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It’s Monday. You wake up last minute.

Coffee spills on your outfit. You just throw on whatever. Some manufactured over-worn t-shirt. It works. It doesn’t matter. Or so you think.

You go about your day. Meetings. Office small talk. More coffee. You get home .. Just to realize .. You’ve had a huge hole in your shirt. (Along with a sizable rip) “I’m cool. So cool.”

As you start to hurl the worn t-shirt into the trash.. You stop to think..What if this wasn’t trash? What if this could be more? What if this simple and basic fabric could stand for something.

This stance resonates with the ladies (Janelle Abbott & Martha Lucas) of This Then That Studio. This Then That Studio is an Eco and Ethical Fashion line based in Tacoma. I had the pleasure of catching up with them at Urban Craft Uprising in downtown Seattle.

Over 13.1 million pounds of textiles end up in landfills annually.

Abbott and Lucas  are on a movement to re-purpose such a fabric as a “worn t-shirt”. Their on a mission to salvage waste and transform it into zero waste hand-made fast fashion.

First, their process begins with the idea of a white worn t-shirt. They cut out the seams and assemble into various geometric shapes. Shapes are placed on various other fabrics and a new creation is born. Once the garments have exceeded their use, the garment can be de-constructed and turned into a t-shirt once again.

The beauty of the “This Then That Studio” is magical. Giving a purpose to possibly a piece of discarded ‘trash and turned into a working piece of ‘art . Their movement is renewable , sustainable , hand-made , and a zero-waste piece of clothing.

Sounds like a win-win if you ask me.

Helping the environment .(Check)

Helping local small business. (Check)

Helping /Supporting gifted artisans. (Check)

Helping attribute to a beautiful movement . (Check)

It’s inspiring. I’m inspired.

Check them out. You won’t be disappointed.





Facebook & Instagram  : ThisThenThatStudio

( I had to snag a piece from Janelle’s prior singular season)





Quirky , Happy, and feeling fashionable ,




The world is full of opportunities.
Every minute, of every day , the possibility of “something” is upon us.
We take a path. The path twists and turns . We then make a quick judgement .
Do we take the path in front of us?
Do we take the off-beaten path? The road less traveled?
Do we create our own path? Hoping it collides with a highway to the unknown?
Do we take that main highway? [The one we’ve been on a million times]

But as we see it .. That road ‘ less traveled’… Is unknown to us.
Others [might] know it. But we do not.
It is a new horizon.
And that is when inspiration can strike.

Inspiration comes in many forms.
A dogs kiss when you arrive home.
Seeing a beloved family member after many years.
A hot meal. A smile. A laugh. A movie.
[Yes. A Movie. Three words.]
A road less traveled.
An unknown destination.
A handmade product.
Made with care.
Made with Love.
Made just for you.

My world got the pleasure to collide with Alicia Waltz [Etsy Boutique ~ Dawn and Copper]


The designs are refreshing . Such creativity.
Her decor and handmade jewelry captures the beauty and spirit of the breath-taking Pacific Northwest. The rebel’s heart. The adventurers eye. The wanderlust spirit.

Ethical Fashion that fits you. Eco Fashion that fuels you. And your Lifestyle.

A land that ‘my pack ‘ will soon call home.
It was pleasure to feature Dawn and Copper on my Instagram and Blog.
I look forward to our future collaborations together next year.

Thank you Alicia for your work.
It’s beautiful.
A small piece of inspiration.
A small piece of Art … That I can take on my small unknown trek.. Called life.

Go take a trek through these Instagram shots.
[And see how The Force inspired this photo series]

-Dawn and Copper Brass Necklace | White & Pink Beaded Hoop Earrings

Location: Blue Ridge Parkway Asheville, NC


” Chewie, We’re Home” – Han Solo


Processed with MOLDIV

“Hope is not lost today, it is found.” -Leia 


“Rey, May the Force Be With You.” – Leia


Processed with MOLDIV

“The force is strong in my family. My father has it. I have it. My sister has it. You, have that power, too. ” – Luke Skywalker 


“Every generation has a story.” – The TagLine to a Great Film


“Same thing I always do, talk my way out of it.” – Han Solo



Processed with MOLDIV

“Escape now, Hug Later.” – Han Solo 


“It’s True. All of it. The Dark Side, The Jedi. They’re real.” – Han Solo


“Alicia, you rock.” – US




Quirky and inspired by collaborating & lifting others up,

Last weekend …. I got to adventure around a cabin nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains….
[Yay! Cabin in the woods! Cue: horror music interlude]

I had family in town , that I hadn’t seen in a long time.

[It was a blast to run around and act all ” touristy” in a neighboring town of Chimney Rock, NC]

So , let’s see .

Where do we start?
We got lost trying to find the cabin.

I got several bouts of motion sickness. [blargh]

But , we had wonderful weather.

Great company.

And I had my trusty Pink Westie Sunglasses.

When you’re in a pinch, and feeling woozy from car sickness, it’s amazing how a good pair of sunglasses and a lot of ginger [can be your friend] 
I stumbled upon Ramsey Supply Co. [Ramsey Supply on Instagram]

What a wonderful organization !
They are a family run – business . [woop! ]

Each pair of sunglasses are hand-made, hand-crafted , and unique.

No two pairs of sunglasses are the same

[yes. That means no one will have your exact pair]

Each piece of wood is different, and they have a great selection.
They’re affordable , and come with a lifetime guarantee.
And here’s the best part about the company .

Their kind, compassionate, and a portion of each pair of Sunglasses …

Is donated to charity!

[I absolutely Love this]

Each customer, can suggest a charity to donate to.

This month’s Charitable Donation : One More Wave Surf Co 

[1mwave on Instagram]


One More Wave Surf Co. is a 301C Non-Profit organization the provides wounded and injured veterans with surfboards [customized for their needs]
Soooo [let’s sum this up]

You’re saying

*My sunglasses we’re hand-crafted and hand-made ?

*They are ethically made , family-run, and made in the USA ?

*The bamboo wood is renewable and sustainable?

*Ramsey gives back to those in need?

Just knowing that by getting a pair of sunglasses, you’re helping multiple people? …

That’s amazing.

I’m inspired.

They say , ” She saw the world full of rose-colored glasses”. I mean, they are pink. [Yes. Kind of like a baby/ rose pink]

And my weekend family vacation? 

My mom & stepdad came to visit.

My stepdad has suffered close to 9 strokes this year.

He has gone from complete paralysis , losing his speech, motor functions, and has gone thru months of physical therapy.

I hadn’t seen them for over 8 months…

I saw my stepdad walk for the first time.

He is up and walking around. He is talking. He is laughing.

And my “Pink Westie” sunglasses were with me.

Sometimes …something as small [as Sunglasses] ….can be so much more.


Thank you Ramsey Supply Co.

We need more good.

We need more good companies like you.


I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

How would you Frame Your World?

Quirky [sitting in the sun and Inspired] ,


It’s our day off.

What’s any good day off involve ?

Well , let’s see…

It might involve that whole ” Adulting ” thing.

[Ya know] Like paying bills , running errands, and grabbing groceries.

Closely followed by an amazing Enchilada lunch [I’ll blog later] and a good cup of coffee.

And puppies.

I almost forgot about the puppies.
…Somewhere in between that Enchilada Queso sauce and a Venti Vanilla Latte ..

We stopped for puppies.

[Not literally.]

We just happened to be driving past Brother Wolfe Animal Rescue.

[Brother Wolf Animal Rescue is a wonderful no-kill rescue facility located in Asheville, NC ]


Me: “Let’s stop by. We can visit the puppies . We can give them treats. And show them some Love”.

The husband [so smart]: “You’re going to get attached. You’re going to want to adopt all the dogs. And we can’t right now”.

Me: yea. No . I’m totally fine. I just want to say hi [he’s totally right]

[Have you ever had a vision of running in a field filled with Puppies? Doesn’t that sound like the best dream ever?!]

So. There we we’re at Brother Wolf.

Just walking thru. Visiting & handing out treats.

And then we saw her.

A little smiling face . Wagging tail.

The cutest little furball in the world.

She looked like some kind of mini- Aussie & Lab mix

Body and mannerisms of a mini-Aussie. Fur of a lab.

Beautiful smile.

She had this twinkle in her eye.

We’d continue looking around, and we’d look over, and there she was smiling at us.

My husband couldn’t stop smiling.

As we we’re leaving, we talked about how she would be a wonderful addition to our family.

We named her Lexi. “Little Gray”. And talked about picking up an adoption application.

I want to rescue all the puppies.

Sometimes , you have to know when to give up, throw in the towel, or get a new sweater.

Which brings us to sweaters.

Do you realize how many sweaters are out there?

Specifically dog sweaters.

[There are a lot of dog sweaters out there in the world]
In the wake of ,wanting to adopt all the dogs, and a Venti coffee bean…

We ended up at Petsmart. Surrounded by dog sweaters.

We sat and debated all the different sweaters for our dogs.

Salvatore needs a rain slicker. The border collie doesn’t like getting his fur wet. Spencer [our mini Aussie] loves wearing sweaters. Plus she gets cold. And the one she has now is a little worn. So she is due for an upgrade.
You know , you’re that ‘Dog Parent’ when you spend 30 minutes debating over dog sweaters. Literally.

Pink doesn’t fit her’. The Velcro could be uncomfortable. The argyle square print . The argyle square is perfect.

We leave with one sweater.But want five sweaters. Sound familiar?
***[Luckily till tomorrow, Petsmart , is having a 40% sale ,on coats & sweaters. plus an additional 15% for PetPerks Members YES. So we got a $20 sweater, for $10] ***
Some things are unresolved. Timing is everything. We’d love little Grey. But, right now ,we have two dog sweaters. We don’t want to overstuff the closet. But we’d love a bigger family. Maybe sometime soon. I’m grateful for the beautiful family I do have.

Quirky and in love with adorable dog sweaters,


It’s wonderful when you get a chance to collaborate with others. 


This past week , I had the opportunity , to feature my first boutique on my Instagram [and Blog] [YAY!] 

I fell in love with the jewelry of FableBay on etsy. 

One day it scrolled across my Insta newsfeed , and I was like ” Hey. ” 

And the pretty wire-wrapped gemstones necklace was like “hey”. 

It was like ..Love at first sight. 

I like the idea of supporting a hand-made product, supporting small business. Products are made in the USA and you are supporting business owners, artists & creatives. By supporting small business, these businesses are able to thrive and in turn , support their family. 

Amber who runs FableBay Jewelry was so sweet. She was open to collaboration, willing to make time ,for my little newbie blog. She personalized my stone , and got to work that day, and shipped the next day. Professional & Super efficient. The idea that two creatives could collaborate on a first name basis, across the country, is fun and inspiring. Girl Bosses unite. 
Go check out her jewelry. It’s beautiful work. Http://www.fablebay.etsy.com

 Photo-shoot : Downtown Asheville, NC  

[Plus no stone is the same. Wire-wrapped. Totally fit my bo-ho rocker style …Unique pieces , what up?!.. I got your number now] 
*[And if you follow  my Instagram Feed, you’ll see a present discount code , if you make a $50 purchase by the end of the day. ] *I’m just saying. 

Plus. You should be following my Instagram. 

I post too many cute dog photos. [oh , & there’s the photographer, my husband ♥️] 


Quirky , creative , and happy to collaborate , 


This past week has been such a great week for … Outfit Inspirations!
[And also for Netflix binge watching]
I’m going to blame the amazing crispy weather and all the fall leaves.
[Yay everything Fall!]

I thought I’d kick it up a notch and like to inspire my outfits via Movies & Television Show.
I know it’s random, but thought some good styles , might come out of it.
It’s interesting and sparks my creativity.

Keep the spark alive.

As previously mentioned, I’m in the process of downsizing my wardrobe. A la Minimalist .
So by mixing and matching my pieces everyday, I’m able to see what I’m actually wearing [and what I’d like to pretend I’m wearing] most of my pieces are from old seasons mixing with something fresher.

Starting this blog has definitely peaked my interest in fashion & styling.
[Which is cool]
It’s like Cher Horowitz from Clueless . She had that really cool computer that picked her clothes for her!

[Hmm] there’s probably an app for that.

Time to update the old rotary phone!

4 Outfits Inspired By Film & Television

  1. Norma Rae. [Academy Award Winner Sally Field in this 70’s drama]

Forget it! I’m stayin’ right where I am. It’s gonna take you and the police department and the fire department and the National Guard to get me outta here!” 

[Until you bring me Coffee]

This Look:

– Blue Vintage [Target ]V-Neck T-Shirt [ I have like 30 of these t-shirts in every color]
-Practically 1970’s  Brown Belt [I’ve had it forever]
-High-Waisted [Gap Factory Outlet] Flare Jeans

*Norma Rae image courtesy of Pinterest*

2. Home Improvement.  

[90’s TV sitcom starring Tim Allen & Tiger Beat’s favorite cover model Jonathan Taylor Thomas]

Does Everyone Know What Time It is? It’s TOOL TIME!”

channeling my best Al Borland [Because Flannel.]


This look: [Any Flannel will do]

-Flannel [American Eagle Outfitters]
– Yes. I’m totally wearing pants. [ Their just not in the photo.]

3. Psycho. [Alfred Hitchcock classic horror film, & one of my favorite movies]

Do you have any Vacancies?”


This Look:

-Red Flannel [Wet Seal ]
-Vintage Psycho T-Shirt [Old Navy]
-Blue Asphalt Skinny Jeans [Wet Seal]
-Shoes , not pictured, [Converse]
-Plaid Glasses [Claire’s Accessories]

-Curtain [Urban Outfitters]

4. Center Stage   [20-something  romantic dramedy set at the American Ballet Theatre, circa early 200’s. Soundtrack courtesy of Mandy Moore & Zoe Saldana rocking sass & a tutu ]. 

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Image courtesy of Pinterest

It’s your dream… and it means more to you than it ever did to me.”


I shall call this piece

I shall call this piece “Kinda Ballet surrounded by Dog fur”

[on a side note: But being surrounded by puppies in Paris.. Now we’re talking]

This Look: 

-Basic Denim Button-Down [Old Navy]
-Practically vintage brown Belt [Yes, it’s old , and I have mentioned it]
-Patterned Blue Jeans [Minx Boutique]
-Ballet Flats [Target]

Maybe I’ll try to wear one of those blankets around next fashion blogpost.

Everyone is doing that now , right?
[but of course, not the one on my couch]
I totally promise.

I can’t guarantee the dogs won’t try wearing it out though.



What inspires your daily outfits? Daily recipes ? Life?
How do you keep things fresh, fun, & inventive?

What should inspire my wardrobe this week?

Ps. The Blog Facebook Page [ http://www.facebook.com/AQuirkySomething ] is now up, and my Instagram is now Public @kccrascoe.

Feel free to follow 🙂 if you follow…. I’ll probably totally follow you back!
Quirky and watching TV for more inspiration,

I always tell the girls, never take it seriously, if ya never take it seriously, ya never get hurt, ya never get hurt, ya always have fun, and if you ever get lonely, just go to the record* store and visit your friends.
-Penny Lane [Almost Famous]

I’m sure when Penny Lane , said record* store, she probably meant [Retail] store.

Penny was very wise.

Hi I'm Penny Lane. I love laughing, smiling, and I'm no groupie! [except maybe to fashion.]

Hi I’m Penny Lane. I love laughing, smiling, and I’m no groupie! [except maybe to fashion.] Via Giphy

She made great fashion choices, was original, creative ,was super nice, and always had on a cute outfit. [plus her name is awesome]

Via Giphy http://giphy.com/gifs/F5wUsPI6nQp0c/html5

As you guys know by now ; I’ve been revamping my closet.
Oh. Yes! ..If you’re just tuning in .. [hold onto your butts]
I’m re-vamping my closet & style.
See previous posts [ “How to rock cool clothes already in your closet”
& “How to obtain a Minimalist closet” ]

It’s Monday. So I feel like I need an extra boost.
Ok. I need a revolution.
I woke up to fall breezes and puppy kisses.

Hi Mommy! We'll be over here sleeping , while you do important work stuff.

Hi Mommy! We’ll be over here sleeping , while you do important work stuff.

So yes. I’d love to just go back to bed.

About 2 cups of coffee in, “I was like what do I wear today?
“Ooo that new chocolate creamer …I got from Whole Foods is awesome, Kelli stay on track.. What do I wear today?”

Let’s think outside the box.
My outfit is inspired by a TV show or a Movie?
[cuz why not?!]
Monday outfit is brought to you by my spirited closet , practical cheap finds, and the love child of “Almost Famous” & ” That 70’s Show”.

  1. High-waisted Flare Jeans

I didn’t think I’d want high-waist jeans. I didn’t want to look like a mom from the 80’s.
But these are cute, comfortable (soft!) & awesomely priced. That’s the best part.
You can find good deals at outlets. You can find great deals on the clearance rack at Outlets.
I got these at the gap factory outlet. They were on SALE + additional 60% off= $12 jeans.
I just wish I had a skinny brown belt.

All you need is Flare. All you need is Flare. All you need is Flare , Flare. Flare Jeans are all you need.

All you need is Flare. All you need is Flare. All you need is Flare , Flare.
Flare Jeans are all you need.

2.  Striped 3/4 Shirt

If we learned anything from Foreman on “That 70’s show”, a striped shirt is always a good idea.
I’m a big fan of blue, so I liked the blue-yellow combo. Soft, fitted , Stretchy. Versatile top can be worn with quite a bit. Would look cute with some corduroy leggings & boots. What’s better is the price. American Eagle Outfitters – Goodwill = $1.25 . That’s right. $1.25. You can find new-gently worn merchandise at Goodwill. After all [I am in the middle of purging my closet] whatever I don’t sale, I’ll be donating to Goodwill.

Man. All I'm seeing is Stripes. Stripes , I tell you. Stripes.

Man. All I’m seeing is Stripes. Stripes , I tell you. Stripes.

3. Accessorize

Now if this was an official, “Penny Lane’ ” style outfit, it would require a fake fur & sunnies.
[But I chose to personalize my accessories.]

*Engagement & Wedding Ring [yes. I know. I’m cheesy . I lovvvve it. Pun intended]

*Silver Vintage-style picture locket
[gift from my husband. Yes. I still need to put a picture in the locket]

*Animal rescue bracelet [proceeds benefit ASPCA]

*Survival Bracelet [you never know when you need to defend yourself against a star-struck groupie, box of dozen donuts, or rush hour traffic]

*Fake Birkenstocks from my closet [probably about 10 years old]

My accessories! [In case you had any doubts.]

My accessories!
[In case you had any doubts.]

Accessories can really tie an outfit together.

Next time ,I’ll totally rock some flowers, in my hair.

I promise.[ok. Let’s be real. this is a very tame outfit]

hey, I’m proud to not just wear Yoga pants,

come on … at least the inspiration was there.

So happy [fall] is here!

Selfie for Fall! Because I'm that happy .. It's fall.

Selfie for Fall!
Because I’m that happy ..
It’s fall.

What are some of your fall fashion inspirations?

If you could dress in any time period, [what & why] ?
Is there a look that you love from a movie or TV show?

Ps. The pumpkin spice latte is back. [but I’ll bet you already knew that]

Quirky & flare jeans for days ,

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