It’s amazing how powerful words can be.

Words in themselves can forge bonds, burn bridges, fuel passions , and ignite conversations.

[I mean] when you hear :

that barista call out your name with that Frappachino
[a passion ignites like no other]

when the insurance salesman says you saved “$$$$” by switching to Geicho
[your wallet squeals with joy, which makes your significant other happy]

when your at a party, and get into a heated debate, Scandal VS Grey’s Anatomy
[scandal DUH. ok to be fair, I haven’t watched Grey’s] I know.. I know it’s on my list

And nothing is more powerful on date night then hearing these three much-anticipated words :
Pizza , Netflix, Wine?
[See what I mean?]

Most of our communication is done via actual words. [“Ya know, “the words that are coming out of my mouth” ] , but with the dawn of technology and the internet , so many of words are now taken out of context.

[Don’t get me wrong. I love you internet] Many words are being sent via text, email, web, & emoticon. Yes. I said emoticon. How many conversations have you had via text that had emoticon? Don’t lie. You know you do. [I love emoticon so hard on Instagram].

But sometimes , we’ve stopped ,using our words. Stopped having conversations. So when people actually start a “real conversation”, it becomes, this huge debate. Every participant suddenly has wolverine claws, on the defense. Its all one big emotion. [We’re so sparked with our emotional response] to their topic, That it is no longer a conversation. The concept of talking and listening is lost. No longer do people respect people’s thoughts, feelings, & perceptions.

I’m guilty as charged. When my husband try’s to ‘buy the cheaper pizza at the grocery store’, without blinking in eye, “What I need the large one?!” See I’m driven by emotion.
Some food for thought. I shall get back on track.

So I bring this up, [due to reading “Tales from The Crypt” ] Nathena’s ย ย Blog.

[you should check it out. It’s awesome]

She was brave enough to share a traumatic event that had conspired. It’s a beautifully well-written essay on different layers of ourselves that are shed during our life. What falls off for others to see? What is concealed till no longer unavoidable? What in time do these layers conspire to reveal & in turn create? I was struck by her honest , brave, and open story. Aren’t we all just layers? We let others “see” what we want them to see.

What I was struck by more was the [other bloggers] listening. In the comments below, they we’re being supportive , positive, and cheering her voice. They we’re applauding her [as was I] and that in itself was motivating. Her words we’re inspiring , and ironically, in turn, so we’re the responses. It was a breathe of fresh air to see a conversation.

Also, her essay, sparked a reflection in myself. It was a specific essay, but yet somehow, I related. It made me delve into my own thoughts, behaviors, and feelings. What do I let people see? And can they ever “unsee”? Which struck [again] an emotion. Her essay [and the fellow bloggers that commented] made me feel inspired. It made me want to help, to build others up, and make people smile. I love that. Pun intended.

[Positivity and the sense of community is indeed contagious.]

Also reading her quotes from essay, inspired me to want to write a scene from a movie.
I’m just saying. It might pop up again. [see my comment on her post]

I wrote this in captions!

I wrote this in captions!

And that all started from some words…

It takes just a few words to start a movement .

It’s your choice which direction it goes in.


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