Cafe Nordo Review: Five Reasons to Check-in to Hotel Nordo

It’s the time of day when the sun fades away. A breeze swings from the west, and you’re hungry. (Of course, you’re hungry.) You’re always hungry.

You long for multiple courses of food. A feast, perhaps.

Small delicate plates with ‘artistically & aesthetically’ pleasing food. The idea is that it not only ‘looks gorgeous, but tastes gorgeous.’

Can such a place exist?

You’re tripped out of your ‘day-dreamed food haze’ by the cobblestone road. ( Like literally) . The husband grabs your hand and laughs. This cobblestone road is rich in history. So many stories have walked this path every day. You walk this path every day.

You look up and see a door. (Hmm) I don’t remember this.


A face appears thru the glass, and the door creaks open.

“Will you be joining us this evening?”, the concierge says.

YES.” (we say in unison)

We enter Nordo’s Culinarium. Approach the lobby. Check-in with grace. The place certainly has a vintage style. An Old-Hollywood feel. The concierge hands us an envelope. “Please open this at your table. Your table is right this way,”

I pause to check out the chic floor. Design goals. Just saying. (snaps photo)


Our table is mixed within the hotel lobby. 

Imagine if you will– a little moonlighting, happy & delighted guests, and wine flights galore.

(Lan  <The concierge >happily informs us we have a VIP wine flight with our 5-course dinner.)

Yes. You heard that correctly. A  (4) course Wine Flight. A (5)Course Dinner. We open our envelope. Our room key awaits.

 Do I have your attention yet?

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Lettuce inform you.

(Sorry, guys. I love cheesy puns.)

Sophie (the Bellhop) swung on by the table…I asked how her shift was… 

“Things are not as they seem,”

The first wine flight arrives. (Flama d’Or Cava-Spain) . The husband selects local (Two Beers) – Immersion Amber Ale.

The music starts up. 

Lights go out. We hear a faint calling with beautiful synthesized orchestration. The faint bellow lent to a screeching halt. It’s as though the room can speak. The walls practically move with bellowing wails. 

And it begins. 

Café Nordo Review: Welcome to Hotel Nordo

This live immersive theatrical & food experience one of the best live immersive experiences .. I’ve ever had the pleasure to attend. 
In addition, the food & beverages are heavenly. Further, if you want a 5-star dining experience that includes: incredible service, a varietal menu, personalization, and bubbly beverages…

I like this check-in service. Attention to detail is on point. 

Café Nordo Review: the food

What I loved most about the colorful menu is the flexibility if you have dietary & allergy restrictions. They are more than happy to accommodate your needs. I have a food allergy, and often it is hard to dine out. (Gluten Free & Vegetarian options available)

Executive chef (Erin Brindley) had beautifully themed dishes that catered to every palatable need. Essentially, it was beautiful to see and beautiful to eat.

** ( Warning- of upcoming food selfies ) **

Don’t spoil your appetite. These are just a splash of edibles that grace your plate. 

I don’t want to give away any theatrical elements or arches of this experience, but you are 100% immersed in the Hotel Nordo environment. 

Café Nordo Review: the actors

The ensemble actors (Ronnie Hill, Alyssa Keene, Corinne Magin, Evan Mosher, Heather Refvam, and Ray Tagavilla) portray multiple roles. They transition effortlessly, practically jumping through time and space. Their performances were so effective I often forgot ..”oh yea, they were just here”… 

Café Nordo Review: Two standouts performances (for me)

Opal Peachey & Richard Slaniker

From the beginning of their 1st appearance, I was taken by their energy. This nervous un-easiness of ‘Everything is fine’ unraveled with crumbling care till it practically burst. 
Further, at one point, Peachey’s bellhop, ..looked upon guests .. quietly rageful. And it was brilliant. 

The musical interludes are breathtaking.  I absolutely loved the blend of modern pop-rock tunes mixed with (Anastasia Workman) original music tunes (“Baby, Why are you so cold” and “The Big Break”). I’m really hoping they’ll release a cast recording. (iTunes- please?) 

Café Nordo review: the artistic team

The artistic team is brought to you by Terry Padgotski and Erin Brindley. Their electrifying story will have you on the edge of your seat. And it’s in the best way possible.  

Also, for my fans of pop culture & cinema  – I’d possibly liken it to -if “American Horror Story ” married Alfred Hitcock and they stayed at the Overlook from “The Shining.” 

This is the season opener for Cafe Nordo’s Mainstage performances. 

Needless to say,  I can’t wait to bite into the following show selection. 

If your looking for a dynamic and exceptional dining and theatrical experience – look no further – check in to Hotel Nordo . 

..Before they have no vacancy..

And you are lucky enough to be blessed as one of its guests. 

For at least one more night. 

You won’t want to check out. 

Quirky and craving a hotel’ stay, 

Café Nordo Review: Local tidbit /Info for your “stay” : 

  • “Hotel Nordo” runs from September 22- November 20 at Cafe Nordo. 
  • ~Happy Hour Bar opens at 5 pm 
  • ~Seating & Drinks service begins at 7 pm. 
  • ~ Dress to impress 
  • [Shows run Thursday – Sunday 
  • Thurs – Sat  8 pm showtime 
  • Sunday 7:30 pm showtime ] 

109 South Main Street Pioneer Square, Seattle, 98104 

Twitter @CafeNordo 


Instagram @CafeNordo 

Special performances

  • {Special Halloween performance 10/31 ,Monday , 8 pm} 
  • + Vegan Weekend 10/20-10/24 
  • + Adults Only ‘ Special Tuesday 11/15