you like to read?”

I could read anywhere.
Curled up on the couch, in a coffee shop, sitting in a closet.
[yes. Sitting in a closet.]
To be fair I was in middle-school. It was my little haven. And it was quiet.
[And I was in middle school.]

ok. Maybe not anywhere. The shower would make the paper soggy. [Yuck. Wet Paper]

I’ve always had a love of reading ever since I was little.

I was always the girl inside reading a book, when everyone else is outside.

I donated my books in fourth grade. I wanted to create a library for our class. I put little checkout books in the back, and classmates could check out the books. I mean.

[I’m pretty sure those little checkout cards don’t exist anymore. I feel old, but still kinda cool.]

I wrote a play in sixth grade about a girl who was evil. My mom blames Stephen King.
I might or might not have been reading The Dark Towers. Ok. Yea. [it was dark.]
Remember Christopher Pike books. They we’re good. Does he still write books?
Don’t get me started on R.L Stine’s “Goosebumps”. You know there’s a movie coming out?!
[There’s a movie coming out] Seriously. Goosebumps.

Reading is like a great escape. I can be the lead heroine. I am the adventurer. Sup Indiana. I can solve the Nancy Drew mystery. I can hang out with hamlet, and chill with the cat with his Hat. I can be a fearless stubborn lawyer in the next Grisham novel, or be a doctor saving lives in the trenches. Just sitting over here [Making magic] at Hogwarts or [fighting crime] in Gotham.
You can travel anywhere or be anyone. By turning a page. [thats crazy]

All from my couch, coffee shop, or closet.
Reading is a wonderful way to use our imagination.
[No matter how old we are.]

I’d love to volunteer to kids at the hospital or animals at the shelter. Reading can really inspire & help others. It can allow people hope. It can give them an escape. I think I shall look into that.

Ready for story-time Mom. yes. I know. I totally look like Little Red RidingHood .  -Spencer The Mini Aussie

Ready for story-time Mom. yes. I know. I totally look like Little Red RidingHood .
-Spencer The Mini Aussie

Which by the way ..

.. I haven’t read a good book In awhile [my husband has gotten me into books on tape]

I picked this up recently :
“Serafina & the Black Cloak” by Robert Beatty

Here's the book guys.

Here’s the book guys.

I really like it.
It’s engaging, imaginative , & magical.
The author signed the book, at a local signing, and [he was so nice .]

The author wrote me a message about my acting. Thank you kind sir. :)

The author wrote me a message about my acting. Thank you kind sir. 🙂

If you like [mystery]books with a dash of [history]with a strong [female] lead & a hint of [magic]

What book are you reading?
And where do you like to read?

I’m on the hunt for all the good books!

Quirky and reading so many chapters,


Woke up this morning to cooler weather & puppy kisses.

Me = Grateful

Puppy Kisses > Boring Old Alarm Clock
It always makes me smile and is quite a humorous way to start my morning.

Seriously. Try it. (Well assuming you have a dog in your household.)

I wouldn’t advise licking your significant other or roommate’s face.
It might not end well.

You can’t really start your day {angry} when your surrounded by goofy smiles & wet noses. It literally makes me giggle. I think the border collie (Salvatore) knows this. He doesn’t stop licking me, till I actually laugh out loud.
Then he lays down next to me, & waits for me to get up.

Mom. Mom. Mom. You awake? Mom. Mom. Mommy. Mom.

Mom. Mom. Mom. You awake? Mom. Mom. Mommy. Mom.

We had already planned on taking the collies on a nice morning walk.
Over this summer, they’ve been on an exercise regime, for a happy & healthy lifestyle.

(Started by my awesome husband)

This man right here.

This man right here.

Since their working (herding dogs) taking them on long extended walks through various terrain and environments seems to be helping them physically , emotionally , & mentally. It is helping curb Sal’s anxiety, it socializes the dogs into encountering loud noises , cars, other dogs etc etc, and keeps them physically fit. Salvatore has gone from 95 pounds to 83. Spencer is still the same weight, but she wasn’t overweight.

I was delighted when I heard it was National Dog Day. Yippee!
An excuse to post more dog photos. Yea.. No excuse needed. All the Puppies.

Today it was a nice . Clear Skies. Breeze in the Air. 40% less mosquitoes than usual.

Here you go.

Here you go.

Soooo … Get out with your dogs. It’s good for you too. Your getting exercise too. Yea know , burning the calories, endorphins , and stuff.

Drink lots of water on your walk. You don’t want you /the puppies getting heat stroke. Nobody has time for that.

De-plug on this walk. Don’t take your phone. You’ll be tempted to check your email. Or Tweet. Or text your mom back. And then you might have a broken I-Phone. That might happen. I’m just saying.

Also, the husband and I , have some great talks while walking the pups. Yes, that means actual conversation. It’s my favorite time of day. And is a cheap family date. (Yup. No dollars must be spent) Woof!

Our humans sure do like to be walked. Thanks for letting us walk you mom & dad.

Our humans sure do like to be walked.
Thanks for letting us walk you mom & dad.

If you don’t have a dog of your own ; (I hope one day you get the opportunity too)
Many rescue facilities have programs & walking clubs so you can get out and interact with dogs.

A wonderful no-kill local rescue (here in Asheville) “Brother Wolf Animal Rescue” has a walking club weekly.

Brother Wolf Animal Rescue

If you are unable to walk due to ailments or restrictions , just stop by, and visit a rescue shelter.
It will make the animals day to see a smiling face and receive a treat !

I found this story via , The Today Show, about a woman that goes and reads to animals in shelters. So inspiring.

The Today Show
So : Have you spent time with a dog today?

Go run. Walk. Sit.

I mean just hanging out is pretty awesome.

Happy National Dog Day!!
(I mean , it is their day … And seeing just your smiling face … It Will make their day 🙂 )

Quirky & Puppy Kisses,


We came up to Asheville, NC (on vacation) a few times to visit family, & adopt our first dog Salvatore. It was on our trip back (to Orlando) from adopting our dog, we decided we would take the leap, & move.

My husband (boyfriend at the time haha) had said he had always wanted to live in the Carolinas. He said we can live there when we’re old. Maybe one day..
I said, ” Why not now? ” … He was like hmm… True.

So we decided : if at least one of us gets a job, finds a place to live , we could move.
Well, I got a job (via 2 phone interviews) , and found a place to live all within a month & a half.
And that was it . we moved from Orlando, Fl to Asheville, NC. It was a quick turnaround.

It was a big deal. My husband had been in Orlando about 14 years, & me about 7 years. Just uprooting our careers in a big bustling city for small mountain life. It can’t possibly be that big of a shift right? We both had moved a lot as kids, so we we’re excited to make this move together.

At first…we we’re just so excited to be in a new place. The mountains are incredibly beautiful & peaceful. We both wanted a change of pace. A place a little slower. Less Traffic and better weather. My parents we’re here. (Since then, they’ve had to move back to Florida)

But unfortunately , the gorgeous mountains , don’t pay the bills. The film incentives we’re just starting to dry up as I arrived . I acquired a new agent and was booking and freelancing to the best of my ability, (not doing bad), but this area is very expensive and the salaries don’t match the cost of living. But we kept … Trucking along… We’re both very strong resilient individuals. I’ve been a big believer in creating your own work & I’ve been given the opportunity to create a lot of great work while I’ve been here.

When we first got here , I would often hear jokes , about “how over-qualified your waitstaff is” or how “Your bellhop has three degrees”. That’s the thing about Asheville. I’ve met so many qualified professionals making less than ten dollars an hour. (Yes, they have degrees and 15+ years work experience) . It blows my mind. They want you to work for next to nothing, it also doesn’t help when we moved here, we took drastic pay cuts… Thinking the cost of living would be much lower than Orlando. But yeah , it wasn’t . Like No Cash Monies. Hi $200+ power bill with No A.C. …

With that being said.. We’ve made a family decision… For the wellness of our family & sanity of our bank accounts … In exactly one year from today ….

We will be calling our new home Seattle, WA.

We’re very excited for this new adventure for our family. Seattle has wonderful weather, vibrant city life, (which has great options for both our careers), and a very dog-friendly environment.
(And we really are big coffee drinkers). I guess we kinda missed city life.

Much of my blog posts this year will be focused on the move, so that should be exciting. We will take the next year to continue to save money and simplify our lives. We will be departing with a lot of “stuff” and will be getting down to what we really need, continue to budget, curb Salvatore’s anxiety, & prepare for our big cross-country move. I’ll categorize this blogposts as “Sleeping in Seattle (Or Bust) ”
We are grateful for Asheville. We met some great people. I Collaborated with some wonderful Organizations. We married here. Saw Mountains Everyday. And rescued our little Aussie Spencer. We learned so much about our first year of Marriage, by being tested, (especially financially) & we’ve come out stronger.
Asheville, Thank you for your hospitality . we will come back on a vacation , one day.

But We can’t wait to call Seattle, WA home.
Sleeping in Seattle (Or Bust)

Quirky & Moving Boxes,

Coffee for Days.

Coffee for Days.

Love Actually. (Yup!) Stephanie Christine Photography

Love Actually. (Yup!)
Stephanie Christine Photography

Puppies walking their humans.

Puppies walking their humans.

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