I’m finally ready to talk about.
I’m coming clean.
I think I have a problem.
I can’t stop watching Grey’s Anatomy.
[And neither can my husband]
We’ve been binging on the show the past two months or so via Netflix
And we’ve gone from Season 1 to Season 9

Clearly, I mean, we’re trying really hard to catch up

I figure by the time we actually catch up

The new season might be on Netflix


It even falls into our everyday conversation

After a night of dinner and dishes – 

Me: thanks for taking such McCare of me.
Hubby: did you just say McCare ?
Me: yeah.
Hubby: ok.

If I call the collies , McDog, I know we’ll have a serious issue. They’d kick me out of the house and change the locks. [We have a border collie & a swift Mini Aussie]

Until then ..
Here’s 10 reasons I Like [and can’t stop] watching Grey’s Anatomy
1. There is an awesome opening question /monologue that always ties up so eloquently at the end. And it’s always really awesome. Ah- I already said that. It’s usually incredibly simple. “If we could have seen them” .. “Would we have known they we’re the best moments of our lives?” … “What if you made one decision that changed your entire life.” “What does it really mean to have a bad day?” . It kinda makes us question our own lives. Just a little.
2.The characters are pretty believable. You’ve got over-achievers . Under-achievers. Jerks. Hotheads. People pleasers. Over- emotional , and under-emotional . Nothing is different when you’re a doctor. And we get to see that under-belly. We get to see what makes them tick. Why does Chief not drink ? Or so we think. Why does Alex blow up? Why does Meredith push people away ? Why is Derek Shepherd almost perfect [almost]. What happens when you pull a double shift without sleeping? [oh, & then you have to do a triple bypass. Yup. ]
3. The utility closets are not just for holding brooms. This is often where you see all the drama. And the romance. Next time you walk past a broom closet in Seattle Grace, think twice before walking in. [That closet gets more action then you . Sorry]
4.I love the way Shonda writes. I do. These characters. If there was a sing off for Rimes shows, Grey’s would take first. No offense Olivia Pope. I like you too.
5. If Meredith says everything is ‘fine’, it’s about ready to get real . Real fast. She usually says this in moments , when she knows things ,are not fine at all.

6. I think I could be a doctor. Nope. Not in the slightest . But I can pretend to be one while watching the show.

…[Or someone could totally cast me as one, I mean, I’m ok with that] ….. Sup Shonda.
7. We connect with these doctors & nurses.

I’m a mashup of Izzy + Little Grey + Kemper.

Izzy’s emotion . Little Grey’s Chatty Quirks . Kemper’s Drive.

Or at least I think I am. [Yes. Sounds pretty kinda right]

Who do you connect with ?
8. It’s ok to dance. Even Yang [the super serious type A personality Doctor] takes time to dance. Like when she’s stressed . Or drunk. Or avoiding reality. Or in the OR. Just dance.
9. It’s set in Seattle. And we’re moving to Seattle next year. Even though the majority is shot in Los Angeles, but there are a few shot sequences, shot in Seattle. Which makes me happy. Happy rain drops. Seattle.
10. Coffee is a great supporting characters. Those doctors drink just as much coffee as I do. So we’re totally friends.


And that’s my little list.

I already feel like I might write a follow up to this post
Do you watch Grey’s ?

If so: what do you like, about the show?

If not: what do you watch, and when do you plan on starting Grey’s?

I prescribe you with the prescription of “go watch Season One, Episode One.”


Current Season : 9 Rating : 5/5 Popcorn Boxes [with a dash of salt n hot’ butter]
Quirky and craving more Grey’s ,