Hello .

My name is Kelli .

And it’s been [far too many days]since my last blog post.

My first two posts we’re random interviews of the local arts scene.

My last blog post was a story of one of our rescue dog’s & her journey.

Which has led me here. ….

I’ve joined a blogging 101 course.

Yes. Oh yes. Juicy, right? How did I get here?

I’m trying to figure out ….what I want to write about, to focus my blog, my brand,  figure out my voice, & most importantly learn what not to do. And connect with cool bloggers along the way.

who am I? (Which of course I didn’t address in my previous blog posts)

I’m an actress/comedian/writer by my ‘profession.

Auditioning is a life skill. Thug life.

I’m also a recent newly-wed & dog-mom.

Yea , I’m  that girl where half my photos on Instagram are my dogs.

I follow too many dog Instagram accounts.

When you realize your Headshot looks like your dog.

When you realize your Headshot looks like your dog.

And it’s been about 1 day since my last Insta-Dog photo.

So , I just confessed that.

Let’s see – I love anything entertainment-related, comedy, creating my own work, hanging with my family, Netflix, anything animal-related, and am passionate about inspiring people.

So I guess you could say I’m about :  passion. Laughter. Inspiration.

And I’m also wondering if I should use this blog as a platform for my career?

I’m basically lost. Ha.

So you should read my blog if you like  :

A. Any of that

B. All of that

C. A hot mess

D. None of that.

E. Hashtag.

Quirk & High-Fives,


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