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It’s our day off.

What’s any good day off involve ?

Well , let’s see…

It might involve that whole ” Adulting ” thing.

[Ya know] Like paying bills , running errands, and grabbing groceries.

Closely followed by an amazing Enchilada lunch [I’ll blog later] and a good cup of coffee.

And puppies.

I almost forgot about the puppies.
…Somewhere in between that Enchilada Queso sauce and a Venti Vanilla Latte ..

We stopped for puppies.

[Not literally.]

We just happened to be driving past Brother Wolfe Animal Rescue.

[Brother Wolf Animal Rescue is a wonderful no-kill rescue facility located in Asheville, NC ]


Me: “Let’s stop by. We can visit the puppies . We can give them treats. And show them some Love”.

The husband [so smart]: “You’re going to get attached. You’re going to want to adopt all the dogs. And we can’t right now”.

Me: yea. No . I’m totally fine. I just want to say hi [he’s totally right]

[Have you ever had a vision of running in a field filled with Puppies? Doesn’t that sound like the best dream ever?!]

So. There we we’re at Brother Wolf.

Just walking thru. Visiting & handing out treats.

And then we saw her.

A little smiling face . Wagging tail.

The cutest little furball in the world.

She looked like some kind of mini- Aussie & Lab mix

Body and mannerisms of a mini-Aussie. Fur of a lab.

Beautiful smile.

She had this twinkle in her eye.

We’d continue looking around, and we’d look over, and there she was smiling at us.

My husband couldn’t stop smiling.

As we we’re leaving, we talked about how she would be a wonderful addition to our family.

We named her Lexi. “Little Gray”. And talked about picking up an adoption application.

I want to rescue all the puppies.

Sometimes , you have to know when to give up, throw in the towel, or get a new sweater.

Which brings us to sweaters.

Do you realize how many sweaters are out there?

Specifically dog sweaters.

[There are a lot of dog sweaters out there in the world]
In the wake of ,wanting to adopt all the dogs, and a Venti coffee bean…

We ended up at Petsmart. Surrounded by dog sweaters.

We sat and debated all the different sweaters for our dogs.

Salvatore needs a rain slicker. The border collie doesn’t like getting his fur wet. Spencer [our mini Aussie] loves wearing sweaters. Plus she gets cold. And the one she has now is a little worn. So she is due for an upgrade.
You know , you’re that ‘Dog Parent’ when you spend 30 minutes debating over dog sweaters. Literally.

Pink doesn’t fit her’. The Velcro could be uncomfortable. The argyle square print . The argyle square is perfect.

We leave with one sweater.But want five sweaters. Sound familiar?
***[Luckily till tomorrow, Petsmart , is having a 40% sale ,on coats & sweaters. plus an additional 15% for PetPerks Members YES. So we got a $20 sweater, for $10] ***
Some things are unresolved. Timing is everything. We’d love little Grey. But, right now ,we have two dog sweaters. We don’t want to overstuff the closet. But we’d love a bigger family. Maybe sometime soon. I’m grateful for the beautiful family I do have.

Quirky and in love with adorable dog sweaters,



Celebrations are a time to celebrate.

Sometimes these celebrations will result in cake.

I mean, they should involve cake.


[In fact] I think everyday is a great day for cake.

I mean .. Why not? …

Bad day? Cake. Monday? Cake.

An already awesome day , like , Your husband’s birthday? A super large Cake. [duh]

I’ve made cookies, but would consider myself , a new baker.

I’m the cook of the house , my husband, is the baker.

Like. A fantastic baker.

I swear he secretly takes lessons.

He’s that awesome.

Considering he’s an esteemed “Hungry Man Dinner Alumni”.
So I had to step up my game for his birthday.

Snicker doodle Cookies + Husband= favorite cookie.

And considering ,I’ve never made him a cake, SnickerDoodle Cake it is.

We tend to not keep to many treats in the house.

[I have a bit of a sweet tooth] Meaning, I’ll probably eat it all.

So here you go:
Whole Foods “You Complete Me” [And My Grocery Bill]

#5 The SnickerDoodle [Gluten-Free] Cake

+King Arthur Gluten-Free Yellow Cake Mix

+[3] Whole Foods Large Brown Cage-Free Eggs

+[3/4 cup ]Almond Breeze Vanilla Almond Milk

+[5 Tablespoons] Frontier Co-Op Ground Cinnamon

+[2 Teaspoons] Frontier Organic Vanilla Extract

+[8 Tablespoons] Earth Balance Organic Butter Spread

+Topsee Tulip Cream Cheese Frosting [Icing]


-Preheat oven to 350 degrees

-Mix cake mix, cinnamon, milk, butter, eggs, vanilla

-[I started to use an electric mixer, and it started to fling all over the kitchen [yup], so I hand-mixed

-Transfer to pan, Sprinkle a little extra cinnamon, on top

-My bake time: 42 minutes [varies , use your best judgement ]

-For example, If the cake is still jiggling, it’s not done. Put back in the oven. 

-Allow to cool , icing

Enjoy! [Try not to eat the entire cake in one sitting] 

*Organic *Gluten-Free *Non-GMO *No white Sugar included

All my ingredients we’re purchased at my friendly neighborhood Whole Foods Market.


Fresh local ingredients – Always have a pleasant shopping Trip- Thank you ! 
What’s your favorite baked good?

What are some of your favorite celebration sweets?

This cake would be an awesome addition to your next holiday family event , party, or just because , CAKE

Excuse us, we’re gonna go eat cake [for dinner]

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

Quirky and ready to bake more ,

[I mean… I don’t want the milk to spoil]


Sometimes in a summer ..

It’s all about self-discovery , making choices , learning lessons, and growing up.
Which we saw in the 1980’s cult-classic ” Dirty Dancing”. [LOVE THAT MOVIE, in case the cap letters ,didn’t give it away ]
I remember my summer before college.
I made the choice to cut my hair short . Like really short. What was I thinking?

[Which come to think of it, kinda looked like the un-curly version of baby’s. Yes. It was that poofy.]
I discovered tweezers exist for my eyebrows. [Oh…That’s what their for]
I made grown up choices by hanging out with my friends a lot. Dancing , [Just regular , like silly dancing ] Laughing, Riding Roller-coasters.
I learned how to take a driver’s test [3 times. Yup]
But , I never did carry a watermelon
Thus , bringing us to today .

Me and my husband got the chance to visit Lake Lure for the day.

[Where they filmed portions of “Dirty Dancing”]

It was our first time going on a boat together as well

[So much excitement]
So here’s some photos of the movie filming location [now]:
– Here is where “Johnny lifts Baby in the water”.

If Lee lifted me , I would have cried, because it’s a little brisk.

So to keep it real, “I didn’t do the Lift” , but Lee said its “all good”

-Here is where “Johnny and Baby dance on the log”.

I couldn’t imagine dancing across this log, let alone walking across it. Because well , we couldn’t get to it . But if we could have , I would have tried. I think. [And probably have laughed when I fell]

– Here is where “Baby carried a watermelon”.

Yes! I carried a … I didn’t carry a watermelon. I carried a water.

[And some windbreakers and a small cooler.]

-And nobody put me in the Corner.

Nope. Not at all.

I sat right up front. with a handsome man [and a dog]

[Photo Credit: Sammi The Labrador]

Being an Actress, I really loved writing this post.

I love the movies. Movies inspire me.

If they wanted to cast, me as Baby.. I feel like I’m now ready.

I mean, before, what did I really know?

[But now .. I’ve seen where the lift was filmed now..Boom]

A little history : Lake Lure is a man-made lake. And in honor of the famous movie, they hold a “Dirty Dancing Festival ” every summer. [Where you can recreate your Johnny & Baby Lift in a competition] that’s adorable.
So I figure, I’ll make it a random, “featured post”, to write about cool filming locations/old movie sets you can visit.

Next up: The Hunger Games Filming Locations

If you could re-create movie moments , which do you love?

What are some of your favorite movies?

What we’re you doing the summer after high school ?

[Yes, Mine was a million years ago too]

Quirky and nobody puts me in the corner ,


I’m finally ready to talk about.
I’m coming clean.
I think I have a problem.
I can’t stop watching Grey’s Anatomy.
[And neither can my husband]
We’ve been binging on the show the past two months or so via Netflix
And we’ve gone from Season 1 to Season 9

Clearly, I mean, we’re trying really hard to catch up

I figure by the time we actually catch up

The new season might be on Netflix


It even falls into our everyday conversation

After a night of dinner and dishes – 

Me: thanks for taking such McCare of me.
Hubby: did you just say McCare ?
Me: yeah.
Hubby: ok.

If I call the collies , McDog, I know we’ll have a serious issue. They’d kick me out of the house and change the locks. [We have a border collie & a swift Mini Aussie]

Until then ..
Here’s 10 reasons I Like [and can’t stop] watching Grey’s Anatomy
1. There is an awesome opening question /monologue that always ties up so eloquently at the end. And it’s always really awesome. Ah- I already said that. It’s usually incredibly simple. “If we could have seen them” .. “Would we have known they we’re the best moments of our lives?” … “What if you made one decision that changed your entire life.” “What does it really mean to have a bad day?” . It kinda makes us question our own lives. Just a little.
2.The characters are pretty believable. You’ve got over-achievers . Under-achievers. Jerks. Hotheads. People pleasers. Over- emotional , and under-emotional . Nothing is different when you’re a doctor. And we get to see that under-belly. We get to see what makes them tick. Why does Chief not drink ? Or so we think. Why does Alex blow up? Why does Meredith push people away ? Why is Derek Shepherd almost perfect [almost]. What happens when you pull a double shift without sleeping? [oh, & then you have to do a triple bypass. Yup. ]
3. The utility closets are not just for holding brooms. This is often where you see all the drama. And the romance. Next time you walk past a broom closet in Seattle Grace, think twice before walking in. [That closet gets more action then you . Sorry]
4.I love the way Shonda writes. I do. These characters. If there was a sing off for Rimes shows, Grey’s would take first. No offense Olivia Pope. I like you too.
5. If Meredith says everything is ‘fine’, it’s about ready to get real . Real fast. She usually says this in moments , when she knows things ,are not fine at all.

6. I think I could be a doctor. Nope. Not in the slightest . But I can pretend to be one while watching the show.

…[Or someone could totally cast me as one, I mean, I’m ok with that] ….. Sup Shonda.
7. We connect with these doctors & nurses.

I’m a mashup of Izzy + Little Grey + Kemper.

Izzy’s emotion . Little Grey’s Chatty Quirks . Kemper’s Drive.

Or at least I think I am. [Yes. Sounds pretty kinda right]

Who do you connect with ?
8. It’s ok to dance. Even Yang [the super serious type A personality Doctor] takes time to dance. Like when she’s stressed . Or drunk. Or avoiding reality. Or in the OR. Just dance.
9. It’s set in Seattle. And we’re moving to Seattle next year. Even though the majority is shot in Los Angeles, but there are a few shot sequences, shot in Seattle. Which makes me happy. Happy rain drops. Seattle.
10. Coffee is a great supporting characters. Those doctors drink just as much coffee as I do. So we’re totally friends.


And that’s my little list.

I already feel like I might write a follow up to this post
Do you watch Grey’s ?

If so: what do you like, about the show?

If not: what do you watch, and when do you plan on starting Grey’s?

I prescribe you with the prescription of “go watch Season One, Episode One.”


Current Season : 9 Rating : 5/5 Popcorn Boxes [with a dash of salt n hot’ butter]
Quirky and craving more Grey’s ,

Everyone has one in their group of friends.

Sometimes we are the person.

Sometimes ….Like everyday .

I’m that person.

At the end of the day :
we just want to throw our hair up, put on our comfy pants, push play on Netflix, and cuddle puppies.

So here’s a list for you –

6 Signs your [That] Dog Parent
1. At the party

Everyone : socializing / laughing / drinking

You: you’ve found the homeowner’s dog & and are laughing /smiling /giving big belly rubs



2. Go to pull out your wallet, results in a handful of doggie bags .
3. Rocking your new black shirt at work.

co-worker: nice grey shirt!
You: Thanks! It’s black.
coworker: actually it’s grey. Um. You got some dog hair on it
You: Oh yea. Uh, thanks ! [everyday]

4. Facebook/Instagram/Twitter etc –
Everyone: people sharing their kids big moments , first day of school , wedding announcements , college graduation , selfie’s, etc
You: sharing your ‘dogs day’ at the dog park , on a walk, sleeping, wearing a sweater , taking a selfie






5. On the dog walk / any- given social situation
Everyone : dog & owner walk- by [nod /wave/ smile]
You: [as dog pulls to visit other dog , barks excitedly] “She’s the talkative one” “He’s the social butterfly” [awkward social setting over-sharer]

http://giphy.com/gifs/dogs-national-dog-day-pups-N9CQS4xqOuFd6″>via GIPHY</a></p>

6. After a long day –

Everyone: sits down on their couch
You: the couch is already taken.

I’m probably guilty of all these things. [Yes. Yes I am]
Our sweet rescues are my world.


Are you guilty of any of these things? Do you know someone who is?


Say whatttt?

What are some of your humorous dog-parent situations?
Excuse me, I gotta go let the dogs out



Quirky and happy around my puppies,

Whole Foods “You Complete Me” [And my Grocery Bill] #4

#4 The Peanut Butter Cookie

Sometimes while binging on a ,Grey’s Anatomy marathon, you have a sweet tooth.
Or you think you have a sweet tooth.
Maybe it’s all the drama of the show?

[No] I mean Yes. Yes. I most definitely have a sweet tooth.

My husband suggested ‘cookies. I was like ” umm. That’s awesome!

But we don’t have Ingredients. ”

And he was like ” Yes. We do. Simple. Peanut Butter, Egg , Sugar ”

Yes! He’s Right. totally right! Why is he so smart?

But since we don’t have sugar , I opted for a healthier version , Honey.
Healthy is a simple & healthy alternative to sugar.

[ don’t worry. pinterest has some awesome conversion guides.]

So here you go [the easiest most delicious cookies in the world]


*1 Egg
*1 Cup of Peanut Butter
*1/2 cup Organic Honey
*Dark Chocolate Bits * optional



*Preheat oven to 350

*[ I  might have given the collies a little peanut butter from the jar]

*Mix 1 egg , 1 cup of Peanut Butter , 1/2 cup of Honey in a bowl

*Spoon balls onto greased pan [as small or as big as you like. We opted for bigger cookies]

*I also opted for little dark chocolate pieces to place on top

*Bake for 10-12 minutes

*[We baked for 14 minutes. Crispy outside, gooey inside ]

*Smile . Enjoy. you have cookies .

Nom Nom Nom

Nom Nom Nom

[ all of our organic products we’re purchased at our friendly neighborhood Whole Foods Market Asheville]



I ate some Peanut Butter. And I liked it. [Salvatore The Border Collie]

I ate some Peanut Butter. And I liked it.
[Salvatore The Border Collie]

What’s your favorite sweet treat for holiday parties, family gatherings, and Netflix Marathons?

Quirky and loving Peanut Butter ,

Whole Foods “You Complete Me” [And My Grocery Bill]
#3 Potato , Potata, Either way we call it [Comfort Food]

It’s something we all look forward to.
After a long day , of work [or play] , there’s nothing like crowding around that dinner table.
Granted our dinner table is smaller, and our everyday party guests , [are two fur babies] ..

We look forward to the smell of that pasta dish.
[I’m sure the collie’s look forward to anything in the kitchen]
The taste of the cake.
The comfort of that meal.
The Comfort.
Comfort is an inspiration, a luxury, and an inspiration for this dish.

*[My husband is a self taught cook and an awesome baker.
I dunno how he does it, but he whips up some amazing breakfast , dessert, and appetizer dishes.
And I swear , every meal he makes, is nothing short of awesome.] *

Thus our little potato appetizer is born

Sounds like the opening of the Godfather Trilogy

Guys. This appetizer is so rad, it could be an entree, [I swear]..

It could also be as Epic as “The Godfather” [ok. I might be biased. ]

Here you go!


+2-3 Genesis Organic Farms Potatoes
[we usually jump between various organic potatoes that are on sale. We prefer the small yellow potatoes, but these are great, and get the job done as well]
+Earth Balance Butter
+Frontier Co-op Oregano
+Frontier Co-op Garlic
+Frontier Co-op Mexican Seasoning
+Olive Oil
+Fresh Mozzarella


Prep: 20 min
+Pre-spray tray with cooking spray
+Cut potatoes in triangle wedges
+Put wedges in bowl
+Melt earth balance butter [1/2 cup]
+Few dashes of Oregano , Garlic, and Mexican Seasoning
+Pour in 1/2 cup Olive Oil [full circle drizzle]
+Mix in bowl [well]
+Place potatoes on tray [Due to trial & error , don’t dump bowl, hand place on tray . If you dump, will result an excess oil & butter on tray and potatoes will not cook properly ]
+Slice mozzarella
+Place mozzarella on top of each cut potato
+Dash of Salt
+Oven temp : 375 , 18 minutes







Enjoy your little snack of comfort!
We sure will.
man. That was good…
And our Netflix date tonight.
[We’ll enjoy that too]

[All products we’re organic , & purchased at my local whole foods.
Check their weekly sales people. Whole Foods is awesome. Great products & Friendly Staff.]



What are your comfort foods?
What’s your favorite appetizer to serve at dinner , function , or a party?
Look forward to hearing your favorite comfort foods. [And maybe trying them out!]

Quirky and loving all the comfort food [pass the Potatoes please ],

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