I write because : (oh boy. A lot of reasons. How much time do you have?)
As an actor: it’s my job to facilitate the screenwriter/ playwright/ director vision thru my performance. I can put layers , quirks, characterization, and completely change my appearance. I am merely a vessel (so to speak). It is my objective to fulfill their vision.
But as a writer.. I’m In the driver seat. …It’s my voice. Literally. (hi!)

It’s another form of creativity to leave my mark in the world.

What I love about writing: is the different voices I can take on.
A blog post about a rescue dog organization, a chapter of a children’s book series, a sketch parody on a topical scenario, a dramatic web-series …. Different perspectives , styles, tone…

And it’s all different ways to reach & connect with an audience.
Acting for me was always a way to reach an audience. I always hope my performance somehow will impact a person. It’s an escape.

But, I feel as though as a writer, I can do so much more. I can reach so many more.
I want to : Make people laugh. Make people smile. Provide Entertainment. Educate. Speak for those who can’t. Impact . Make a difference. Stand for something or someone. Help others & organizations in need. Provide honest, truthful , & humorous perspectives on life & love.

It could be 3 words or 5,000 words.

Writing could have nothing to do with me. I’m the voice for someone or something, and I’m able to help others. (I have a strong passion for animals, animal rights/rescues, non-profits, helping anyone in need)

I want to be a person my husband & family can be proud of.

There is nothing I am more passionate about then my family.

Nothing in the world I love more.
Our (future) child can look back and say “Mommy did this. She made me laugh. She wrote that. She helped those people or that animal group” it’s a vague blanket’ statement. No pun intended.

But it’s a way for me to speak.

Help others.

Live life with passion, hope, & humor.

Inspire others.

A way to give back.

I firmly believe laughter can like solve almost anything.

You never know who is having a rough time (on the other side of that screen). That silly pun written on the page …

It could really help.
So : One blog post, screenplay, play, comedy sketch, ‘top 10’ “omg watch this TV show ” list … at a time…. Till next time.

And here's a smiling dog photo. Because it's adorable. (Our Border Collie Salvatore says Sup!)

And here’s a smiling dog photo. Because it’s adorable.
(Our Border Collie Salvatore says Sup!)

Quirky & I absolutely love writing,