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Celebrations are a time to celebrate.

Sometimes these celebrations will result in cake.

I mean, they should involve cake.


[In fact] I think everyday is a great day for cake.

I mean .. Why not? …

Bad day? Cake. Monday? Cake.

An already awesome day , like , Your husband’s birthday? A super large Cake. [duh]

I’ve made cookies, but would consider myself , a new baker.

I’m the cook of the house , my husband, is the baker.

Like. A fantastic baker.

I swear he secretly takes lessons.

He’s that awesome.

Considering he’s an esteemed “Hungry Man Dinner Alumni”.
So I had to step up my game for his birthday.

Snicker doodle Cookies + Husband= favorite cookie.

And considering ,I’ve never made him a cake, SnickerDoodle Cake it is.

We tend to not keep to many treats in the house.

[I have a bit of a sweet tooth] Meaning, I’ll probably eat it all.

So here you go:
Whole Foods “You Complete Me” [And My Grocery Bill]

#5 The SnickerDoodle [Gluten-Free] Cake

+King Arthur Gluten-Free Yellow Cake Mix

+[3] Whole Foods Large Brown Cage-Free Eggs

+[3/4 cup ]Almond Breeze Vanilla Almond Milk

+[5 Tablespoons] Frontier Co-Op Ground Cinnamon

+[2 Teaspoons] Frontier Organic Vanilla Extract

+[8 Tablespoons] Earth Balance Organic Butter Spread

+Topsee Tulip Cream Cheese Frosting [Icing]


-Preheat oven to 350 degrees

-Mix cake mix, cinnamon, milk, butter, eggs, vanilla

-[I started to use an electric mixer, and it started to fling all over the kitchen [yup], so I hand-mixed

-Transfer to pan, Sprinkle a little extra cinnamon, on top

-My bake time: 42 minutes [varies , use your best judgement ]

-For example, If the cake is still jiggling, it’s not done. Put back in the oven. 

-Allow to cool , icing

Enjoy! [Try not to eat the entire cake in one sitting] 

*Organic *Gluten-Free *Non-GMO *No white Sugar included

All my ingredients we’re purchased at my friendly neighborhood Whole Foods Market.


Fresh local ingredients – Always have a pleasant shopping Trip- Thank you ! 
What’s your favorite baked good?

What are some of your favorite celebration sweets?

This cake would be an awesome addition to your next holiday family event , party, or just because , CAKE

Excuse us, we’re gonna go eat cake [for dinner]

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

Quirky and ready to bake more ,

[I mean… I don’t want the milk to spoil]



Whole Foods “You Complete Me” [And my Grocery Bill] #4

#4 The Peanut Butter Cookie

Sometimes while binging on a ,Grey’s Anatomy marathon, you have a sweet tooth.
Or you think you have a sweet tooth.
Maybe it’s all the drama of the show?

[No] I mean Yes. Yes. I most definitely have a sweet tooth.

My husband suggested ‘cookies. I was like ” umm. That’s awesome!

But we don’t have Ingredients. ”

And he was like ” Yes. We do. Simple. Peanut Butter, Egg , Sugar ”

Yes! He’s Right. totally right! Why is he so smart?

But since we don’t have sugar , I opted for a healthier version , Honey.
Healthy is a simple & healthy alternative to sugar.

[ don’t worry. pinterest has some awesome conversion guides.]

So here you go [the easiest most delicious cookies in the world]


*1 Egg
*1 Cup of Peanut Butter
*1/2 cup Organic Honey
*Dark Chocolate Bits * optional



*Preheat oven to 350

*[ I  might have given the collies a little peanut butter from the jar]

*Mix 1 egg , 1 cup of Peanut Butter , 1/2 cup of Honey in a bowl

*Spoon balls onto greased pan [as small or as big as you like. We opted for bigger cookies]

*I also opted for little dark chocolate pieces to place on top

*Bake for 10-12 minutes

*[We baked for 14 minutes. Crispy outside, gooey inside ]

*Smile . Enjoy. you have cookies .

Nom Nom Nom

Nom Nom Nom

[ all of our organic products we’re purchased at our friendly neighborhood Whole Foods Market Asheville]



I ate some Peanut Butter. And I liked it. [Salvatore The Border Collie]

I ate some Peanut Butter. And I liked it.
[Salvatore The Border Collie]

What’s your favorite sweet treat for holiday parties, family gatherings, and Netflix Marathons?

Quirky and loving Peanut Butter ,

Whole Foods “You Complete Me” [And My Grocery Bill]
#3 Potato , Potata, Either way we call it [Comfort Food]

It’s something we all look forward to.
After a long day , of work [or play] , there’s nothing like crowding around that dinner table.
Granted our dinner table is smaller, and our everyday party guests , [are two fur babies] ..

We look forward to the smell of that pasta dish.
[I’m sure the collie’s look forward to anything in the kitchen]
The taste of the cake.
The comfort of that meal.
The Comfort.
Comfort is an inspiration, a luxury, and an inspiration for this dish.

*[My husband is a self taught cook and an awesome baker.
I dunno how he does it, but he whips up some amazing breakfast , dessert, and appetizer dishes.
And I swear , every meal he makes, is nothing short of awesome.] *

Thus our little potato appetizer is born

Sounds like the opening of the Godfather Trilogy

Guys. This appetizer is so rad, it could be an entree, [I swear]..

It could also be as Epic as “The Godfather” [ok. I might be biased. ]

Here you go!


+2-3 Genesis Organic Farms Potatoes
[we usually jump between various organic potatoes that are on sale. We prefer the small yellow potatoes, but these are great, and get the job done as well]
+Earth Balance Butter
+Frontier Co-op Oregano
+Frontier Co-op Garlic
+Frontier Co-op Mexican Seasoning
+Olive Oil
+Fresh Mozzarella


Prep: 20 min
+Pre-spray tray with cooking spray
+Cut potatoes in triangle wedges
+Put wedges in bowl
+Melt earth balance butter [1/2 cup]
+Few dashes of Oregano , Garlic, and Mexican Seasoning
+Pour in 1/2 cup Olive Oil [full circle drizzle]
+Mix in bowl [well]
+Place potatoes on tray [Due to trial & error , don’t dump bowl, hand place on tray . If you dump, will result an excess oil & butter on tray and potatoes will not cook properly ]
+Slice mozzarella
+Place mozzarella on top of each cut potato
+Dash of Salt
+Oven temp : 375 , 18 minutes







Enjoy your little snack of comfort!
We sure will.
man. That was good…
And our Netflix date tonight.
[We’ll enjoy that too]

[All products we’re organic , & purchased at my local whole foods.
Check their weekly sales people. Whole Foods is awesome. Great products & Friendly Staff.]



What are your comfort foods?
What’s your favorite appetizer to serve at dinner , function , or a party?
Look forward to hearing your favorite comfort foods. [And maybe trying them out!]

Quirky and loving all the comfort food [pass the Potatoes please ],

Whole Foods “You Complete Me” [And my grocery bill]
#2 The Frozen Pizza

In honor of Throwback Thursday …. I’m having my favorite food for lunch…Pizza

Pizza has soft spot in my heart.
[And I needed a mid-day /mid-week Pick-Me-Up]

According to my mother, she ate a lot of Pizza while she was pregnant with me . Apparently it was one of the only things she could eat [without getting sick] It was the first “grown up food” , that I ate as a [baby] , and has continued to be a strong contender of food choices in my adult life. Luckily, my husband , shares the same love for Pizza.

Stressful Day : Pizza Awesome Day : Pizza To tired to cook: Pizza Comfort Food: Pizza

Do you see a trend? When in doubt.. pizza.

“Pizza. Saving a bad day , one slice at a time”.

I’m working on writing projects today , so I thought I’d opt for a frozen favorite , but add my own fresh toppings.

I’m always In search of a good frozen gluten-free pizza. [yes. I have an allergy]
Today’s Pizza of choice : Udi’s Gluten-Free Four Cheese Frozen Pizza

[Granted its great all of its own]
But I thought I’d add :


-2 Organic Baby Bella Mushrooms [Chopped]
-Cup of Fresh Kale
-Mammoth Cheddar [3 slices, chopped]
-Mozzarella [3 slices, chopped]
-Frontier Co-op Organic Garlic
-Splash of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
[I would normally add fresh oregano , basil .. But we’re out]





Recipe: [easy cheesy]

Set Oven to 400 degrees
Select toppings
Cook 12-14 minutes [depending on your oven]


[All products we’re organic , & purchased at my local whole foods.]

Check their weekly sales people. Whole Foods is awesome. Great products & Friendly Staff.



#TBT to me & the husband [back when we we're just the bf & gf] , taking down this entire Pizza . YES. Location: our favorite Italian Restaurant in Epcot at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL

#TBT to me & the husband [back when we we’re just the bf & gf] , taking down this entire Pizza . YES.
Location: our favorite Italian Restaurant in Epcot at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL

Quirky and dreaming of what’s for dinner,


You wake up. Not by an Alarm clock.
You feel the morning rays on your lids. The air is crisp. You roll over and cuddle your significant other.
[Am I dreaming?] my _____ (insert your said person) is here?!
In this case, [since it’s my story] my husband! [Yes!]

Usually we have such opposite schedules. [My husband & I]
He’s always already up , taking care of the house, or already at work.
Yes. He takes care of the house. I’m very lucky.
So , I guess I’ll pinch myself . That will wake me up.
[Ow. That hurt.] Why did I just pinch myself?

The collies are curled up around us. The blankets are soft and warm. And it dawns on me.
It’s our day off. [its our day off!! ]
I know you think , “why are you so excited? It’s just a day off?”

But we rarely have days off, let alone days off together, and with nothing “scheduled”.
It feels as though in the hustle bustle world of 2015, something is always on the schedule.
But today. Nothing. And it felt nice.

Morning coffee. Today show. And then my favorite thing.

The collies absolutely love taking us on a walk.
It’s always for a few hours, and you’d think it was Christmas.
I know. [look at me already referencing Christmas, when it’s not even Halloween]
Yes. [Yes. I totally am]
They light up.[ The collies.] Not to be confused with Christmas trees.
It is the most beautiful thing to see them smile and become so happy over a walk.
Just a little walk.

Room with a view.

Room with a view.

Beautiful views today.
Great conversation.
A good walk.
We get home and made a tasty lunch.

OH hi Lunch. You tasty.

OH hi Lunch. You tasty.

His: Cajun’ Steak [drizzled with oregano & olive oil. Fresh Cut on Sale $5.99]

Hers: Garlic roasted broccoli & kale [sautéed with Olive oil & Oregano, .99 cent Kale bundle]
Ours: Rosemary Garlic Parmesan hand-cut fries [Genesis organic bag, usually lasts a few weeks, $6.99]
= $12.00

All products we’re bought at our local Whole Foodshttp://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/stores/asheville-kenilworth

Finished the day off with some more [coffee], visit to the local animal shelter [Brother Wolf Animal Rescue ] , our favorite pizza, and some Grey’s Anatomy [we just started on Netflix]

I have so many things to say about Grey’s, I really just need to blog about it. But not right now.
[Another time, it might even inspire its own blog series write-up]
Back to the McBlog. I mean. [Blog.]

Today is what makes me feel better.
Days like today are what revives me.
Keeps me peaceful . Sane . Intact.
Motivates me. Inspires me.

I have a roof over my head.
A loving , supportive, family [puppies included!]
Wonderful food on my plate.
Beautiful scenery and the ability to see it.
Laughter in my life.
Pizza. Netflix. Coffee too.
I am a blessed woman.

image image image image

Take the time to tell your loved ones you love them.

Spend time with them.
Take the time to eat that pizza. Or hug that puppy.
Not only [might it make you feel better] but just imagine what it could do for them?

[Not the pizza] but totally your loved one or puppy.

What makes you feel better [always] ?
Quirky, happy, & being cuddled by Collies,


# 1 Columbus Day and the Taco- Dillas

Well. Let’s see. I love eating food. Such a foodie. I love cooking food for my family.

[Yes. This includes my Dogs!]
Well. Ok. [Let’s back track. ]I wasn’t always this way.

I use to be a “let’s go eat out person”!
But ….
When I started dating, [my now husband] , I learned to love cooking. I knew we both loved a good meal, and I really wanted to learn
.. So …
I kinda taught myself. Cooking shows, Pinterest, and a little going on a whim.
And a lot of learning.
Like that “ingredient does not work”.
And “that meal was horrible , you want pizza?” [Pizza is always a good idea] 

And “This is so burnt, I think this could be thrown up against the wall. Let me try. Yup. That is a correct assumption. ” 

Lil About Me : [As a Foodie]

*vegetarian for almost six years
*Gluten-Free, for health purposes [allergy]
*Adventurous cook, will try anything, at least once, [Cooking or Eating]
*Love Sweets . I love Sweets. [Omg I smell cupcakes.]
Now, since I’ve started cooking for my husband , it’s been [awesome!!!!]
It’s a great way to save money & budget. We’re just now starting to clip coupons and meal plan.
It’s like date night , when we cook food. It’s romantic , fun , and exciting.

[and Wine can be your friend]
Since , I’ve taken on the chef hat, so has my husband.

Which is crazy.

[Guys. he used to be all about the hungry man dinner]

His speciality : breakfast, appetizers, and desserts.
Her speciality: lunches , dinners

So there’s a little info on my ‘ foodie inspiration ‘

Which brings us to today .

Columbus Day.

We decided to pickup a few ingredients at our local Whole Foods. Thus inspiring this new series.
I love Whole Foods.
*Fresh & Local Ingredients.
*Great selection & Prices.
*Friendly & Knowledgable Staff

Columbus sailed the ocean blue. In 1492. And then he ate Taco-Dillas.
[i swear.] I mean. He couldn’t decide between tacos & quesadillas. So win.
[They both win.] Right?

+1/2 pound 85/15 local organic grass-fed ground beef
+Hennings Mammoth Cheddar
[.75 LB, only cut a few slices off. Should last us 2 weeks]
+Fresh Mozzarella
+Fresh Kale
+Fresh Oregano /Garlic/ Mexican seasoning
+Organic Baby Bella Mushrooms
+Organic Romaine Lettuce = $14

Dude. Mammoth Cheese.

Dude. Mammoth Cheese.

[ I cook all Ingredients in coconut oil & sauté with olive oil & a little of earth balance organic buttery spread ]

I brown the ground beef , sprinkle fresh [garlic , oregano, salt , Mexican ] seasonings, stir accordingly [about 20 min on med temp ]
Sauté Kale & Mushrooms, sprinkle fresh seasonings [ garlic , oregano ] stir accordingly
[about 10 min on med temp]
Slice Lettuce and Duce small pieces of cheeses
Heat Tortillas on med-high heat , flipping after about 7 seconds.
Fill tortillas with Ingredients
[His: Beef & Cheese]
[Hers: Kale , Cheese, & Mushrooms]
Place back on pan , with Spatula , flatten
Flip tortillas with Ingredients
Serve with a smile.





{25 Min Cook-Time. 3 Taco-Dillas Each .}

Did I mention dessert??

Because the Husband made cookies.

That might have to wait for the next one!f

Hi Cookie. I'm Kelli. And I think I like you.

Hi Cookie. I’m Kelli. And I think I like you.

Quirky And Ready for Cookies,

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