Everyone has one in their group of friends.

Sometimes we are the person.

Sometimes ….Like everyday .

I’m that person.

At the end of the day :
we just want to throw our hair up, put on our comfy pants, push play on Netflix, and cuddle puppies.

So here’s a list for you –

6 Signs your [That] Dog Parent
1. At the party

Everyone : socializing / laughing / drinking

You: you’ve found the homeowner’s dog & and are laughing /smiling /giving big belly rubs



2. Go to pull out your wallet, results in a handful of doggie bags .
3. Rocking your new black shirt at work.

co-worker: nice grey shirt!
You: Thanks! It’s black.
coworker: actually it’s grey. Um. You got some dog hair on it
You: Oh yea. Uh, thanks ! [everyday]

4. Facebook/Instagram/Twitter etc –
Everyone: people sharing their kids big moments , first day of school , wedding announcements , college graduation , selfie’s, etc
You: sharing your ‘dogs day’ at the dog park , on a walk, sleeping, wearing a sweater , taking a selfie






5. On the dog walk / any- given social situation
Everyone : dog & owner walk- by [nod /wave/ smile]
You: [as dog pulls to visit other dog , barks excitedly] “She’s the talkative one” “He’s the social butterfly” [awkward social setting over-sharer]

http://giphy.com/gifs/dogs-national-dog-day-pups-N9CQS4xqOuFd6″>via GIPHY</a></p>

6. After a long day –

Everyone: sits down on their couch
You: the couch is already taken.

I’m probably guilty of all these things. [Yes. Yes I am]
Our sweet rescues are my world.


Are you guilty of any of these things? Do you know someone who is?


Say whatttt?

What are some of your humorous dog-parent situations?
Excuse me, I gotta go let the dogs out



Quirky and happy around my puppies,