You can tell a story many different ways.
Sometimes you use music or sound effects.
Sometimes you use imagery [like a film or a photography series]
And sometimes you just use straight up words.

What is even more powerful In a story is the subtext underneath the words.
[Also usually a thank you to a great director & actor]
Let’s suppose your characters don’t talk.
So how do you portray power, intent , & motive?
How do you captivate an audience?


[Sometimes you just need a Lion]

When Animals stop being nice, and get Real.
A ‘ I just watched Episode One. You should too’ Series

So here are 5 Reasons to Watch Zoo

[So I don’t know if I was the only one], but I missed Zoo, when it aired this summer.
I didn’t mean to, I just got busy, …but guess what.’s instant-streaming on Netflix.
Which brings us to #1

1. Zoo is instant-streaming on Netflix.

Go watch it. Don’t have time to go to the actual zoo on Saturday? This might make you think twice about the animals not making their “showtime” for their selfie. Skip the kiddies. Yea. They shouldn’t watch this. It will most definitely make their childhood a little too real. But you’ll enjoy it. Pop some popcorn.

2. If The Lion King was Live-Action.

In the hype of every animated movie, getting their own-live action re-boot, this is the behind the scenes look is Scar & his crew had a really bad day. “They didn’t get their pumpkin frapp, they had to work overtime on their Friday, and someone cut them off in the stampede traffic.” And then you we’re the guy that looked them in the eye. Yup.

3. It’s been adapted by the James Patterson book.
Yes. [So that means] he knows what he’s doing.
So mystery – action – horror – drama is all in the cards.
Plus Kristen Connolly also stars. She’s popped up on my radar from hits “The Whispers” & “House Of Cards” [And probably a lot of other credits]  . I realized I like shows with journalists. The ‘edgy rebel journalist’ type.
[ok. Let’s be real. I think I really want to play an ‘edgy rebel journalist’ type in a movie.]

4. I don’t just prefer animals to humans. I prefer pizza & beer to humans .  – Character Mitch Morgan

Everything about this is right. So right. You’re cool dude.
Also, the actor ,kinda looks like a young Stephen King. Is that intentional? Hmmm.

5. “I found the Cats.”

And I don’t mean the famous musical .
50 cats are sitting in a tree.
And then it goes to black-out & credits.
Guys. [These kittens practically have claws.]
I mean, they look fluffy , & cute, and then um. Yea. It just goes to black.
“So if you feed the kitties late for dinner , they’ll just band together, and sit outside the house and stage a sit-in. ”

Or they could become famous on Instagram. Sup Taylor.

So [yes] I just finished episode one.
Happy Cat.
[ Oh puns]

Birds. Why did it have to be birds? - Indiana Jones the House Cat

Birds. Why did it have to be birds?
– Indiana Jones the House Cat

So ..of course, I’m on board to watch the 2nd episode.

What will they do?!

Any shows your diving into?
That you’re hooked on?
That you just watched Episode One & need to talk about it?

Have you already watched Zoo?

[ Leave a comment on a show you just watched and maybe I’ll add it to my next “Watch this Episode One” Vignette List ]

And if a zombie apocalypse is upon us, I’ll be joining forces with my furry friends!

The human likes this show. I do too. I think there should be a bunch of Aussie's sitting in a tree, though. -Spencer The Mini Aussie

The human likes this show. I do too.
I think there should be a bunch of Aussie’s sitting in a tree, though. We’d make that tree look cool. 
-Spencer The Mini Aussie

Quirky and scared of the Zoo,