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Last weekend …. I got to adventure around a cabin nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains….
[Yay! Cabin in the woods! Cue: horror music interlude]

I had family in town , that I hadn’t seen in a long time.

[It was a blast to run around and act all ” touristy” in a neighboring town of Chimney Rock, NC]

So , let’s see .

Where do we start?
We got lost trying to find the cabin.

I got several bouts of motion sickness. [blargh]

But , we had wonderful weather.

Great company.

And I had my trusty Pink Westie Sunglasses.

When you’re in a pinch, and feeling woozy from car sickness, it’s amazing how a good pair of sunglasses and a lot of ginger [can be your friend] 
I stumbled upon Ramsey Supply Co. [Ramsey Supply on Instagram]

What a wonderful organization !
They are a family run – business . [woop! ]

Each pair of sunglasses are hand-made, hand-crafted , and unique.

No two pairs of sunglasses are the same

[yes. That means no one will have your exact pair]

Each piece of wood is different, and they have a great selection.
They’re affordable , and come with a lifetime guarantee.
And here’s the best part about the company .

Their kind, compassionate, and a portion of each pair of Sunglasses …

Is donated to charity!

[I absolutely Love this]

Each customer, can suggest a charity to donate to.

This month’s Charitable Donation : One More Wave Surf Co 

[1mwave on Instagram]


One More Wave Surf Co. is a 301C Non-Profit organization the provides wounded and injured veterans with surfboards [customized for their needs]
Soooo [let’s sum this up]

You’re saying

*My sunglasses we’re hand-crafted and hand-made ?

*They are ethically made , family-run, and made in the USA ?

*The bamboo wood is renewable and sustainable?

*Ramsey gives back to those in need?

Just knowing that by getting a pair of sunglasses, you’re helping multiple people? …

That’s amazing.

I’m inspired.

They say , ” She saw the world full of rose-colored glasses”. I mean, they are pink. [Yes. Kind of like a baby/ rose pink]

And my weekend family vacation? 

My mom & stepdad came to visit.

My stepdad has suffered close to 9 strokes this year.

He has gone from complete paralysis , losing his speech, motor functions, and has gone thru months of physical therapy.

I hadn’t seen them for over 8 months…

I saw my stepdad walk for the first time.

He is up and walking around. He is talking. He is laughing.

And my “Pink Westie” sunglasses were with me.

Sometimes …something as small [as Sunglasses] ….can be so much more.


Thank you Ramsey Supply Co.

We need more good.

We need more good companies like you.


I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

How would you Frame Your World?

Quirky [sitting in the sun and Inspired] ,



It’s our day off.

What’s any good day off involve ?

Well , let’s see…

It might involve that whole ” Adulting ” thing.

[Ya know] Like paying bills , running errands, and grabbing groceries.

Closely followed by an amazing Enchilada lunch [I’ll blog later] and a good cup of coffee.

And puppies.

I almost forgot about the puppies.
…Somewhere in between that Enchilada Queso sauce and a Venti Vanilla Latte ..

We stopped for puppies.

[Not literally.]

We just happened to be driving past Brother Wolfe Animal Rescue.

[Brother Wolf Animal Rescue is a wonderful no-kill rescue facility located in Asheville, NC ]


Me: “Let’s stop by. We can visit the puppies . We can give them treats. And show them some Love”.

The husband [so smart]: “You’re going to get attached. You’re going to want to adopt all the dogs. And we can’t right now”.

Me: yea. No . I’m totally fine. I just want to say hi [he’s totally right]

[Have you ever had a vision of running in a field filled with Puppies? Doesn’t that sound like the best dream ever?!]

So. There we we’re at Brother Wolf.

Just walking thru. Visiting & handing out treats.

And then we saw her.

A little smiling face . Wagging tail.

The cutest little furball in the world.

She looked like some kind of mini- Aussie & Lab mix

Body and mannerisms of a mini-Aussie. Fur of a lab.

Beautiful smile.

She had this twinkle in her eye.

We’d continue looking around, and we’d look over, and there she was smiling at us.

My husband couldn’t stop smiling.

As we we’re leaving, we talked about how she would be a wonderful addition to our family.

We named her Lexi. “Little Gray”. And talked about picking up an adoption application.

I want to rescue all the puppies.

Sometimes , you have to know when to give up, throw in the towel, or get a new sweater.

Which brings us to sweaters.

Do you realize how many sweaters are out there?

Specifically dog sweaters.

[There are a lot of dog sweaters out there in the world]
In the wake of ,wanting to adopt all the dogs, and a Venti coffee bean…

We ended up at Petsmart. Surrounded by dog sweaters.

We sat and debated all the different sweaters for our dogs.

Salvatore needs a rain slicker. The border collie doesn’t like getting his fur wet. Spencer [our mini Aussie] loves wearing sweaters. Plus she gets cold. And the one she has now is a little worn. So she is due for an upgrade.
You know , you’re that ‘Dog Parent’ when you spend 30 minutes debating over dog sweaters. Literally.

Pink doesn’t fit her’. The Velcro could be uncomfortable. The argyle square print . The argyle square is perfect.

We leave with one sweater.But want five sweaters. Sound familiar?
***[Luckily till tomorrow, Petsmart , is having a 40% sale ,on coats & sweaters. plus an additional 15% for PetPerks Members YES. So we got a $20 sweater, for $10] ***
Some things are unresolved. Timing is everything. We’d love little Grey. But, right now ,we have two dog sweaters. We don’t want to overstuff the closet. But we’d love a bigger family. Maybe sometime soon. I’m grateful for the beautiful family I do have.

Quirky and in love with adorable dog sweaters,


Celebrations are a time to celebrate.

Sometimes these celebrations will result in cake.

I mean, they should involve cake.


[In fact] I think everyday is a great day for cake.

I mean .. Why not? …

Bad day? Cake. Monday? Cake.

An already awesome day , like , Your husband’s birthday? A super large Cake. [duh]

I’ve made cookies, but would consider myself , a new baker.

I’m the cook of the house , my husband, is the baker.

Like. A fantastic baker.

I swear he secretly takes lessons.

He’s that awesome.

Considering he’s an esteemed “Hungry Man Dinner Alumni”.
So I had to step up my game for his birthday.

Snicker doodle Cookies + Husband= favorite cookie.

And considering ,I’ve never made him a cake, SnickerDoodle Cake it is.

We tend to not keep to many treats in the house.

[I have a bit of a sweet tooth] Meaning, I’ll probably eat it all.

So here you go:
Whole Foods “You Complete Me” [And My Grocery Bill]

#5 The SnickerDoodle [Gluten-Free] Cake

+King Arthur Gluten-Free Yellow Cake Mix

+[3] Whole Foods Large Brown Cage-Free Eggs

+[3/4 cup ]Almond Breeze Vanilla Almond Milk

+[5 Tablespoons] Frontier Co-Op Ground Cinnamon

+[2 Teaspoons] Frontier Organic Vanilla Extract

+[8 Tablespoons] Earth Balance Organic Butter Spread

+Topsee Tulip Cream Cheese Frosting [Icing]


-Preheat oven to 350 degrees

-Mix cake mix, cinnamon, milk, butter, eggs, vanilla

-[I started to use an electric mixer, and it started to fling all over the kitchen [yup], so I hand-mixed

-Transfer to pan, Sprinkle a little extra cinnamon, on top

-My bake time: 42 minutes [varies , use your best judgement ]

-For example, If the cake is still jiggling, it’s not done. Put back in the oven. 

-Allow to cool , icing

Enjoy! [Try not to eat the entire cake in one sitting] 

*Organic *Gluten-Free *Non-GMO *No white Sugar included

All my ingredients we’re purchased at my friendly neighborhood Whole Foods Market.


Fresh local ingredients – Always have a pleasant shopping Trip- Thank you ! 
What’s your favorite baked good?

What are some of your favorite celebration sweets?

This cake would be an awesome addition to your next holiday family event , party, or just because , CAKE

Excuse us, we’re gonna go eat cake [for dinner]

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

Quirky and ready to bake more ,

[I mean… I don’t want the milk to spoil]


You wake up. Not by an Alarm clock.
You feel the morning rays on your lids. The air is crisp. You roll over and cuddle your significant other.
[Am I dreaming?] my _____ (insert your said person) is here?!
In this case, [since it’s my story] my husband! [Yes!]

Usually we have such opposite schedules. [My husband & I]
He’s always already up , taking care of the house, or already at work.
Yes. He takes care of the house. I’m very lucky.
So , I guess I’ll pinch myself . That will wake me up.
[Ow. That hurt.] Why did I just pinch myself?

The collies are curled up around us. The blankets are soft and warm. And it dawns on me.
It’s our day off. [its our day off!! ]
I know you think , “why are you so excited? It’s just a day off?”

But we rarely have days off, let alone days off together, and with nothing “scheduled”.
It feels as though in the hustle bustle world of 2015, something is always on the schedule.
But today. Nothing. And it felt nice.

Morning coffee. Today show. And then my favorite thing.

The collies absolutely love taking us on a walk.
It’s always for a few hours, and you’d think it was Christmas.
I know. [look at me already referencing Christmas, when it’s not even Halloween]
Yes. [Yes. I totally am]
They light up.[ The collies.] Not to be confused with Christmas trees.
It is the most beautiful thing to see them smile and become so happy over a walk.
Just a little walk.

Room with a view.

Room with a view.

Beautiful views today.
Great conversation.
A good walk.
We get home and made a tasty lunch.

OH hi Lunch. You tasty.

OH hi Lunch. You tasty.

His: Cajun’ Steak [drizzled with oregano & olive oil. Fresh Cut on Sale $5.99]

Hers: Garlic roasted broccoli & kale [sautéed with Olive oil & Oregano, .99 cent Kale bundle]
Ours: Rosemary Garlic Parmesan hand-cut fries [Genesis organic bag, usually lasts a few weeks, $6.99]
= $12.00

All products we’re bought at our local Whole Foodshttp://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/stores/asheville-kenilworth

Finished the day off with some more [coffee], visit to the local animal shelter [Brother Wolf Animal Rescue ] , our favorite pizza, and some Grey’s Anatomy [we just started on Netflix]

I have so many things to say about Grey’s, I really just need to blog about it. But not right now.
[Another time, it might even inspire its own blog series write-up]
Back to the McBlog. I mean. [Blog.]

Today is what makes me feel better.
Days like today are what revives me.
Keeps me peaceful . Sane . Intact.
Motivates me. Inspires me.

I have a roof over my head.
A loving , supportive, family [puppies included!]
Wonderful food on my plate.
Beautiful scenery and the ability to see it.
Laughter in my life.
Pizza. Netflix. Coffee too.
I am a blessed woman.

image image image image

Take the time to tell your loved ones you love them.

Spend time with them.
Take the time to eat that pizza. Or hug that puppy.
Not only [might it make you feel better] but just imagine what it could do for them?

[Not the pizza] but totally your loved one or puppy.

What makes you feel better [always] ?
Quirky, happy, & being cuddled by Collies,


It’s back!

Week 2 of Awkward Family Photo (Furry) Series.

As promised , I will post an awkward photo of the family (or the puppies) every Sunday night.

Let’s see. A lot is going on tonight.

The family had taco’s for dinner, Law & Order: SVU  Marathon on Netflix, and Kanye for President?

I don’t know the details, but my Twitter feed was going crazy.

Here is Spencer’s response to Kanye’s I’m not serious/serious?  announcement:

Say whatttt?

Say whatttt?

Thoughts? Comments? Any more VMA Announcements ? (Cuz we’re watching Law & Order)

Quirky & funny Puppy Facial Expressions when announcements get made,


Woke up this morning to cooler weather & puppy kisses.

Me = Grateful

Puppy Kisses > Boring Old Alarm Clock
It always makes me smile and is quite a humorous way to start my morning.

Seriously. Try it. (Well assuming you have a dog in your household.)

I wouldn’t advise licking your significant other or roommate’s face.
It might not end well.

You can’t really start your day {angry} when your surrounded by goofy smiles & wet noses. It literally makes me giggle. I think the border collie (Salvatore) knows this. He doesn’t stop licking me, till I actually laugh out loud.
Then he lays down next to me, & waits for me to get up.

Mom. Mom. Mom. You awake? Mom. Mom. Mommy. Mom.

Mom. Mom. Mom. You awake? Mom. Mom. Mommy. Mom.

We had already planned on taking the collies on a nice morning walk.
Over this summer, they’ve been on an exercise regime, for a happy & healthy lifestyle.

(Started by my awesome husband)

This man right here.

This man right here.

Since their working (herding dogs) taking them on long extended walks through various terrain and environments seems to be helping them physically , emotionally , & mentally. It is helping curb Sal’s anxiety, it socializes the dogs into encountering loud noises , cars, other dogs etc etc, and keeps them physically fit. Salvatore has gone from 95 pounds to 83. Spencer is still the same weight, but she wasn’t overweight.

I was delighted when I heard it was National Dog Day. Yippee!
An excuse to post more dog photos. Yea.. No excuse needed. All the Puppies.

Today it was a nice . Clear Skies. Breeze in the Air. 40% less mosquitoes than usual.

Here you go.

Here you go.

Soooo … Get out with your dogs. It’s good for you too. Your getting exercise too. Yea know , burning the calories, endorphins , and stuff.

Drink lots of water on your walk. You don’t want you /the puppies getting heat stroke. Nobody has time for that.

De-plug on this walk. Don’t take your phone. You’ll be tempted to check your email. Or Tweet. Or text your mom back. And then you might have a broken I-Phone. That might happen. I’m just saying.

Also, the husband and I , have some great talks while walking the pups. Yes, that means actual conversation. It’s my favorite time of day. And is a cheap family date. (Yup. No dollars must be spent) Woof!

Our humans sure do like to be walked. Thanks for letting us walk you mom & dad.

Our humans sure do like to be walked.
Thanks for letting us walk you mom & dad.

If you don’t have a dog of your own ; (I hope one day you get the opportunity too)
Many rescue facilities have programs & walking clubs so you can get out and interact with dogs.

A wonderful no-kill local rescue (here in Asheville) “Brother Wolf Animal Rescue” has a walking club weekly.

Brother Wolf Animal Rescue

If you are unable to walk due to ailments or restrictions , just stop by, and visit a rescue shelter.
It will make the animals day to see a smiling face and receive a treat !

I found this story via , The Today Show, about a woman that goes and reads to animals in shelters. So inspiring.

The Today Show
So : Have you spent time with a dog today?

Go run. Walk. Sit.

I mean just hanging out is pretty awesome.

Happy National Dog Day!!
(I mean , it is their day … And seeing just your smiling face … It Will make their day 🙂 )

Quirky & Puppy Kisses,


Hey Guys

so I love photos. I am by no means a photographer.   I love taking photos of funny stuff, my family, cool stuff I get to act in, or my dogs. Ok. Let’s be real. Most of my photos on my Instagram (are of the dogs). And I might , or not not, be following quite a few dog Instagram accounts. Because their adorable.

So I thought I’d start a new photo series every Sunday night. I’ll take an awkward (furry) family photo and then post it.

Yupp. That’s it.

With that being said , the first photo!

Awkward Family Photo #1:  "We're sitting on the kitchen floor. Just because."

Awkward Family Photo #1:
“We’re sitting on the kitchen floor. Just because.”

Quirky & Family Photos,


ps: what do you think is going on in this photo? Leave dialogue in comments below.

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