[I finally added an About Me , thought I would post as a Blog Post as well.]

Somewhere between : almost falling off a stage in a clown /tutu costume , eating a dozen cookies in a commercial , and being so “method” as the role of Sleepy in “The 7 Dwarfs” ..
Kelli knew she had found her place in the world as an actress/comedian/writer.
She also realized : its weird to write in the third person. Umm. Hey Guys. I’m Kelli.

My 1st Headshot. [Hi Mom! I'd like to thank the Academy...]

My 1st Headshot.
[Hi Mom! I’d like to thank the Academy…]

A trained actor from “All Over The Place” USA, [literally pick a place. I probably made a cameo] and having been employed at various cool places around the country [literally pick a place. I probably made a cameo] Oh, & Universal Studios Orlando. I heart you.
I tote one of those Certificates of BFA [ that you put in fancy frames on the wall ] and have a soft-spot for laughing & puppies.

[I mean] You don’t spend 14 hours on-set …unless you love it.
Or they give you millions of dollars. Let’s be reel. I’m not Angelina Jolie.
I don’t make millions of dollars. [but I do think Angelina is really awesome]

But basically If I’m being paid to: perform, write , make da funnies , tweet something cool, or there is a puppy nearby [Im happy]

[Off-set] I am very passionate about :

our rescue dogs, animals in general, my husband
[whoop! …I think he’s secretly a super-hero] ,
Inspiration, Positivity, Making people smile / & or laugh, Netflix, the arts, Gluten-free treats,
Food in general, Non-Profits, Top Ten Lists , Taking Photos of our dogs, Lifestyle Stuff, healthy living & fun travels & new adventures with my family.

In an un-perfect world: I would just love to be one blog post away [from a sitcom & a book deal.]
[Squad Goals include being surrounded by a pack of dogs on a daily basis {One Day} ]

So …
That’s About it.

Quirky & [Thanks for reading my ‘About’ Page],