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Last weekend …. I got to adventure around a cabin nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains….
[Yay! Cabin in the woods! Cue: horror music interlude]

I had family in town , that I hadn’t seen in a long time.

[It was a blast to run around and act all ” touristy” in a neighboring town of Chimney Rock, NC]

So , let’s see .

Where do we start?
We got lost trying to find the cabin.

I got several bouts of motion sickness. [blargh]

But , we had wonderful weather.

Great company.

And I had my trusty Pink Westie Sunglasses.

When you’re in a pinch, and feeling woozy from car sickness, it’s amazing how a good pair of sunglasses and a lot of ginger [can be your friend] 
I stumbled upon Ramsey Supply Co. [Ramsey Supply on Instagram]

What a wonderful organization !
They are a family run – business . [woop! ]

Each pair of sunglasses are hand-made, hand-crafted , and unique.

No two pairs of sunglasses are the same

[yes. That means no one will have your exact pair]

Each piece of wood is different, and they have a great selection.
They’re affordable , and come with a lifetime guarantee.
And here’s the best part about the company .

Their kind, compassionate, and a portion of each pair of Sunglasses …

Is donated to charity!

[I absolutely Love this]

Each customer, can suggest a charity to donate to.

This month’s Charitable Donation : One More Wave Surf Co 

[1mwave on Instagram]


One More Wave Surf Co. is a 301C Non-Profit organization the provides wounded and injured veterans with surfboards [customized for their needs]
Soooo [let’s sum this up]

You’re saying

*My sunglasses we’re hand-crafted and hand-made ?

*They are ethically made , family-run, and made in the USA ?

*The bamboo wood is renewable and sustainable?

*Ramsey gives back to those in need?

Just knowing that by getting a pair of sunglasses, you’re helping multiple people? …

That’s amazing.

I’m inspired.

They say , ” She saw the world full of rose-colored glasses”. I mean, they are pink. [Yes. Kind of like a baby/ rose pink]

And my weekend family vacation? 

My mom & stepdad came to visit.

My stepdad has suffered close to 9 strokes this year.

He has gone from complete paralysis , losing his speech, motor functions, and has gone thru months of physical therapy.

I hadn’t seen them for over 8 months…

I saw my stepdad walk for the first time.

He is up and walking around. He is talking. He is laughing.

And my “Pink Westie” sunglasses were with me.

Sometimes …something as small [as Sunglasses] ….can be so much more.


Thank you Ramsey Supply Co.

We need more good.

We need more good companies like you.


I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

How would you Frame Your World?

Quirky [sitting in the sun and Inspired] ,



It’s wonderful when you get a chance to collaborate with others. 


This past week , I had the opportunity , to feature my first boutique on my Instagram [and Blog] [YAY!] 

I fell in love with the jewelry of FableBay on etsy. 

One day it scrolled across my Insta newsfeed , and I was like ” Hey. ” 

And the pretty wire-wrapped gemstones necklace was like “hey”. 

It was like ..Love at first sight. 

I like the idea of supporting a hand-made product, supporting small business. Products are made in the USA and you are supporting business owners, artists & creatives. By supporting small business, these businesses are able to thrive and in turn , support their family. 

Amber who runs FableBay Jewelry was so sweet. She was open to collaboration, willing to make time ,for my little newbie blog. She personalized my stone , and got to work that day, and shipped the next day. Professional & Super efficient. The idea that two creatives could collaborate on a first name basis, across the country, is fun and inspiring. Girl Bosses unite. 
Go check out her jewelry. It’s beautiful work. Http://www.fablebay.etsy.com

 Photo-shoot : Downtown Asheville, NC  

[Plus no stone is the same. Wire-wrapped. Totally fit my bo-ho rocker style …Unique pieces , what up?!.. I got your number now] 
*[And if you follow  my Instagram Feed, you’ll see a present discount code , if you make a $50 purchase by the end of the day. ] *I’m just saying. 

Plus. You should be following my Instagram. 

I post too many cute dog photos. [oh , & there’s the photographer, my husband ♥️] 


Quirky , creative , and happy to collaborate , 


Sometimes in a summer ..

It’s all about self-discovery , making choices , learning lessons, and growing up.
Which we saw in the 1980’s cult-classic ” Dirty Dancing”. [LOVE THAT MOVIE, in case the cap letters ,didn’t give it away ]
I remember my summer before college.
I made the choice to cut my hair short . Like really short. What was I thinking?

[Which come to think of it, kinda looked like the un-curly version of baby’s. Yes. It was that poofy.]
I discovered tweezers exist for my eyebrows. [Oh…That’s what their for]
I made grown up choices by hanging out with my friends a lot. Dancing , [Just regular , like silly dancing ] Laughing, Riding Roller-coasters.
I learned how to take a driver’s test [3 times. Yup]
But , I never did carry a watermelon
Thus , bringing us to today .

Me and my husband got the chance to visit Lake Lure for the day.

[Where they filmed portions of “Dirty Dancing”]

It was our first time going on a boat together as well

[So much excitement]
So here’s some photos of the movie filming location [now]:
– Here is where “Johnny lifts Baby in the water”.

If Lee lifted me , I would have cried, because it’s a little brisk.

So to keep it real, “I didn’t do the Lift” , but Lee said its “all good”

-Here is where “Johnny and Baby dance on the log”.

I couldn’t imagine dancing across this log, let alone walking across it. Because well , we couldn’t get to it . But if we could have , I would have tried. I think. [And probably have laughed when I fell]

– Here is where “Baby carried a watermelon”.

Yes! I carried a … I didn’t carry a watermelon. I carried a water.

[And some windbreakers and a small cooler.]

-And nobody put me in the Corner.

Nope. Not at all.

I sat right up front. with a handsome man [and a dog]

[Photo Credit: Sammi The Labrador]

Being an Actress, I really loved writing this post.

I love the movies. Movies inspire me.

If they wanted to cast, me as Baby.. I feel like I’m now ready.

I mean, before, what did I really know?

[But now .. I’ve seen where the lift was filmed now..Boom]

A little history : Lake Lure is a man-made lake. And in honor of the famous movie, they hold a “Dirty Dancing Festival ” every summer. [Where you can recreate your Johnny & Baby Lift in a competition] that’s adorable.
So I figure, I’ll make it a random, “featured post”, to write about cool filming locations/old movie sets you can visit.

Next up: The Hunger Games Filming Locations

If you could re-create movie moments , which do you love?

What are some of your favorite movies?

What we’re you doing the summer after high school ?

[Yes, Mine was a million years ago too]

Quirky and nobody puts me in the corner ,


This past week has been such a great week for … Outfit Inspirations!
[And also for Netflix binge watching]
I’m going to blame the amazing crispy weather and all the fall leaves.
[Yay everything Fall!]

I thought I’d kick it up a notch and like to inspire my outfits via Movies & Television Show.
I know it’s random, but thought some good styles , might come out of it.
It’s interesting and sparks my creativity.

Keep the spark alive.

As previously mentioned, I’m in the process of downsizing my wardrobe. A la Minimalist .
So by mixing and matching my pieces everyday, I’m able to see what I’m actually wearing [and what I’d like to pretend I’m wearing] most of my pieces are from old seasons mixing with something fresher.

Starting this blog has definitely peaked my interest in fashion & styling.
[Which is cool]
It’s like Cher Horowitz from Clueless . She had that really cool computer that picked her clothes for her!

[Hmm] there’s probably an app for that.

Time to update the old rotary phone!

4 Outfits Inspired By Film & Television

  1. Norma Rae. [Academy Award Winner Sally Field in this 70’s drama]

Forget it! I’m stayin’ right where I am. It’s gonna take you and the police department and the fire department and the National Guard to get me outta here!” 

[Until you bring me Coffee]

This Look:

– Blue Vintage [Target ]V-Neck T-Shirt [ I have like 30 of these t-shirts in every color]
-Practically 1970’s  Brown Belt [I’ve had it forever]
-High-Waisted [Gap Factory Outlet] Flare Jeans

*Norma Rae image courtesy of Pinterest*

2. Home Improvement.  

[90’s TV sitcom starring Tim Allen & Tiger Beat’s favorite cover model Jonathan Taylor Thomas]

Does Everyone Know What Time It is? It’s TOOL TIME!”

channeling my best Al Borland [Because Flannel.]


This look: [Any Flannel will do]

-Flannel [American Eagle Outfitters]
– Yes. I’m totally wearing pants. [ Their just not in the photo.]

3. Psycho. [Alfred Hitchcock classic horror film, & one of my favorite movies]

Do you have any Vacancies?”


This Look:

-Red Flannel [Wet Seal ]
-Vintage Psycho T-Shirt [Old Navy]
-Blue Asphalt Skinny Jeans [Wet Seal]
-Shoes , not pictured, [Converse]
-Plaid Glasses [Claire’s Accessories]

-Curtain [Urban Outfitters]

4. Center Stage   [20-something  romantic dramedy set at the American Ballet Theatre, circa early 200’s. Soundtrack courtesy of Mandy Moore & Zoe Saldana rocking sass & a tutu ]. 

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Image courtesy of Pinterest

It’s your dream… and it means more to you than it ever did to me.”


I shall call this piece

I shall call this piece “Kinda Ballet surrounded by Dog fur”

[on a side note: But being surrounded by puppies in Paris.. Now we’re talking]

This Look: 

-Basic Denim Button-Down [Old Navy]
-Practically vintage brown Belt [Yes, it’s old , and I have mentioned it]
-Patterned Blue Jeans [Minx Boutique]
-Ballet Flats [Target]

Maybe I’ll try to wear one of those blankets around next fashion blogpost.

Everyone is doing that now , right?
[but of course, not the one on my couch]
I totally promise.

I can’t guarantee the dogs won’t try wearing it out though.



What inspires your daily outfits? Daily recipes ? Life?
How do you keep things fresh, fun, & inventive?

What should inspire my wardrobe this week?

Ps. The Blog Facebook Page [ http://www.facebook.com/AQuirkySomething ] is now up, and my Instagram is now Public @kccrascoe.

Feel free to follow 🙂 if you follow…. I’ll probably totally follow you back!
Quirky and watching TV for more inspiration,

# 1 Columbus Day and the Taco- Dillas

Well. Let’s see. I love eating food. Such a foodie. I love cooking food for my family.

[Yes. This includes my Dogs!]
Well. Ok. [Let’s back track. ]I wasn’t always this way.

I use to be a “let’s go eat out person”!
But ….
When I started dating, [my now husband] , I learned to love cooking. I knew we both loved a good meal, and I really wanted to learn
.. So …
I kinda taught myself. Cooking shows, Pinterest, and a little going on a whim.
And a lot of learning.
Like that “ingredient does not work”.
And “that meal was horrible , you want pizza?” [Pizza is always a good idea] 

And “This is so burnt, I think this could be thrown up against the wall. Let me try. Yup. That is a correct assumption. ” 

Lil About Me : [As a Foodie]

*vegetarian for almost six years
*Gluten-Free, for health purposes [allergy]
*Adventurous cook, will try anything, at least once, [Cooking or Eating]
*Love Sweets . I love Sweets. [Omg I smell cupcakes.]
Now, since I’ve started cooking for my husband , it’s been [awesome!!!!]
It’s a great way to save money & budget. We’re just now starting to clip coupons and meal plan.
It’s like date night , when we cook food. It’s romantic , fun , and exciting.

[and Wine can be your friend]
Since , I’ve taken on the chef hat, so has my husband.

Which is crazy.

[Guys. he used to be all about the hungry man dinner]

His speciality : breakfast, appetizers, and desserts.
Her speciality: lunches , dinners

So there’s a little info on my ‘ foodie inspiration ‘

Which brings us to today .

Columbus Day.

We decided to pickup a few ingredients at our local Whole Foods. Thus inspiring this new series.
I love Whole Foods.
*Fresh & Local Ingredients.
*Great selection & Prices.
*Friendly & Knowledgable Staff

Columbus sailed the ocean blue. In 1492. And then he ate Taco-Dillas.
[i swear.] I mean. He couldn’t decide between tacos & quesadillas. So win.
[They both win.] Right?

+1/2 pound 85/15 local organic grass-fed ground beef
+Hennings Mammoth Cheddar
[.75 LB, only cut a few slices off. Should last us 2 weeks]
+Fresh Mozzarella
+Fresh Kale
+Fresh Oregano /Garlic/ Mexican seasoning
+Organic Baby Bella Mushrooms
+Organic Romaine Lettuce = $14

Dude. Mammoth Cheese.

Dude. Mammoth Cheese.

[ I cook all Ingredients in coconut oil & sauté with olive oil & a little of earth balance organic buttery spread ]

I brown the ground beef , sprinkle fresh [garlic , oregano, salt , Mexican ] seasonings, stir accordingly [about 20 min on med temp ]
Sauté Kale & Mushrooms, sprinkle fresh seasonings [ garlic , oregano ] stir accordingly
[about 10 min on med temp]
Slice Lettuce and Duce small pieces of cheeses
Heat Tortillas on med-high heat , flipping after about 7 seconds.
Fill tortillas with Ingredients
[His: Beef & Cheese]
[Hers: Kale , Cheese, & Mushrooms]
Place back on pan , with Spatula , flatten
Flip tortillas with Ingredients
Serve with a smile.





{25 Min Cook-Time. 3 Taco-Dillas Each .}

Did I mention dessert??

Because the Husband made cookies.

That might have to wait for the next one!f

Hi Cookie. I'm Kelli. And I think I like you.

Hi Cookie. I’m Kelli. And I think I like you.

Quirky And Ready for Cookies,

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