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Whole Foods “You Complete Me” [And my Grocery Bill] #4

#4 The Peanut Butter Cookie

Sometimes while binging on a ,Grey’s Anatomy marathon, you have a sweet tooth.
Or you think you have a sweet tooth.
Maybe it’s all the drama of the show?

[No] I mean Yes. Yes. I most definitely have a sweet tooth.

My husband suggested ‘cookies. I was like ” umm. That’s awesome!

But we don’t have Ingredients. ”

And he was like ” Yes. We do. Simple. Peanut Butter, Egg , Sugar ”

Yes! He’s Right. totally right! Why is he so smart?

But since we don’t have sugar , I opted for a healthier version , Honey.
Healthy is a simple & healthy alternative to sugar.

[ don’t worry. pinterest has some awesome conversion guides.]

So here you go [the easiest most delicious cookies in the world]


*1 Egg
*1 Cup of Peanut Butter
*1/2 cup Organic Honey
*Dark Chocolate Bits * optional



*Preheat oven to 350

*[ I  might have given the collies a little peanut butter from the jar]

*Mix 1 egg , 1 cup of Peanut Butter , 1/2 cup of Honey in a bowl

*Spoon balls onto greased pan [as small or as big as you like. We opted for bigger cookies]

*I also opted for little dark chocolate pieces to place on top

*Bake for 10-12 minutes

*[We baked for 14 minutes. Crispy outside, gooey inside ]

*Smile . Enjoy. you have cookies .

Nom Nom Nom

Nom Nom Nom

[ all of our organic products we’re purchased at our friendly neighborhood Whole Foods Market Asheville]



I ate some Peanut Butter. And I liked it. [Salvatore The Border Collie]

I ate some Peanut Butter. And I liked it.
[Salvatore The Border Collie]

What’s your favorite sweet treat for holiday parties, family gatherings, and Netflix Marathons?

Quirky and loving Peanut Butter ,


I know I’ve been absent for a few weeks ….Life Finds A Way, but I’m back [Yay!]

So I thought I would put my pen to this breezy afternoon day –
I just want to be creative around creatives

I just want to cultivate humor and laughter

I just want to inspire and be inspired

I just want to show compassion in the face of darkness

I just want to help & give back to those less fortunate

I just want to show strength in moments of weakness

I just want to smile instead of cry

I just want to be better for those that need me

I just want to speak for those who can’t speak

I just want to care for the wounded , battered, and bruised

I just want to show empathy instead of anger

I just want to be bold instead of ordinary

I just want to be me

And this is just one reason why I Write

Look at This dose of Happiness.

Look at This dose of Happiness.

Why do you write? What do you strive for? What inspires you ?

What is your dose of happiness ?
Quirky & Craving Inspiration ,

This past week has been such a great week for … Outfit Inspirations!
[And also for Netflix binge watching]
I’m going to blame the amazing crispy weather and all the fall leaves.
[Yay everything Fall!]

I thought I’d kick it up a notch and like to inspire my outfits via Movies & Television Show.
I know it’s random, but thought some good styles , might come out of it.
It’s interesting and sparks my creativity.

Keep the spark alive.

As previously mentioned, I’m in the process of downsizing my wardrobe. A la Minimalist .
So by mixing and matching my pieces everyday, I’m able to see what I’m actually wearing [and what I’d like to pretend I’m wearing] most of my pieces are from old seasons mixing with something fresher.

Starting this blog has definitely peaked my interest in fashion & styling.
[Which is cool]
It’s like Cher Horowitz from Clueless . She had that really cool computer that picked her clothes for her!

[Hmm] there’s probably an app for that.

Time to update the old rotary phone!

4 Outfits Inspired By Film & Television

  1. Norma Rae. [Academy Award Winner Sally Field in this 70’s drama]

Forget it! I’m stayin’ right where I am. It’s gonna take you and the police department and the fire department and the National Guard to get me outta here!” 

[Until you bring me Coffee]

This Look:

– Blue Vintage [Target ]V-Neck T-Shirt [ I have like 30 of these t-shirts in every color]
-Practically 1970’s  Brown Belt [I’ve had it forever]
-High-Waisted [Gap Factory Outlet] Flare Jeans

*Norma Rae image courtesy of Pinterest*

2. Home Improvement.  

[90’s TV sitcom starring Tim Allen & Tiger Beat’s favorite cover model Jonathan Taylor Thomas]

Does Everyone Know What Time It is? It’s TOOL TIME!”

channeling my best Al Borland [Because Flannel.]


This look: [Any Flannel will do]

-Flannel [American Eagle Outfitters]
– Yes. I’m totally wearing pants. [ Their just not in the photo.]

3. Psycho. [Alfred Hitchcock classic horror film, & one of my favorite movies]

Do you have any Vacancies?”


This Look:

-Red Flannel [Wet Seal ]
-Vintage Psycho T-Shirt [Old Navy]
-Blue Asphalt Skinny Jeans [Wet Seal]
-Shoes , not pictured, [Converse]
-Plaid Glasses [Claire’s Accessories]

-Curtain [Urban Outfitters]

4. Center Stage   [20-something  romantic dramedy set at the American Ballet Theatre, circa early 200’s. Soundtrack courtesy of Mandy Moore & Zoe Saldana rocking sass & a tutu ]. 

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Image courtesy of Pinterest

It’s your dream… and it means more to you than it ever did to me.”


I shall call this piece

I shall call this piece “Kinda Ballet surrounded by Dog fur”

[on a side note: But being surrounded by puppies in Paris.. Now we’re talking]

This Look: 

-Basic Denim Button-Down [Old Navy]
-Practically vintage brown Belt [Yes, it’s old , and I have mentioned it]
-Patterned Blue Jeans [Minx Boutique]
-Ballet Flats [Target]

Maybe I’ll try to wear one of those blankets around next fashion blogpost.

Everyone is doing that now , right?
[but of course, not the one on my couch]
I totally promise.

I can’t guarantee the dogs won’t try wearing it out though.



What inspires your daily outfits? Daily recipes ? Life?
How do you keep things fresh, fun, & inventive?

What should inspire my wardrobe this week?

Ps. The Blog Facebook Page [ http://www.facebook.com/AQuirkySomething ] is now up, and my Instagram is now Public @kccrascoe.

Feel free to follow 🙂 if you follow…. I’ll probably totally follow you back!
Quirky and watching TV for more inspiration,

“We we’re there when our friends we’re together one last time. We we’re there when the Soprano family was grabbing dinner in that diner. We we’re there when Oceanic flight 815 survivors finally got off the island. ”

We we’re there with them thru our friend the Television.
I love watching TV shows & movies.
Love is an understatement.

[I know I’m an Actress] , but even if I wasn’t, I’m sure I’d still love TV Shows & Movies.
It’s interesting. Fun. Entertaining. Inspiring. Art. Creative. Educational “And a great escape.”

I always say ‘my favorite season is Oscar season’.
I’m pretty sure I’d love to have that quote on a shirt.
[Hmm] Yes. Yes. I would.
That might have to happen in the next fashion post.

Yes. I know Oscar’s are movies . Emmy’s are TV.
Still, “Oscar & Emmy” , sure know how to show us’ a good time.
I’d party with them any day.
Ooo “Oscar & Emmy” . My spirit Animals. That would look cute on a bag too.
[I’m really getting off-topic here]
My husband loves TV shows & movies too.
Basically he has no ‘set reason. It’s just an escape.
It’s not his everyday 9-5, and he’s not a fan when Kelli leaves her side commentary when watching a show or movie. [The Pause button is hit often. “Yes, sweetheart?” ]
I [mean ] I just get so excited when we’re watching a show , “Did you hear that? What is that actor from? I love this show..”

It’s definitely something we enjoy doing together.
Some couples run marathons together. We binge-watch TV together.
The best romance in the world.

So , deciding to cut our cable ,was a big deal…
But , we’re working on our budget, and we’re really looking to saving money.
[cable has gotten really expensive]
And we’re also planning a cross-country move next year.

We already watch a lot of Netflix.
We’re entertaining’ the idea of getting Amazon or Hulu as well.
So much can be streamed online.
[But right now , we watch these shows on Netflix]
Since we’ve cut the cable , we’ve discovered some shows we’d never watched [which is awesome]
1. Grey’s Anatomy

We are absolutely in love with Grey’s. We started it about 2 months ago, and we’re currently on season Five. Grey’s Anatomy follows a group of Interns as they go thru the medical residency program of Seattle Grace.

This is first hit of Shonda Rhimes [Scandal , How To Get Away With Murder, Private Practice] Which no surprise we’re behind on Scandal & HowTo Get Away With Murder. I would consider Shonda the Queen of the romantic drama. Out of the three tv shows, this one by far, is my absolute favorite. [Yes, I know we’re like 10 years behind on the show]
The characters are interesting , the writing is fantastic , and I think the acting is great. Who’s with who? Who’s sleeping with her? Who cut what in the OR?
This show will probably spawn its own post. The creator might spawn a few posts. I really think she’s awesome. Keep your eyes peeled for more. . But don’t peel too far. . You’ll need Dr.Sloane. [Aka McSteamy] …
My Current Season: 5 [Netflix]
2. Frasier

I can’t believe we have never seen Frasier. We’ve seen cheers , which some of these characters , are a spin -off coming from that show. Dr. Frasier Crane [played by the rad Kelsey Grammar] is a psychiatrist living in Seattle hosting a radio talk show. The supporting characters really round out the sitcom. It’s classic comedic sitcom with love able characters and realistic scenarios. It’s got a nostalgic feel of an era somewhere between Seinfeld & Friends. I love the 90’s Sitcom. [Also check out crime drama “Boss”, a wayyyy different role for Kelsey Grammar]
And now , I have a craving for a nice tall coffee.
MyCurrent Season: 2 [Netflix]

3. Pretty Little Liars

Ok. Just go ahead and get that this is an [ABC Family TV show] out of your head. I never thought I’d watch an ABC Family Show. Guys. It’s so good. I’d heard about it. Saw random articles or tweets about it. And then I watched one episode. Hooked.
It’s about a group of high school girls [all dressed very cool]

*I’m not going to say they created a clothing line at Aeropostale … But I might own Aria’s black leather jacket. *

Anyway, yes. All dressed very cool. All friends. Keeping secrets . A friend dies. And they start getting texts at the friends funeral. [I know!] Don’t you want to know what the text says?

Go watch it. [Because I can’t remember what the text said]
Xoxo. Kisses.
My Current Season: it’s either 4 or 5 . I think 5 [Netflix]

4. House of Cards
We hadn’t started watching this show till the first season streamed. In my opinion, this show is a huge reason to even have Netflix. It is a Netflix Original programming show. [If I recall correctly, I think it was one of the first original shows created for Netflix, based off the BBC series]
Starring : Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright, Kate Mara [love her in this role] , & Introducing the villain Politics. This high stakes drama had me hook-line-and sinker from the opening episode, when Spacey turns directly into the camera, and talks to us. Now, I didn’t tell you what he said or what he did, so stop crying. That wasn’t a spoiler alert. It’s original pilot is directed by one of my favorite directors, David Fincher, and it’s won a bundle of Emmy’s. See there’s my friend the Emmy again. Hi Emmy. Sup. The first three seasons are on Netflix. Season four will stream in the spring. So go catch up.

*I’ll just be over here wearing my Claire Underwood for President 2016 T-Shirt. *
My Current Season: 3 [Anxiously awaiting 4!]

What shows do you love watching?
Any shows you’ve recently discovered?
interested to hear your secret binge watching shows!

What are we watching next?

What are we watching next?

Salvatore, did you see that?!!

Salvatore, did you see that?!!

Quirky and “YES , I’m still watching this show, ‘Netflix’ “,


You wake up. Not by an Alarm clock.
You feel the morning rays on your lids. The air is crisp. You roll over and cuddle your significant other.
[Am I dreaming?] my _____ (insert your said person) is here?!
In this case, [since it’s my story] my husband! [Yes!]

Usually we have such opposite schedules. [My husband & I]
He’s always already up , taking care of the house, or already at work.
Yes. He takes care of the house. I’m very lucky.
So , I guess I’ll pinch myself . That will wake me up.
[Ow. That hurt.] Why did I just pinch myself?

The collies are curled up around us. The blankets are soft and warm. And it dawns on me.
It’s our day off. [its our day off!! ]
I know you think , “why are you so excited? It’s just a day off?”

But we rarely have days off, let alone days off together, and with nothing “scheduled”.
It feels as though in the hustle bustle world of 2015, something is always on the schedule.
But today. Nothing. And it felt nice.

Morning coffee. Today show. And then my favorite thing.

The collies absolutely love taking us on a walk.
It’s always for a few hours, and you’d think it was Christmas.
I know. [look at me already referencing Christmas, when it’s not even Halloween]
Yes. [Yes. I totally am]
They light up.[ The collies.] Not to be confused with Christmas trees.
It is the most beautiful thing to see them smile and become so happy over a walk.
Just a little walk.

Room with a view.

Room with a view.

Beautiful views today.
Great conversation.
A good walk.
We get home and made a tasty lunch.

OH hi Lunch. You tasty.

OH hi Lunch. You tasty.

His: Cajun’ Steak [drizzled with oregano & olive oil. Fresh Cut on Sale $5.99]

Hers: Garlic roasted broccoli & kale [sautéed with Olive oil & Oregano, .99 cent Kale bundle]
Ours: Rosemary Garlic Parmesan hand-cut fries [Genesis organic bag, usually lasts a few weeks, $6.99]
= $12.00

All products we’re bought at our local Whole Foodshttp://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/stores/asheville-kenilworth

Finished the day off with some more [coffee], visit to the local animal shelter [Brother Wolf Animal Rescue ] , our favorite pizza, and some Grey’s Anatomy [we just started on Netflix]

I have so many things to say about Grey’s, I really just need to blog about it. But not right now.
[Another time, it might even inspire its own blog series write-up]
Back to the McBlog. I mean. [Blog.]

Today is what makes me feel better.
Days like today are what revives me.
Keeps me peaceful . Sane . Intact.
Motivates me. Inspires me.

I have a roof over my head.
A loving , supportive, family [puppies included!]
Wonderful food on my plate.
Beautiful scenery and the ability to see it.
Laughter in my life.
Pizza. Netflix. Coffee too.
I am a blessed woman.

image image image image

Take the time to tell your loved ones you love them.

Spend time with them.
Take the time to eat that pizza. Or hug that puppy.
Not only [might it make you feel better] but just imagine what it could do for them?

[Not the pizza] but totally your loved one or puppy.

What makes you feel better [always] ?
Quirky, happy, & being cuddled by Collies,


So I had mentioned, in my second to last post, that I had submitted a query letter to a publishing house.
… If you didn’t read the second last post [I submitted a letter to a publishing house.] …

It was a random idea, that I had come up with the day prior [and I didn’t want to sit on it]

Now, I also have a book that I’m working on with my husband. [but that’s a whole other can of worms] , and several screenplays/teleplays/stage shows , I’m working on ..
But this is totally something else.

So back to the matter at hand.

I got my first publishing house rejection letter.

And I’m sure it won’t be my last. [Cue triumphant cinematic score]

But here’s the thing.

[I’m not upset]

That’s right.

now, [granted] , I am a professional actor, I’m kinda used to rejection .. But here’s

4 Reasons I love my rejection Letter

  1. I put no expectations out there. I was proud of myself for sending the letter. Like… I was proud of myself for not procrastinating , for taking an idea, and putting it into action. I pushed send on that email. Instead I’m talking about, ” Having an Idea” , I decided to put it into the universe.

2. It inspired me. Yes. The rejection inspired me. It made me want to try harder. It made me want to work , create,      show up, and keep submitting. CREATE . WORK. DO.

3. There will be more . More Rejection letters. Oh yes. There will be more. No one ‘who ever did anything awesome’ , just woke up and got to do all the awesome things they wanted. I mean. They did. But, they probably got rejected. [And maybe more then once]

You’ve heard the stories… ” Fred Astaire was told he’d never make it as a dancer. Walt Disney was rejected by 302 bankers to back DisneyLand. J.K. Rowling was rejected by 12 Publishing Houses. “

J.K. Rowling is one of my favorite writers. Imaginative , Spirited , Exciting .
She wasn’t published till later in her life.
Which leads me to number four.

4. All the Houses. Here’s the kicker. [Ready?] There isn’t just one publishing house. If one house doesn’t choose me, it’s ok. There’s a million out there. [or a good amount]

Just imagine if there was only one house at Hogwarts.
What if Voldemort and Harry Potter were both from the house of Slytherin.

What if there was no Gryffindor , Hufflepuff, or Ravenclaw?
Can you imagine?

[ I mean]

The sorting hat would be out of a job.
Who would the students root for during quiddich?
Without the houses it would be so weird…
all those iconic, enduring , and inquisitive students that represented each house ..
It would all blend to be one big uniformed group.
No specificity. No Individualism. No uniqueness. [That’s crazy.]

Harry Potter. Would practically cease to exist.
[I mean]
What If Harry Potter wasn’t even a wizard . What if he was a ‘Muggle’.

[Mind Blown]

So just imagine if we were all the same.
Imagine if there was no uniqueness, or individualism or character.

[Now blink.]

You’re back.

Your an individual. Believe in yourself. Work hard. Create. Get up. do it again. Let rejection fuel you. Inspire you . Ignite you . Don’t let others tell you no. Be your own cheerleader. Your own sunshine. Embrace your differences .

Because there isn’t just one Answer for anything.
There isn’t just ‘House’.

Be you. The rest will come. [Just be patient ]

Catching a ride on the Hogwarts Express at Universal Studios Orlando.

Catching a ride on the Hogwarts Express at Universal Studios Orlando.

Expecto Pa-ButterBeer-us! [At Universal Studios Orlando]

Expecto Pa-ButterBeer-us!
[At Universal Studios Orlando]

Has a letter inspired you?

Quirky and Really craving butter beer,


# 1 Columbus Day and the Taco- Dillas

Well. Let’s see. I love eating food. Such a foodie. I love cooking food for my family.

[Yes. This includes my Dogs!]
Well. Ok. [Let’s back track. ]I wasn’t always this way.

I use to be a “let’s go eat out person”!
But ….
When I started dating, [my now husband] , I learned to love cooking. I knew we both loved a good meal, and I really wanted to learn
.. So …
I kinda taught myself. Cooking shows, Pinterest, and a little going on a whim.
And a lot of learning.
Like that “ingredient does not work”.
And “that meal was horrible , you want pizza?” [Pizza is always a good idea] 

And “This is so burnt, I think this could be thrown up against the wall. Let me try. Yup. That is a correct assumption. ” 

Lil About Me : [As a Foodie]

*vegetarian for almost six years
*Gluten-Free, for health purposes [allergy]
*Adventurous cook, will try anything, at least once, [Cooking or Eating]
*Love Sweets . I love Sweets. [Omg I smell cupcakes.]
Now, since I’ve started cooking for my husband , it’s been [awesome!!!!]
It’s a great way to save money & budget. We’re just now starting to clip coupons and meal plan.
It’s like date night , when we cook food. It’s romantic , fun , and exciting.

[and Wine can be your friend]
Since , I’ve taken on the chef hat, so has my husband.

Which is crazy.

[Guys. he used to be all about the hungry man dinner]

His speciality : breakfast, appetizers, and desserts.
Her speciality: lunches , dinners

So there’s a little info on my ‘ foodie inspiration ‘

Which brings us to today .

Columbus Day.

We decided to pickup a few ingredients at our local Whole Foods. Thus inspiring this new series.
I love Whole Foods.
*Fresh & Local Ingredients.
*Great selection & Prices.
*Friendly & Knowledgable Staff

Columbus sailed the ocean blue. In 1492. And then he ate Taco-Dillas.
[i swear.] I mean. He couldn’t decide between tacos & quesadillas. So win.
[They both win.] Right?

+1/2 pound 85/15 local organic grass-fed ground beef
+Hennings Mammoth Cheddar
[.75 LB, only cut a few slices off. Should last us 2 weeks]
+Fresh Mozzarella
+Fresh Kale
+Fresh Oregano /Garlic/ Mexican seasoning
+Organic Baby Bella Mushrooms
+Organic Romaine Lettuce = $14

Dude. Mammoth Cheese.

Dude. Mammoth Cheese.

[ I cook all Ingredients in coconut oil & sauté with olive oil & a little of earth balance organic buttery spread ]

I brown the ground beef , sprinkle fresh [garlic , oregano, salt , Mexican ] seasonings, stir accordingly [about 20 min on med temp ]
Sauté Kale & Mushrooms, sprinkle fresh seasonings [ garlic , oregano ] stir accordingly
[about 10 min on med temp]
Slice Lettuce and Duce small pieces of cheeses
Heat Tortillas on med-high heat , flipping after about 7 seconds.
Fill tortillas with Ingredients
[His: Beef & Cheese]
[Hers: Kale , Cheese, & Mushrooms]
Place back on pan , with Spatula , flatten
Flip tortillas with Ingredients
Serve with a smile.





{25 Min Cook-Time. 3 Taco-Dillas Each .}

Did I mention dessert??

Because the Husband made cookies.

That might have to wait for the next one!f

Hi Cookie. I'm Kelli. And I think I like you.

Hi Cookie. I’m Kelli. And I think I like you.

Quirky And Ready for Cookies,

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